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January 20 - February 18
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February 19 - March 20
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March 21 - April 19
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April 20 - May 20
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October 23 - November 21
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November 22 - December 21
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December 22 - January 19

Horoscope Explained

Even though Astrology is much more than your Sun sign’s daily horoscope, the most common use of Astrology is in the field of predictions for Sun signs based on observation of positions of planets in relation to that sign for a specific day, week, month, or year. In most cases, it is silly to assume that one interpretation can be connected to millions of people around the globe, all born with the Sun in the same sign. In most cases of skepticism towards Astrology, the first argument against it is the one in which a "nonbeliever" speaks of the impossibility of so many humans described in only twelve signs of the zodiac. Unfortunately for the skeptics, this is a rather superficial view with an obvious lack of information behind the claim.

To make the confusion even bigger, we know that the mass of the Sun makes up 99% of our solar system, and it is understandable that its role in our chart must be of the utmost importance. No planet can ever come close to the importance of this king of the zodiac, producing energy and shining brightly in our lives. The Sun represents our inner child and our creative force, our willpower and our confidence. It pulls us with its gravity to certain areas of our lives, and we all have to understand its significance. For example, every person with the Sun in Aries will have a strong will and their priorities set, but the rest of the story will depend on the house the Sun is in, the position of Mars – the ruler of the Sun’s sign, of the ascendant, the Moon, and so many other factors that should be included in each personal interpretation.

Daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes are written based on an analysis of current positions of the Moon, the Sun, and the planets in the sky, and their relation to your Sun sign. If another person is represented by your Sun (your husband, your father, or your boss, for example), our interpretations will most likely be seen in their lives rather than yours. This is just something to keep in mind as you read our general interpretations.

Before you continue to your daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes, the most important thing to understand is their role in your life. We don't write them to anticipate your future and "guess" what will happen in your life. They are here to motivate you and show you that there is something you share with other people. It is not to be expected that they will be right on the spot due to a simple lack of personal information, but hopefully, they will entertain you, show you that you are not alone, and help you sense the atmosphere that your Sun needs to deal with at the moment.

With all that said, we think it would be best if you approached our daily horoscopes as if they were a cookie with your morning coffee – a matter of enjoyable routine.