Lies Told, Lies Embraced

Date: 2019-12-29
Lies Told, Lies Embraced

To understand the essence of lying, we must first face the fact that none of us is born with a set of beliefs that make us wish to lie to begin with. Even when one might think that dishonesty is their forte, this is just small ego justifying the inner child and its fear buried in disinformation and manipulative ways that posed as a defense mechanism in childhood. However, no such action is justified when we are bruised by someone’s unclear words and bended realities that taint our world and inject toxins directly into our heart. Nor does it justify us when we tell any lie to another, even the most benign one you can imagine. We all sense every word spoken and feel sentences and hidden meanings in our chest, honest or not. The real question for us grownups, responsible for ourselves and our happiness, is – why do we constantly choose to believe a lie and act behind our own back instead of believing our feelings? There is no topic so closely intertwined with our childhood years, first words heard, and first words spoken, as lying is seen through Mercury, the little curious child, and the little trickster. 

Good Intentions and Astrological Background

Mercury at the end of Sagittarius seems to be a good time to talk about white lies that we’ve been told in our lifetime, while others decided in our name and for us what we need protection from. Every parent needs to see the essence of truth before lying to their child, for even though there might be age limitations to themes and topics in question, we cannot protect anyone from life by choosing to speak of it differently. The belief that any child must be lied to carries native disrespect and hits right in the core, for while a naïve and clean being starts exploring reality, someone else takes reality away, informing the child that its sensations and perception of what is are bended and to be interpreted wrongly. At the same time, the image is created that the truth is an ugly thing, that life with all its richness should remain hidden, and a child is put to shame for feeling the truth as it is. 

This is well-explained by the natural order of signs of the zodiac, Gemini preceding Cancer where Jupiter is exalted. First, we listen and while listening, we learn to interpret emotion. Practically this means that each lie we are told as little children translates to knowledge about what our emotions have said from the start, from the Moon’s exaltation in Taurus where we still had no concept of rational thinking until lies were introduced. This is the exact reason why Gemini are often considered “two-faced” or described as several personalities rolled into one, as we humans are torn between what we feel is true, and how we interpret what’s true. Trying to be “rational”, we are loyal and think that we pay respect to our ancestors who protected us and helped us stay alive. Trying to let go to emotion, we are vulnerable as babies, left on our own to handle our reality. The more we’ve been lied to, the harder it is to separate from ties of our family that take away our ability to decide and act on authentic interpretations and the actual truth. What we fail to see in the process is that our mind is the same as our heart, that they are in fact inseparable no matter how protected by lies we got from reality and from ourselves.

Lying Justified

Behind every lie, there is good intention to be found (Jupiter's hazy protection). Still, there is no such thing as a good lie, even though we might call it “white” and marry it off to all our relationships. We are all unaware of numerous invisible lies that we still live in everyday, in the sea of emotion that we cannot rise from before we awaken to see what IS. This vast space of beliefs goes deeper than our mind can comprehend, straight to the point of Jupiter’s fall in Capricorn – within chronic conditions and bodily pain. We must keep in mind that true connection and communication happen way below the surface and way below the words. Just as any of us relating is responsible for words chosen, all of us are responsible for words heard. Although this may sound confusing, it is easily explained when we honestly admit to ourselves that we have all been in situations where we knew we were being lied to, way before the truth came to the surface. On the other hand, due to collective beliefs, most of us were in situations where we kept the truth to ourselves to not bruise the person standing in front of us, torn between “protecting them” and taking away their will to decide whether they want such protection in the first place.

Responsibility goes both ways for every adult, and for those involved in any form of dishonest contact, we either choose to compromise on emotion, or choose to disrespect another. Both are based on insecurity and fear, the first on fear of being abandoned, hence settling for less than what we feel is right, and the second on negative belief that we’re “protecting another” when in fact we are afraid to let them choose against us and prove us unworthy of love. 

The best we can do is be respectfully honest within our reach, until the throat and Mercury are cleansed of past influences and beliefs that aren’t our own. To listen to our emotions and interpret them right, silence comes in handy, and it is something we are obliged to give ourselves every day to allow our mind to touch our heart. It would be wise and deeply respectful to give calm silence to others as well, until they can see us from their own projections and content. Eye-contact does say a lot more than any word ever might. If we are all here on a mission to unveil a giant lie of life’s hardships, perhaps we can forgive those who lied out of love and move on towards understanding how beautiful, liberating and magical the truth can be.

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