12 Cartoon Characters That Fit Perfectly In 12 Zodiac Signs

Date: 2015-11-13
12 Cartoon Characters That Fit Perfectly In 12 Zodiac Signs

Cartoon characters are all created with different personality traits, and each one of them can be classified under 12 zodiac signs through its main characteristics. They are our heroes, role models and friends as we grow up, and it is fun to find out which one fits your character best through the zodiac sign it represents.

Hades – Aries

Hades has a strong personality and he is passionate like a true Arian. He is the boss and does not like to take advice, let alone orders, from others. Although it would be wrong to say that Arians do not take advice, most of them have a strong personality that doesn’t need anyone else for guidance. Like a true Arian, Hades is hotheaded, trusts his instincts, and his anger knows no boundaries. This makes him intimidating. These characteristics are not necessarily the same in all Arians, but they are manifestations of Mars and the sign of Aries.

Homer Simpson – Taurus

Taureans are known for their love for food, family and physical satisfaction. Homer Simpson truly fits this character as a man whose primary role in the cartoon is the role of a father and a husband. He is a family man who provides for his family, just like a Taurus man would. It is well known that Taureans easily become slaves to inertia and overeating, all depicting Homer quite well, you’d agree? His loyalty towards his friends, Lenny, Carl and Barney, is a reflection on the loyal nature of Taurus people, as well as the closeness he has with them in his everyday life.

Anastasia – Gemini

Anastasia fits perfectly into the personality of a Geminian. She is independent, communicative, witty, and speaks her mind with ease. She also shows indecisiveness at times, which is one of the Geminian tendencies. Her love interest is Dimitry and in front of him, she is a bit insecure. However, at all times, she is ready to speak her mind without thinking about consequences. Anastasia is very excited to go on an adventure when she learns that she could find her family in Paris, and as you know Geminians are adventurous and always follow new information.

Spiderman – Cancer

Cancerians love their families and treasure familial values and even though you don’t think of Spiderman first when you mention family values, he is one of the cartoon characters, who is known for his love for his uncle. When he sees him pass away, he goes into a shock in denial of aggression and death. This depicts the fall of the Moon in Scorpio very well. Just like most Cancerians, he is very emotional but does not let it show, and covers his emotions with a mask of humor. You will find him cracking jokes at the most unusual times and this approach is often adopted by many Cancerian males.

Cyborg – Leo

Leos are warm-natured people. They are sociable and make friends easily, which is why so many Leos have a large number of friends. On this list of cartoons and of all the zodiac signs, Cyborg qualifies to be a Leo because he is warm and has a big heart. He is great friends with Beast Boy and Starfire, while with Robin he is at times at odds because of his bossy nature. Leos do not like to be told what needs to be done. With Raven, Cyborg is gentle and behaves like an elder brother. He is protective and hardly gets into any arguments with her, acting like a true Leo.

Cinderella – Virgo

Cinderella is one of the popular Disney cartoon characters to show traits of the Virgo Sun sign. She is quiet and docile just like many Virgo women are, but most importantly, she obsessively cleans throughout the entire cartoon. Cinderella follows orders and hesitates to make any change, demeaning herself and accepting her position. She is incredibly undervalued, depicting the fallen Venus in the zodiac sign of Virgo, and a servant to her evil stepmother.

belle – Libra

Belle, the Beauty in love with the Beast, is a Libran for sure. She is beautiful, tactful and cautious, with a perfect dress and manners at all times. Libra is a zodiac sign that needs to find harmony and loves Saturn through its exaltation. Belle needs to find the love for the Beast, for the unreasonable, ugly, for what others have abandoned and banished. She will dance and enjoy the snow, showing an intense relationship with her father characteristic for a Libra. By the end, she will discover life hidden in a single rose, as a metaphor to the fact that life without beauty has no purpose.

Batman – Scorpio

Scorpios are sensitive people with strong determination to reach their goals. They are emotional but able to hide it effortlessly with their detached attitude. Batman, one of Marvel’s cartoon characters, is an extremely sensitive character. Death of his parents tore him apart, but he managed to shove it deep inside his heart as a true Scorpio would. As he faces his fears, he takes the pledge of making Gotham safe, so that no more lives are lost. Still, his true motivation lies in the lack of forgiveness for those who took the lives of his parents. Scorpios are humanitarian by nature, as their sign exalts Uranus, and this is recognized in the way Batman treats people. He is dark, lives underground, and identifies with the creatures of the night.

ariel – Sagittarius

Sagittarians are those who dream of distances and other worlds they can conquer. They are adventurous, sociable, communicate a lot and love animals. Ariel is a true fiery goddess with incredible faith and strength of conviction. A Sagittarian to her core, she is striving to change herself in order to find home, with the help of the entire animal kingdom. She is naïve and childish, her father’s daughter, outspoken and expressive. She gives up on her voice in order to reach for her ideals, and this speaks of a detriment Mercury has in the sign of Sagittarius. What better way to describe a Sagittarius than to sing along to the song “Part of your world” and strive for everything better, wider, incredible, that will come true if we believe hard enough?

Merlin – Capricorn

Capricorn is one of the most ambitious of the zodiac signs, which gives Capricorn representatives an ability to become the best at anything they put their minds to. For Merlin, his ambition is magic and he is, without a doubt, incredible at what he does. The sign of Capricorn is a gate to the “other worlds”, always speaking of magic. Merlin is a character with no fear, experienced and aged, serious in his teachings. The battle of Merlin and Mim is one of the most beautiful depictions of a Capricorn’s approach to any battle through the exaltation of Mars. It’s as if they do create magic here on Earth, using his wisdom and creativity to win. You can see him think long and hard about each move, as if he was a chess player thinking about the consequence of each action he makes.

Snow White – Aquarius

An Aquarian mind is always working and is in the search of new things, detached and not scared of solitude. Snow White is detached and wanders off in the woods with ease, even though she would have more reasons to sit down and cry or get really scared. The number seven is ruled by Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, and the symbolism of her friendship with seven dwarfs, as a group for her to share her life with. She accepts this kind of life, open for the characters and the routine the Dwarves have. She is not put off by their appearance or bizarre clothing and finds her own freedom in this strange life that doesn’t seem fit for a princess. To add to that, she gets poisoned by an apple, and this is the fruit of Taurus, the sign that brings Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, to its fall.

aurora – Pisces

The sensitive Piscean such as Aurora wants to be friends with everyone around her, including the forest and all the wildlife in it. She was raised by the fairies and touched by magic as soon as she was born. Neptune is a sign of all magic and there is no story with more magic in it, than the Sleeping Beauty. She is a true Piscean, talented, beautiful, just like Venus exalted and finally asleep for a hundred years. She is not even aware that someone is coming to save her, with no sense of guilt, just asleep with the rest of the kingdom. All Piscean representatives have a part of their character hazed, in deep sleep, and awaken only by the “kiss” of true love.

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