Expanding Horizons

Date: 2020-06-23
Expanding Horizons

Jupiter is in Capricorn still, and it triggers everyone’s points of narrow views and beliefs, and all those issues that hold us back when we truly wish to move forwards. It is the circumstance that never lets us move, the expensive plane ticket that we cannot afford, canceled travel plans and distant, grand goals, the way of life that is impossible to reach, and the love story that can never be materialized due to us believing that it doesn’t exist. Jupiter here seems to state that “there are no fairytales” and “there is no easy way out” when there really might be, but we simply aren’t aware of our potentials and opportunities, yet.

The Dogma and The Torture

To fully understand the concept of this rough, down-to-earth and never-flowing Jupiter, we must understand that it doesn’t require torture, self-deprivation and lowered expectations. It is not the point where everything is lost, but quite the opposite, a place where we find focus to create everything that we have ever wanted. Capricorn naturally follows Sagittarius, so as a fall of this sign's ruler it stands as a "disappointment" of the real world. On the other hand, it is representing the use of knowledge and wisdom that we have gathered. It is not a restriction but the acceptance of a restriction, a perspective of fate, and a practical path that leads us across realistic obstacles that we saw as a red flag to hit the brakes before. Some concepts will inevitably be broken, cast away never to return, but fears will still weigh us down for as long as we don’t set free from potential negative turnouts that represent a lack of faith we have in the support of the world. Guided by our hearts into the unknown, there is really nothing to fear and nothing out there that our souls won’t be able to handle if we are inspired and curious enough. 

On a practical plane, Jupiter set here (especially colored with its current conjunction with Pluto) is a belief that got stuck, ancestral trust lost, and betrayal that once happened that we cannot move over having no trust in our own future. In its lowest manifestation, it is one point of absolute “clarity” that if we make a certain honest choice, it will lead us to our doom, and we will never return alive. The drastic vibe of changes it requires isn’t easy on the heart if the heart is fearful, and this is where Capricorn wants us to accept ways of the world and ways of the real life that we are bound to respect in the greater order of things. 

Many must accept death in some way, change as a cycle that cannot be avoided, and return to paths that made them feel alive so they can be finally regenerated and healed to the point of actual living. It is an opportunity to rise from our own ashes and move towards the future that we are responsible to create for ourselves. The only way for life to proceed is for us to keep living it, instead of getting stuck in emotional blackmail, intentions lost, projections, insecurity, and fear. The torture of the heart is quite real and extremely burdening when all we are trying to do every day is “be normal” if normalcy is defined by the outer world and not our inner moral compass. This is exactly why all religions and philosophies push us to look within, as answers can only be found there to give us the peace that we seek. 

Embracing Any Path

The weight of outer beliefs and beliefs of our parents may be a stone standing on our souls and the only way to set free is to understand that no human in this world has the capacity to understand (Jupiter) a much larger wisdom of the structure of the Universe (Saturn). We are not yet equipped to mentally grasp its concepts, or we would already know everything. What we can do is have faith in ourselves to the point where life is possible, action is understood and needed, and our movement is supported by a joyous and childlike curiosity. We can face any new challenge and circumstance with grace and love for ourselves. We have the time and the resources to make some steps, however small they might be right now. All we can really do is believe that the Universe isn’t out to get us, but instead, there to guide our Soul. Living in tune with who we are cannot be bad for anyone no matter the circumstances or limitations that we might stumble upon, so fear is really useless in the long run, when it isn’t protecting us from imminent danger. 

Use this time to experiment, set up a foundation for dreams that you have been dreaming for a while. You may not know what will come down the road, but you can enjoy the ride towards the destination that makes you curios. It is time to remember that we are alive for as long as we choose to keep on moving forwards. This will allow us to stop wasting time, resources, and energy, stop procrastinating when we can make our lives prettier, happier, and to follow – make this entire world a better place. One Soul healed and a fragment of individual responsibility for the life we wish to live taken, makes a leap in the collective progress as well. 

Believe in you, to begin with, and Jupiter in Capricorn will open those heavy, iron doors that always seemed to stand firmly shut. You have options, however small. You have the power to follow a feel and see the infinite realm of your own possibility. Use your vision to stay motivated, inspired, as well as grounded and focused, and keep on moving instead of doubting. The more you do, the less you will think ahead and senselessly project anyway. What if we embraced real circumstances and limitations and got our pace in tune with the Universe? What if we all chose change? What if desires and realities became the synchronized pool of personal creativity? Patiently move, fast or slow but without delay, and don’t forget to enjoy the ride. 

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