Lives Are Never Wasted

Date: 2019-10-23
Lives Are Never Wasted

Jupiter is still in Sagittarius, bright and shiny, but what are its lessons here and where will the journey lead when it reaches Capricorn in just over a month, the sign of its fall? The biggest benefic in our Solar System is much deeper than it is often represented, and it isn’t simply “a good planet” bringing “good fortune and optimism”. Oh no. It is the set of beliefs that slowly shape our reality, our ability to see that we are loved and cherished on a much higher scale than we may think. Its fall is really the repression of hazy and illusional thinking, swamped minds and unnecessary “good intentions” that only serve the image shown instead of serving our hearts. 

When We Don’t See

When Jupiter is found in Gemini, Virgo and Capricorn, or led there by the planet ruling the sign it is found in, we can see its background and the intense stories we believe in that narrow our view on the richness of life. While even in an extremely poor setting it is often viewed as fortune among misfortunes, light in the dark, and luck when we are in a hole, it can be extremely difficult to cope with. Our entire set of convictions hides inside it and it is no wonder that it rules both Sagittarius and Pisces, showing us the world and the ocean of emotion that keeps us tied to the past, or focused on too distant futures that cannot be reached if we don’t believe. It is the master of illusion, things we say to ourselves to shield our hearts from pain that needs to be metabolized, and very often, it distances us from the issue our heart yearns to deal with. It will give us the silver lining and the “everything is good for something” attitude, but at the same time push us over the core of trauma and possibly make our problems larger over time, just as it enlarges everything else. 

The reason Jupiter doesn’t enjoy Capricorn and Virgo is found in the fact that they are problem-solvers, those who bring things down to earth so they can be dealt with. The practical and human approach of Gemini won’t help either, especially if we overly rationalize the problem at hand. What it wants is to fly like an eagle, putting the big picture above all other things, and distancing us from what we are given to resolve. No equation can be solved without it, but if it takes us away, then no equation can be solved with it either. We have all been in a situation that requires a high road and our minds would float over the trauma and the burden at hand. This is exactly what Jupiter in Capricorn is about to remind us, forcing truth over running, and face-to-face time over us looking in any other direction. When the timing is right, there is no force on Earth that will help us skip destiny and shadows we carry within as pain to be released on our path to freedom. We must see, for the sake of our bodies and hearts, and while religious views and positive affirmations might help, we will mostly need to see with our hearts, as Jupiter exalts in Cancer and this is the main lesson it teaches us on its travels. 

The Greatest Illusion of All

Since Capricorn is the sign of useful moves and a place where our knowledge is about to be materialized and brought down to a practical, earthly plane, the impact we may feel if we have been taught wrong, is – uselessness. Everything serves a purpose, but WHAT purpose? How can we “just” believe if we don’t see, touch and feel? Is there a way out from depressing thoughts that keep us spinning in circles for decades? The state of depression and uselessness is exactly where healthy Jupiter will appear to those who have reached bottom to show that there is a way out. The light it offers might be dim, especially if our emotions have been buried for a long time, but the image will begin to clear as we move down the toughest of feelings that must be let go of. Its biggest illusion is right there – in disbelief. No system of religion will help a Soul that has lost faith without emotion and human contact. One might find protection in a priest, another in a prophet, and someone with an astrologer or a new teacher. In any case, there is knowledge of Self yearning to get out, and we will be standing in combat with beliefs that are stale, stuck, and tied to ancestors that never reached their destination. Once we remember that this doesn’t define us, that we aren’t our ancestors, and that we are in no way defined by anyone else’s destiny and limitations, we may start to grow as confident individuals who believe in goals, plans and destinations our mind has come up with while in tune with our talents. 

The deepest hole it can show is the one where everything is pointless, and our lives seem wasted. This wasted feeling comes from living in someone else’s shoes, trying to fill expectations that aren’t ours in their core. It is the logical path chosen over the one that sparks our Soul of fire and one we have chosen as if we can only engage in a guilt trip spiral that never seems to end. But we aren’t Gods and who are we to judge the intent of the Universe, or even try to decipher it? The only thing we CAN do is believe when we see that planets DO coincide with events, people DO coincide with people, we DO get a parking ticket with Mercury retrograde. Our emotions ARE connected to the physiology just as the solar system is connected to the Earth, and there really are no coincidences in our lives. With this in mind, it isn’t a coincidence that we may feel useless or wasted and the feeling itself must bring some sort of natural order to our inner world over time, if we only let it unwind and show us what we must see. To allow our minds to do so, we must first realize that we are only human, in need of rest and time. If Jupiter is to heal us in Capricorn, what can heal us better than giving ourselves something as simple as time? 
Lives are never wasted. They are simply lived in our own shadows to some degree, depending on how rested and safe we are feeling every day. A healthy routine might make us feel safe, but what helps even more is time spent with our bodies, meditation over internal issues, and fences high enough to help us realize what is truly our responsibility to bear. So take your time as you have already done your best, and see how your mistakes will melt as you find forgiveness for Self. The journey that is calling on our hearts will never stop waiting for us anyway. 

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