Bosses By Zodiac Sign

Date: 2016-02-10
Bosses By Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wondered what makes your boss a person that he is? Whether he's likeable, moody, arrogant, controlling or manipulative - if you know your boss's zodiac sign, you can get an insight into his personality and learn about his strengths and weaknesses. Continue reading to find out how to approach your boss and get what you want at work!



Aries knows dominance better than anyone else, and an Aries boss can understand how to motivate employees, as well as how to terrorize them. They often take matters into their own hands, full of initiative and will expect the same from you. They are straightforward, can't stand levity in the workplace and expect that tasks will be finished quickly. To stay in a good relationship with an Aries boss, you need to understand your limits, present them clearly, and give your work your maximum effort.



A Taurus boss appreciates accuracy and a job well done. You must be calm and patient with them, for they have their own pace and a way of doing things that might not be productive, but something they are used to. If you ask a question, an answer will probably come much later than you would anicipate, and you need to have control and be independent, while at the same time respectful of their ways. Taurus bosses care about the final product of your work and the financial gain. Understand its importance to understand their position.



A boss born in the sign of Gemini can talk on the phone, check emails and at the same time tell you what to do. Keep up with their pace for even though they are used to other people being slow, they still need your proximity to their speed in order to work with you. Friendly and sociable, they admire intelligence and curiousity, happy to listen to suggestions of others. On the downside, they can be unreliable and superficial, making detailed work impossible even when needed. To get to them, learn to speak about controversial topics with lightness and humor.



Cancer boss is warm, a good listener, and easily enters friendly relations at work. In return they expect unconditional devotion and gratitude. If you want to keep the job, try hard and keep the secrets of your company safe. Be respectful of their emotional states, understand that they are only human and don't force them just because they possibly seem weak from your perspective. Never teach them how to be a boss. Instead, learn how to be their employee and look past the surface to understand their true direction and potential.



A Leo boss is either always annoyingly right or unexplainably insecure for a person of their character. Whatever the situation give them your time, energy and creativity, and always act like yourself - they understand one's strong personality. Do not talk about them behind their back. Even when they don't hear you, they sense when something is wrong and can become truly unpleasant if they smell gossip. Leos are dominant leaders who rarely compromise, and their personality should be respected at all times for your professional relationship with them to be functional.



Virgos often feel incompetent to be leaders, even though their commitment to hard work usually exceeds the commitment of those who take this role with much more ease. They consider accuracy and diligence virtues, dislike messiness and unreliable behavior, and keep quiet about their negative opinions, as if it was their sacrifice to make. Each Virgo likes to control things, and takes on other people's work and responsibility. Do the hard work side by side with them, and you might gain a friend for life.



Libra boss is fair and just, and expects the same in return. Libras are clever and have great negotiation skills, but sometimes get vain and held up in a battle for meaningless authority. They do not tolerate gossip and bad vibes, sometimes giving too much attention to other people's opinions. Be rational and calm, steer clear of conflict, and have strong arguments before jumping into any discussion. They tend to take everything way too personally, so choose your words with care and respect, and there is no reason not to advance in a wanted direction.



A Scorpio boss may seem friendly and open, but they are cautious and closed up, especially when they've had bad experiences with ex-employees. Scorpios are excellent managers. They see the potential of people working for them, understanding their strongest qualities and weaknesses with clarity. If you make them angry, your mistakes can cost you your paycheck or even your job, but if you are open, honest and ready to accept responsibility, you could have a cooperation of a lifetime with a Scorpio boss.



A Sagittarius boss can be truly fun and friendly, ready to share the work and its benefits, but only if you respect their convictions. Their attitude sometimes gives a know-it-all vibe, and this is fine if you enjoy a good debate. Still, for some people this can get really annoying, especially if their childish boss gets lost and confused all the time. However, working for a Sagittarius will, in most cases, feel like a blessing. You'll be led by a generous, openhearted, respectful person, a good mentor, a teacher, unselfish authority and a leader with vision.



Capricorns are kind of bossy by nature, and like to be in charge and hold everything in their capable hands. They need an employee who will understand their depths, while clearly telling them what they need, and admitting to their mistakes. Respect deadlines, be responsible and ready to work a lot, and keep in mind that no one in the zodiac shows gratitude better than a Capricorn when you give them exactly what they want. They often put work ahead of everything else, and expect the same from you. Show dedication, attention to detail and initiative, and you'll be surprised by Capricorn's generosity.



Aquarius bosses like to push limits, make changes, expose their ideas daily, and enjoy working in a team. Although sometimes they may seem absent and aloof, in those moments they are actually picking their brain for yet another new thing to implement in your work routine. Humane and liberal, you'll probably have room for flexible working hours, health security and all sorts of work related benefits. In return, you'll have to deal with surprises, neurosis and tension, and be prepared to work over every limit when necessary.



Pisces can be extremely tolerant towards the needs and feelings of their employees. A Pisces boss values creativity and talent, and at the same time needs someone practical to keep their fishy feet on the ground. They sometimes need help organizing work, materializing what they've had in mind, and defining rules of professional behavior. The biggest problem working for them lies in their changeable emotional nature, for it sometimes makes them seem like a crazy person who has no idea where they're headed.

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