Food And Zodiac Signs

Date: 2016-03-10
Food And Zodiac Signs

According to many astrologers, every zodiac sign has certain eating habits, its own specific way of preparing food and different preferences towards a certain type of food. While many people prefer traditional dishes, some love to experiment with new and exotic cuisine, while others will eat almost anything because they are not picky. Read on to find out more about the attitude of all twelve zodiac signs towards food!



Aries love spicy food, hot and energizing. They do not have time for long meals because they are constantly busy and on the move, and have a bad habit to eat too fast in their attempt not to waste time. They choose food rich in calories, but in most cases this serves their dynamic nature very well. The element of Fire Aries belong to, influences their taste. If you are not a big fan of hot and spicy, you will not find their meals very satisfying. Aries have a huge appetite, love to experiment, choosing a protein rich diet fully aware that this is what their body requires. Many health problems representatives of this sign have are related to their food intake, and when sick, they should pay attention to their eating habits.

Tip: Eat slowly and avoid alcoholic beverages.



Taurus representatives are true gastronomes. They have a huge appetite and know how to enjoy food. Regardless of what they eat, they want their food to spark all their senses and don't save money when it comes to quality. Only a finely prepared meal can satisfy them fully. Dieting is a torture for them, while cooking - a real pleasure. When they gather enough life experience, you can learn a lot of new recipes from people born under this Sun sign. Their biggest challenge is to stop eating sweets, pasta and bread. People born under this sign don't want to be interrupted while eating. They want to feel relaxed and comfortable at a dining table. Their greatest problem hides in their need to drown their emotions in food, and this can lead to weight problems and all sorts of health issues to follow.

Tip: Try replacing sweets with fresh fruit.



Gemini representatives are among those people who almost never suffer from excess weight. For them, a good conversation during lunch is more important than the food they eat and they love being in good company while dining. Perhaps eating is not among their favorite activities, but they like cooking. Their kitchen is a place where creativity can blossom, and their curiosity will mix with their talent for combining ingredients, followed by their courage for experimentation. Even the greatest traditionalists have trouble resisting food prepared by a Gemini. A varied diet is mandatory on their menu and the biggest problem for their organism their lack of routine. If they forget a meal or two, they will probably be fine, but this won't be the case if this happens every day. It is thought that Gemini are least likely to suffer from diseases caused by the consumption of unhealthy food, but this is only a valid presumption in cases where they pay attention to what they eat in the first place.

Tip: Form an eating routine and have a meal at the same time, every day."



Cancers are famous for their culinary skills. They love homemade food, prepared by their grandmother's recipe books. They always buy expensive, but quality food and no one can resist their specialties. People born under this sign hate sharing their food and tend to eat until they are full enough not to be able to breathe. They do not care about their own health and often will overeat, especially when they are nervous or frightened. Due to their sensitive stomach, these individuals often have to control their enormous appetite and their love for culinary hedonism. On the other hand, they make great company at the table, always spicing food up with stories about their specialties, recipes and the origin of food.

Tip: Learn to control your appetite when you are nervous or afraid.



Leos are fond of expensive food, made only from the finest ingredients. They want their meal made at a luxurious restaurant, where they will be seen. When it comes to nutrition, a simple decision will lead them to disciplined behavior and good eating habits. They like eating in company, and often stick to one large meal per day. Their dining table is best when loved ones gather over joyful events, and a Leo has a chance to feel their love and approval. Even though they don't like to cook much, they will take on the challenge to make large family dinners in order to bring smiles on the faces of their loved ones. Their stomach is generally strong, but their heart suffers when their vitamin intake is not as rich as it should be.

Tip: Consume a lot of fruit and vegetables.



Virgos have a sensitive stomach, and they should be careful about the food they eat. Due to their need for self-sacrifice, Virgo is the only sign that can be on a diet, without ever succumbing to the temptation to cheat. Slow metabolism is another one of their problems, so they need to consume a lot of raw vegetables and fruit to help digestion. People born under this sign can make magic in the kitchen. They will use all of their talent to create incredible details and prepare a dish that is not only tasty but also looks perfect. Virgos can be thrifty, but not when it comes to cooking - irresistible taste is more important to them than the price of groceries used. They hate to throw food away, so they often successfully set out on missions to prepare "something from nothing" using all of the leftovers from their fridge.

Tip: Eat light, small meals to avoid stomach discomfort.



Libras are food lovers but what they like even more than the food itself, is the whole dance around it. Every meal is a feast for them and even when they don't eat much, they will prefer small portions of everything - salad, appetizer, main course and dessert, followed by fine wine or a fancy beer. People born under this sign are often dependent on chocolate and sweets, and they would give up their main course rather than the sweet pleasure that comes at the end of the meal. They want their food and their dining table to look nice, and need a certain atmosphere while eating so they feel comfortable and truly enjoy the taste. When cooking, they'll make wonderful decorations, tasteful and delicious, but sometimes pay more attention to the appearance than the substance of what they prepare.

Tip: Moderately consume chocolate and sweets if you want to have a good figure.



Scorpios love high calorie food and they often get hungry, even at night. An empty refrigerator and the absence of spices can literally make them furious. They love spicy food and even when they don't care much about cooking, they don't fail to be excellent cooks because of their ability to skillfully combine them. Scorpios cannot pretend to like something that is not prepared according to their taste. They usually have lean and slim body, not because they don't eat much, but because they follow the principle of all or nothing as in every area of their life - when they feel that they went too far, they will immediately start with dietary restrictions.

Tip: Avoid alcohol and junk food, and drink large amounts of water and tea every day.



Sagittarius representatives are curious, love to experiment regularly and want to try everything they can in this lifetime. They love exotic, non-standard and spicy food. Their diet can often go from one extreme to another, although in most cases they simply eat a lot. At one point they may behave like they are very hungry and will greedily empty their plates, while at times they can starve for days, literally forgetting to eat because of other excitements in their life. Because of the propensity to overeat and overdrink, people born under this sign often suffer from digestive problems, high blood pressure and in some cases even obesity.

Tip: Avoid overeating and make a rule - one meal equals one full plate, not more.



Capricorns are tireless workers, but they always find time for a good meal. For them, quality is always more important than quantity and most of all they need their daily routine respected and food on schedule. The atmosphere while eating is especially important to them. It needs to be relaxed and calm. They love an evening ritual, attending family dinners, and hate when someone forces food on their plate when they're full. Capricorns are traditional people, so they love homemade food. Therefore, when they choose to search for their life companion, they do not forget to put cooking on the list of priority criteria. Although they don't like their food extremely spicy, they sometimes tend to exaggerate with salt.

Tip: Be careful when adding salt to your food. It can become your organism's worst enemy.



Aquarius representatives are not selfish when it comes to sharing food and often prefer low-calorie meals, when they find the time to eat.  When they are occupied by their brilliant mind, they will eat whatever comes their way and should really be careful with junk food. They know how to enjoy in everything that is new and unusual. People born under this sign are often vegetarians, due to their humanitarian nature and often love the taste of vegetables and fruits more than that of protein-rich food. They don't cook often, and when they do, they hate to blindly follow the recipes. They will make changes, letting their creativity and imagination flow. The downside to their diet is excessive coffee intake and late-night eating.

Tip: Skip the meal in the late evening hours, and opt for a hearty and healthy breakfast.



Pisces exalt Venus, the planet of sensuality and hedonism, and people born under this sign love the joy of food. They will get truly creative, adore specific meals and appreciate food as a way to declare love and show people in their life how much they care for them. They will appreciate good company at the table, and feel even better if their meal is served in candlelight and in a romantic setting. The downside to their passionate approach is in their love for alcohol, even though it blurs their vision and their view on life, and has negative effects on their health.

Tip: Drink plenty of water and have regular detox diets.

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