Meet Our Team

Iva Vucinic Iva Vucinic
Senior Astrologer
Lenard Austin Michelle Saya
Writer / Astrolger
Karen Comen Karen Comen
Astrologer / Editor
Beth Turnage Beth Turnage
Lenore Weissman Lenore Weissman
Anel Sullivan Anel Sullivan
Patsy Sanchez Patsy Sanchez
Product Manager
Office Manager Taliya .L.
Office Manager
Morgen Collins Morgen Collins
Adam Kodish Adam Kodish
Senior Engineer
Hila Misso Hila Misso
Senior Editor
Erik Grinberg Erik Grinberg
Idit Raz Idit Raz
Graphic Design

Our Beliefs

We love what we do. Our goal is to give our readers a well-founded view on Astrology, through content that will spark curiosity and remind every person that answers are out there, waiting to be discovered. This would not be possible without our web of hardworking individuals that are passionate about their jobs.

Our beliefs help us grow. Here at we recognize Astrology as a language that helps us find a greater understanding of ourselves. We are eager to continue learning, expand horizons, and raise our own awareness bit by bit by diving into this wonderful world.

We hope to share our passion, shine a light on your path of tender healing, and remind you how exciting life becomes when we are aware of the broad unknown that we are an essential part of.