Sensitive Waters Of Venus In Cancer

Date: 2024-06-14
Sensitive Waters Of Venus In Cancer

The season of Venus in Cancer should be a time of closeness and intimacy, but it is coloured by an unpleasant movement of Mars through Taurus. This is mostly a time of triggers when personal boundaries are tested and instincts become the main foundation of healthy choices. Many events in the real world cause reactions that are intense and specific, tied to problems we collected as we grew up.

Waiting Period

Times of Mars in detriment and exile, such as the moment that is currently upon us, are always reserved for action withheld, more questioning, and taking a step back before allowing reactivity to push us into something that our hearts aren’t ready to face. The sign of Taurus is the sign of earthly pleasures, fixed and loving, passive, having a hard time accepting sharp edges of Mars and the strict nature of deeds that need to be done in order to reach a certain goal. We are about to find ourselves in situations where we need to ask ourselves, “Is this worth it?”, “Am I valued?”, “Am I getting paid on time?”. When this moment comes, we must keep our options open. Perhaps you are ready to achieve your goals in tenderer ways, those that are easygoing and fluent, requiring less struggle or fighting as you move along. To understand the essence of the dilemma, make sure you are relaxing the spasm in your body and making your decisions when rested and relaxed. While this transit is in place, Mars is ruled by Venus that “leads” it into the sign of Cancer. From detriment to fall, this is not an easy position for our fiery, productive and proactive ruler of the instinctive. Masculine energies will be weaker than usual, unless they rise above the ego. It is important to remain cautious and fully present in close relationships that are ready for a new phase, the first step, or any open dialogues that haven’t been dealt with before. Before jumping into anything, make sure you are feeling safe.

A Patient Lover

The hardest thing that this Venus in Cancer needs to build is patience, not so much because Cancer is rushing, but because it is the place opposed to the calculated and patient Capricorn, standing far from its rule. Emotions might become hectic or dictate circumstances and choices that are best delayed or approached slowly, with care for personal space, responsibilities, and boundaries. Time is freely given away when it should be selfishly preserved for what has the most value and for contacts that carry reciprocity, safety and joy into our world. Partnerships and marriages seem to be rushing towards something new, but lack the energy and shared backgrounds of people involved that still need to be mended and connected in healthy ways. Fights and quarrels won’t give as many results as love will. Instead of fighting for your point of view, this is a moment to give compassion a go, while still choosing what is best for you and what your senses are informing you of, especially in risky and difficult situations. One needs to be patient in order to remain in a fulfilling love story, and should expect nothing less from their partner. While we are supposed to be in tune with our hearts and follow their calling, this guidance needs to come through inner peace and joyful energies in our lives. As soon as fear settles in and trust is lost, chaotic movements might lead us in a strange direction or deprive us of the sense of control. It is currently not easy to separate the anger that serves our wellbeing protecting us, from anger or fear that comes from the place of trauma and mistrust. This is where meditation, spiritual work, or simply some time to wait, reorganize and bring order to your thoughts, will come in handy.

Triggering Intimate Contacts

Relationships that are initiated in the next several weeks come with challenges that are not easy to anticipate or deal with. While this is a time to nurture imperfect and wounded sides to all of us, this comes with numerous challenges as the ego gets involved and overthinking begins. Every person is vulnerable in their core and the concept of soulmates and twin flames could bring up love stories high in expectation only to show imperfections and lack of contact in the next moment. The real challenge here is to remain brave to be close, honest and intimate, primarily with ourselves. This is an excellent time for self-care and all sorts of routines and habits that support our physical body with tenderness and persistence. To keep things under control, you could help your emotional world by solid investments in your physical health, using your intuition on a day-to-day basis for those primal choices of food, beverages, and your sleep schedule.

Relationships and Self-Love

As much as we’d like to connect with another person, we must embrace the flaws along with the qualities, just as shadows always appear where there is light. Dualities play the obvious part of our journey as our emotional cravings lead to choices that may become disappointing if we don’t have faith in ourselves and our own ability to overcome a potential obstacle in our path. Turn your attention inwards. Those of us who remain soft and tender with our bodies, listening to signals that our instincts are sending out, won’t have much trouble connecting with others on planes deeper than they have reached by now. The period ahead of us is truly an opportunity to form relationships with substance, where essence is present and truth is no longer dangerous or seen as the sign of weakness. To connect in this way with others, we need to approach our relationship with Self as well, in clarity and love, teaching our own inner child how safe it needs to feel in order to open up and relax into certain roles with those who love us. The right approach takes time and patience, with others but also with ourselves, as we need to simultaneously be spontaneous to relate, while paying attention to signals sent by our physiology, showing us where we truly wish to share presence and love. When needed and however often, remind yourself that the sense of safety is your priority right now, serving as a foundation for any dream, ideal, or future you wish to manifest and live in.

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