Part Of Fortuna Fate And Luck In Your Chart

Date: 2022-11-12
Part Of Fortuna Fate And Luck In Your Chart

In astrology, we examine the planets and asteroids as the main elements when interpreting a chart. As of secondary importance, we use hypothetical points that are known as Egyptian or Arabian parts/lots. Arabic astrologers in Medieval times, particularly Ibn-i Arabi, took the astrological knowledge from Hellenistic period, developed the mathematical calculations, and formulated these hypothetical points that we use today. 

Although there are plenty of these Arabic points such as Marriage point, Children point, Death point; among them the luckiest and most useful point of all is Part of Fortune. The Latin word Pars and Greek word Lot both mean “share”. Therefore, Part of Fortuna actually refers to someone’s lot that they have from fate (their slice of cake). The glyph is symbolized by diagonal lines in a circle and can be either calculated by hand, or through numerous websites. 

Part of Fortuna is calculated differently depending on whether the native is born during the day or night. It includes the ascendant, Sun and Moon, therefore, exact birth time is a must for this method. Since ascendant sign changes pretty drastically even in minutes, the Part of Fortune should be included in a natal reading only if the birth time is accurate. If you are going to calculate it by hand, you will need to subtract the degrees and seconds of the Moon and Sun from each other, and then add that to the Ascendant degree. In modern astrology, the following formulas are used: 

Day births: Ascendant + Moon - Sun 

Night chart: Ascendant - Moon + Sun 

If you are unfamiliar with astrological calculations, kindly visit a website that offers free of charge for the Part of Fortune calculation. 

Mythology behind Part of Fortuna

Fortuna was the goddess of good and bad fortune in Roman mythology. They pictured her holding a cornucopia in her hand to symbolize infinite abundance and luck. Romans also depicted her eyes blindfolded with a piece of cloth to banish the possible bad fortune and malefic influences. 

Merchants used her statue to attract customers and great wealth, oracle readers placed her statue on an altar to enjoy the spiritual abundance and clarity, and regular people venerated her to receive the favor of her in difficult situations. Romans believed that she was the eldest daughter of Jupiter, the greatest planet of all, and that she was abundant, generous, and fertile just like her father. 

Before the Roman Empire, Greeks named this deity Tyche. She was believed to oversee the destiny and good fortune of Greek citizens and cities. She was worshiped by locals to deliver themselves from evil and bring great prosperity into their daily lives. Tyche’s mother Aphrodite was the Goddess of pleasures, material possessions, and fortune, and this is how Tyche received her positive qualities. However, she was unpredictable due to her father Hermes, who happened to be playful, sudden, and sometimes pulled the rug under God’s very easily. For that reason, Greek citizens never took Tyche’s blessings for granted, and continuously gave her offerings of wine, cheese, and herbs to stop famines and floods, and bring good fortune. 

It is important to note that the depiction of Tyche/ Fortuna is not all negative or completely positive. She is a benevolent goddess with a hint of uncertainty. For instance, in the Latin era in some spiritual paintings, Fortuna was illustrated on a ball called “the wheel of fortune”. The wheel indicated how fast one’s fate can change. Ancients agreed that if you venerate her genuinely and understand her importance, you will be rewarded. If you disrespect her and disregard the importance of destiny, bad luck will haunt you. 

What does it mean in astrology? 

In astrology, Part of Fortune refers to someone’s ideal career path, the place where they are the luckiest, and where they will be reaping more fruits in comparison to other placements. Part of Fortune is where you are destined to be successful and it can be luck and fulfillment in business, home and family, fame and recognition, or intellect and education. You can become luckier and prosperous by understanding the house and zodiacal placement of your Part of Fortune and following its lead. At this point, any of its aspects to planets, axis points (ASC-DSCIC and MC), and 6 main asteroids should also be included in the interpretation. 

For example, Part of Fortuna in Leo asks you to put your heart into what you love! No matter how old you get, you will be playful like a child. With this placement of Lot of Fortune, you should be in a place where you entertain others, radiate your glow, and be yourself. Management can be a true skill for you but try to make it more enjoyable in order to sustain your business. Pay attention to presentation and do not overkill situations with your tendency to domination. Do not push your subordinates’ boundaries and remain respectful. Also pay attention to art and creativity, and consider giving people coaching sessions where you approach them kindly and heal their subconscious beliefs through art therapy and game therapy. 

Because Part of Fortune is calculated from the degrees of the Sun (soul), Moon(destiny) and Ascendant sign (overall personality), it designates a very significant place in native’s birth chart. It indicates a person’s state of health, their share of destiny, and also their career. Ancients argued that since Part of Fortune is related to the Moon, it is rather feminine and passive, and there is nothing much to be done to change this written symbol. Therefore, Part of Fortune demonstrates the events that happen to the person outside their free will. To exemplify, if a person’s Lot of Fortune is located in the 9th house, they may have to leave their origin country and move overseas. This is because foreign lands and cultures are a must for them.

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