How Each Zodiac Sign Approaches Love

Date: 2016-04-11
How Each Zodiac Sign Approaches Love

 Is there a way to discover if someone really likes you? Very often people don't notice the signals that show how much someone likes them, so they ask themselves many questions and spend many sleepless nights trying to find out the answer. Astrology can help you, but only if you know the star sign of your crush. Read about the thinking of each zodiac sign, about their characteristics and their approach to love and romance!



People born in the sign of Aries are very straightforward, so if they like you, they will most likely tell you or show you how they feel directly. If they are mysterious and act fishy, their restlessness is a good sign for the possible development of a relationship they are in. They know who they are and how to act in sync with character, but sometimes need time to truly recognize how they feel.


A Taurus is traditional and likes things simple. If they like someone, they will show it the old-fashioned way and simple questions to get to know someone they have a crush on are to be expected. They will make you feel special, be sensual and unusually untamed for someone so calm and together. When a Taurus falls in love, they do it wholeheartedly and if necessary, they will put their head through a wall to be with their loved one.


Gemini representatives love to flirt and their mind is always moving. They need an intellectual challenge while being on the move, so they remain in contact with many people and communicate about various topics. If a Gemini likes you, they will finally give up on small talk and ask you intimate questions. Easy to fall in love and even easier to get out of it, they need their love life to be interesting and joyful at all times.


Every Cancer carries a deeply seeded motherly glow in their heart. If a Cancer likes you, they will become more protective and caring towards you and your relationship, as if they had a cub they wanted to protect from the world. If a Cancer wants to introduce you to their family, you can be convinced that a serious romantic relationship with you is what they have in mind.


Leo loves drama and spectacles, and in many cases, this is exactly how they will show their love. Loud and theatrical, a Leo will do everything - from bungee jumping with his loved one and putting pictures on Facebook, to becoming this cuddly creature with an enormous, warm heart, ready to create life with the one they love.  


Logical and practical, Virgos aren't open for love. This is an extremely shy sign, and even when a Virgo seems like an extrovert, their emotions will be far below the surface and difficult to dig up. If they like you, they might approach you in a traditional way and organize a typical date, or end up in a loop of shyness, not able to say anything that makes sense, blushing and acting as if they'd rather run of into another room and lock the door.


Libras love to be loved and often do everything in their power to be attractive to everyone around them. Gallant and tactful, they will slowly melt your heart and make you remember how you want your long-term relationship to look like. If a Libra likes you, they will let you enter their intimate world and open up far beyond a meaningless flirt.


No other sign has such a powerful stare as Scorpio. You can be sure that they like you if you notice them watching you from across the room. Their piercing eyes will make you feel like you are the only person in the world. A Scorpio will not waste time on meaningless relationships and will enjoy being honest and clear about his intentions from the start.


Sagittarians are very social and communicative, so it is easy to confuse their friendship for love. If they like you, they will become clumsy, childish, and most certainly - laugh a lot. A Sagittarius in love will laugh even at your jokes that aren't funny. Their smile is their most attractive asset, and knowing this, they will use it until they melt your heart and make it beat only for them.


You can't really tell if a Capricorn likes you or not. If their rigid attitude disappears in front of you and they are ready to fit your schedule, you can be sure that there is a potential for love. Still, they will be calculated, think about the useful aspects of your relationship and plan the future for years ahead, only to show you how much they care.


Aquarians are open-minded, so you can forget about traditionalism when they are concerned. If they like you, they will probably make fun of you first, and then suddenly jump into deep intellectual conversations about the human race. Their somewhat strange behavior means that they want to see if you can accept them in their worst, and fit well with their eccentricity.


The good thing about Pisces is that you can easily tell if they like you or not. If you are the subject of their affection, they will shower you with attention and care. Romantic and emotional, they have many ways in which they want to express themselves and their talents will be used in their search for true love. It is quite possible that they will write a song for you, create your hymn or paint your face on their bedroom wall. Be flattered. This is just their way.

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