All About Chiron Returns

Date: 2022-04-29
All About Chiron Returns

Many astrologers also mention the core turning up as somatic symptoms of illness in your body. Therefore, it is a tremendous opportunity to step into your power to understand how you can contribute through your imperfection. 

When Chiron returns to the exact place it was, the time you were born, be ready to look at yourself. It can take Chiron up to approximately 50 years to move through all of our houses and signs, to return to us. This period is known to be deeply transformative and brimming with healing for you. So without further ado, let us learn who Chiron is, and what his return means for you. 

Who Is Chiron? What Is the Cosmos Looking At?

In mythology, Chiron is the “wounded healer”, the centaur who is great in helping other people, by being wounded, but he cannot tend to his own wounds to the same extent. The one whose wounds gives him the wisdom and ability to heal and help others, but is unable to heal their wounds in the same way. 

Where Chiron is in our house, represents the events that happened in our life, painful experiences that we have gone through that allow us greater insight, to help others in their journey. Our reflection of looking at our own pain, gives us empathy and the skills when it comes to approaching other people’s wounds or the larger structure of society.

Chiron can vary with astrological knowledge--house sign, aspects, dispositor or ruler, but just enough information will help you see the manifestation of it in your life. 

For example, for Chiron in Scorpio, the wounding can show up in a power struggle of control due to fear of trusting people and this is found in the first house, then it is the wound of not being able to trust safely in the identity of self-expression in relation to the world around you.

Why Is Chiron Returning?

When Chiron Returns, there is re-visiting all the aspects in your chart, not just that year. It is a magnifying glass held to your core wounds and how you have dealt with them. Many astrologers also mention the core turning up as somatic symptoms of illness in your body. Therefore, it is a tremendous opportunity to step into your power to understand how you can contribute through your imperfection. 

Many people take up a healing vocation during their Chiron return as they understand ways that they can benefit others or find ways to connect with divinity. Those who are already working in the working field, take a slightly different route to their approach to healing others and themselves. To understand this one must look at Chiron itself.

Looking at Chiron Directly

Chiron occupies the zone in the solar system, at the outer edges of planets that are easily seen and those that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Here one needs to understand the metaphor of what is visible, and what is not as there are often wounds to us that are visible to our senses and then there are wounds that are invisible beneath the surface, in our internal world. For Chiron, our wounding is available to us in layers of the world, that perhaps we are not always aware.

The Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus. This means that your Chiron Return happens in between your first Saturn Return and your Uranus Return. You move from Saturn, the visible planet of structure, time, material, diligence, and hard work, to a non-visible planet that represents the liberation of self, divinity, rebirth and sudden change. This is a sudden and urgent change that asks you to transform from the world of tradition and expectation to the liberation of the whole self. 

What Is The Whole Self?

Chiron in mythology is a centaur, half animal, half human. As a whole self, Chiron represents the body where it is the bridge between the divinity and your humanness. To be whole self, is to accept parts of yourself that are divine, to be liberated. To be liberated, we must accept all parts of ourselves, whether it be our humanness or our divinity. 

It also means accepting, understanding and exploring the way it has shaped us. The year of the Chiron Return promises a re-experiencing of all the aspects of yourself. 

The Wounded Healer Returns to Look At Their Core Wound

If one has not tended to it, the wound is more difficult and painful to deal with. Here we will realize ways that we have caused further damage by ignoring it, not acknowledging it. We may realize we covered it up and called it something else, called ourselves something other than wounded. 

Many people gain the insight that their personality or sense of self was built as a reaction and protective measure to a core wound, and their actual true self waits for them to be discovered underneath those layers. The unseen is now being acknowledged. 

We Reach A Greater Understanding Of Ourselves.

This means coming back to how we dealt with our wounds, or how we at one point tried to heal them in a certain way. What did we understand by being a healer of ourselves or how we understood what the wound met? 

So in one way, Chiron returns, reminding us the difference between healing in a matter of just “fixing it” or what we thought was supposed to be normal.

With this, we are able to look at the journey as a whole, and under a larger perspective. It’s like coming out of a box, to find an even bigger one that you were in and had built. You will look back at the transitions that Chiron has done in your chart and reflect on the full cycle of the themes of your direction. Consequently, you will become gracious and empathic with how you approach your own healing too. 

The wounded healer will return, to show you that your core wounds and how you have dealt with them, to finally tend to those wounds for once and for all so you can move forward in your healing as whole and liberated. 

Moreover, you will know the path of working with suffering your own or others—it is a particular kind of spiritual path. There are lessons we get from our own illnesses and physical sufferings, as well as emotional sufferings, that we don’t get in any other way. This time you will fully tend to your own wound.

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