Aquarius Liberates

Date: 2023-05-12
Aquarius Liberates

Inspiration comes in unusual forms, through relationships and contacts with people who surprise us and wake us up, making us feel like we can be more than we are today. Venus is still traveling through Taurus after its stressful touch with Uranus, just as Pluto finally leaves the limitations of Capricorn after many years. This moment serves to remind us that love has no boundaries, no rules, that it effortlessly relies on chaos, opposition, and unacceptable social contexts that have trouble materializing in the real world when we are trying to fit into any collective norm.

Changes With Meaning

We have already felt the sting of liberating Pluto in Aquarius, one that makes no compromise and sees no problem in connections that don’t seem realistic as well as all oppositions that have trouble finding middle grounds. What feels right may be far away from what our minds strive for. This conflict of the mind and heart goes on until we are ready to stop resisting and embrace the fact that it is TIME for drastic changes in our belief systems and our authentic approach to the world around us. It becomes impossible to say “no” to things that color our inner worlds with joy and comfort.

It is not an option to run from the truth, as far off as it may be from what our system pushes us towards. This is a moment when rules are there to be broken and rebellion comes through honest emotion, even when it goes against all logic and everything that we have learned trying to protect ourselves from pain. The form in which our challenge comes depends on the main topic of our natal chart and the position of our ascendant ruler. Whatever the case, we must embrace the fact that we differ from everyone else, and have nothing to do with the masses and general rules of behavior or acceptable choices that aren’t in tune with our hearts.

Freedom Awaits

The strange glow of Saturn in Pisces reminds us that there is no truth other than what we sense is true. We might try to deny it or resist certain moral temptations, rationalizing things that are right in front of us or holding on to beliefs that we’ve been taught to follow our entire lives. Still, the flow of circumstance takes us back, over and over again, to the inner truth that cannot be denied, the truth connecting us to higher plains and the ideal of love that is to be shared. There is simply no point in trying to stick to one silly comfort zone when life throws more love our way, just as there is no way of denying ourselves the right to try out a different path, one that will make us happier in the long run.
It is time to shake off rigid opinions and pointers we all got from our family, from those who tried to protect us for years. There is no actual protection with Mars in Cancer but the one we provide ourselves with through a pure heart and contacts that serve overall healing rather than simply pushing us towards success or ego images we’ve been building. As hard as it may be to let some ideas and concepts go, the process will be worth it and we will be faced with the incredible force of giving love that cannot be tamed or contained by any rigid opinion or thought.

Confidence to Live

As lucky as we may be that the Sun in Aries reminds us of all the things that we are capable of, it won’t be easy to shake off the limitations of the world and our well-adapted minds. Aquarius is the sign of Sun’s detriment, a place where ego is dissolved in presence of other people, and surprises come through sudden changes and events that spin out of our control and awareness. As we start to embrace the fact that there is no compromise to who we truly are and what our souls crave for, each situation starts turning to our benefit and all signals and synchronicities align to show us what is needed to get us on the right track.

We are to remember that the sign of Aquarius is the third sign from Sagittarius, its third house, representing the language of the “gods”, spiritual realms, and information given to us by things that are much bigger than our daily human existence. As stressful as this may be, it is a force of liberation that cannot be avoided or cast aside no more. Each of us is provoked and pushed to learn about our truth in ways we cannot really comprehend. The mind serves to protect us from harm, but not to stop us from actual growth, and as our fences move and our boundaries change to accept what the Universe is sending out, our hearts will inevitably open for new relationships that we never thought possible.

Since Uranus is in a sign of Taurus, while also being Pluto’s disposition, taking it to its fall, we are to embrace our ties to the desires of the flesh and pleasures of the physical world that are taboo or frowned upon. They are to be recognized as the source of life. The “dark side” of Venus and Taurus are at work, showing us that we are vulnerable to all those things that in fact help us heal and face who we truly are. Some wounds won’t be easily mended, but with proper inner work and a slow approach to the material world and realities that are calling on us, we all have a chance to heal. The key may be found in the acceptance of the physical needs that are essential to our life force on this material planet. Seek out love, pleasure, accompanied by inner guidance that takes your heart to new dimensions. When you think about it with an open mind - you have nothing to lose by doing so.

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