Detriment Of Mars And Constructive Solutions

Date: 2023-09-27
Detriment Of Mars And Constructive Solutions

Mars is transiting through the sign of Libra, the sign of its detriment, where its dignity is low. Since Mars represents our primal energy, existence, instincts, basic sexuality and the force of life itself, its energy draining position in Libra speaks of the way relationships with other people affect our personal foundation. Now that Venus set the bar high for the love we deserve, we must attend to our actual, physical needs that haven’t been met due to limitations and responsibilities of others. 

Manipulation and Anger

The greatest risk of this position hides in manipulation, silent choices and beliefs of people who don’t really respect the space and boundaries of others. The sign of Libra is the sign where the Sun falls so respect is always questionable, and with Saturn’s exaltation, it puts an emphasis on social norms and rules that need to be followed. With this in mind, many of us will be triggered by situations that involve expectations of society, of our partner, and all those we love and consider to be our equals. We must keep in mind that there is no equality when it comes to personal boundaries, since every single person has their own inner guidance, their own hunch, intuition and integrity. With Mars set in Libra, there is no more room for compromises that aren’t in tune with our authenticity and creative force. 

Since norms, conditioning and our need to belong stop us from expressing anger and our boundaries in healthy ways, this leaves a lot of room for manipulative choices that will help keep the distance needed for progress. Honesty may be the key to resolving an interpersonal issue, but conflicts don’t come easy and speaking one’s mind is burdened with too many different contexts or even by laws in our immediate surroundings. 

In its widest image, this position is inhibition of sexuality in any relationship, overthinking, and conversations that lead nowhere as something is to be done on a physical plane. Libra is the place of beauty with intent, where it is often tactful to repress what we wish to express the most. With this in mind, we must see where our primal needs have been neglected, pushed aside, or in some way bent to fit the world of others when all we truly needed was a sense of belonging and emotional contact. 

The Step to Individuality

The best way to approach the troubling energies of this position for all of us is not communication and contact with others we might crave at the moment, but time spent in solitude and in touch with the body. Our physiology already carries enough information for us to regenerate and heal, but the mind and relationships that cross our emotional limits hold us back. Libra is an Air sign and Mars is exalted in Capricorn, the final goal of the material world and the element of Earth. These unconscious energies have their place in protecting our peace, showing where our fear lies, one that is always induced by primal relationships in our lives. To set a new energetic standard, we must commit to the personal foundation, check on our instincts and needs, before trying to get our needs met through contact with others. 

As wounded children, we tend to seek basic support in contact with someone else, in any way that was lacking when we were born. Imperfection of our parents and guardians is something to accept as the final lesson of Saturn exalted in Libra. There is no perfection to seek, no contact that will be created in healthy ways before we have a healthy and responsible relationship with ourselves. Lessons learned at this time separate us from others in ways that can be extremely hurtful, feel like neglect, lack of belonging, or become toxic and aggressive. 

Anger will help us set new boundaries, but it is important to understand that the root of anger we carry as adults is anger towards Self for not being able to be self-sufficient or well-grounded in our own structure. As dependent as we may be as humans, we must see how independent we can be, able to tend to our own existential needs in order to choose the contacts that are truly healthy and help us heal in ways that are joyful and gentle. Try not to judge yourself at this time, or be too rough on your own lack of success or accomplishment. You are not powerless and your happiness is not dependent on anyone else anymore. If someone doesn’t bring substance and love into your world, they should not be held too close. 

The Need for Distance

The main inner conflict of Mars in Libra comes from our fear of solitude and lack of contact. If this fear is recognized and tamed, we get the opportunity to understand where our personal balance hides. This will allow a new structure, new boundaries, and a new level of faith in ways of the Universe that are guiding us towards our true goals and relationships that are more profound and intimate. Once we make room for our own foundation to be healthy and overflowing with gifts of beauty and creativity, we will serve as inspiration to others and have relationships that are founded on mutual respect and love. In an ideal scenario, when these lessons are learned, we open doors for a soulmate, a partner who truly understands our needs, and freely enter times of Mars in Scorpio where sexuality and personal freedom blossom. 

Real transformation comes when we are prepared to die for our own happiness and satisfaction. Fear of change and death itself are beautified in Libra, where we all strike a pose to show that we can be “normal” and adequate in our choices. This is the core of self-deceit that pulls us towards contacts we don’t really enjoy and it is not something we will overcome in an instant. We are all afraid and the best thing we can do is tend to our body’s needs, breathe, and connect with spiritual planes that always remind us how magical life really is. There is always more to it than our fears lead us to believe. 

Once Mars sets foot on the burnt trail at the 15th degree of Libra, things might become dangerous or push us over the lines of fear, so we can finally face it and learn how it can serve our Soul’s evolution. This is not the time to ignore fear, but a time to question our connections, separate from others whenever we don’t feel like ourselves, work on goals in the material world, and mind our own business away from gossip or superficial contacts that don’t make us happy. The depth of this position is much greater than it may seem and requires sacrifice of any relationship that drains our energy away, so it can be revived on healthier foundations, on proper distances, or finally left in the past. 

With Venus still in Leo and its lessons learned, this is certainly the time for a new dimension of Self, without taboos and limitations of external validation. Enjoy what you enjoy and give freedom to others to do the same. Keep in mind that Mars is headed towards the exaltation of Uranus in Scorpio, where we will someday all be free to regenerate and love unconditionally.

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