Saturn Signs, Creating Support & Structure In Your Life

Date: 2021-11-12
Saturn Signs, Creating Support & Structure In Your Life

Depending on how Saturn manifests on your birth chart, its energy will bring awareness to your need for self-control, limits, procedures, and structure. It can also show us about our fears and how we limit ourselves due to insecurity. From our Saturn placements, we can explore the ways in which we need support and structure in our lives in order to get where we want. 

Awakening to these insights can help us get things done while playing to our strengths – instead of forcing ourselves to do and commit to things the way others do. Our Saturn signs paint a picture of our unique means to structuring our lives and provide guidance on how best to do that. 


As someone with Saturn in the sign of Aries, you are goal-oriented and driven. Your resourcefulness is a natural part of who you are and is often admired by those around you. Consider keeping a list of goals – both big and small – as this will appease your need for aspiration and achieving. In order to support these goals, you will need to remain brave enough to take the leaps. Don’t limit yourself based on fear or perceived weaknesses – you have everything you need to jump. Anything that stifles your more competitive tendencies will prove detrimental in the long run. 


With Saturn in Taurus, it is likely you are afraid of loss or dependency on others. You may have trouble when it comes to taking care of yourself or indulging. If these tendencies remain unchecked, you will notice how the opportunities in your life are limited and always fall short of success. In order to support this side of your natal chart, your lessons are to learn to be okay with asking for help, let go of what you no longer need, and to relish in your victories (however big or small). Learning to release your baggage and any guilt associated with indulgence, both physically and emotionally, will be key for your personal growth. 


Natives of the Saturn in Gemini placement are natural born guides and teachers. Your strengths are in your abilities to think logically, with accuracy, and to instill this knowledge into others. You may feel restless if your mind isn’t in use and often take up academically-based hobbies or careers. Support yourself by opening up to others and expressing you lighthearted and enthusiastic side. Don’t close yourself off because you are so keen on playing a serious role – life is supposed to be fun sometimes!


With their hard shells in full power with a Saturn placement in Cancer, natives here will likely have a difficult time expressing their vulnerable sides. You have a hard time connecting with your deep emotions and have an even harder time expressing them. Structurally, you thrive in any business settings related to the home and family (think real estate). When you expose your more vulnerable side you never know who or what is going to resonate with that. 


With Saturn in Leo, you have exceptional organizing and managing skills. You have the knack for turning creative pursuits into profiting business ventures but tend to stay hidden away from the limelight. You tend to deny your own needs for sharing your work with others or leaning into your playful side. Oftentimes, you shy away from anything that will bring attention to you. This can greatly limit your opportunities as you are naturally creative and talented – and deserve to show the world! Supporting your gifts will look like allowing others to praise them. 


As someone with Saturn in Virgo, you typically have perfectionist tendencies and a keen eye for even the smallest of details. You thrive in highly structured environments, often finding joy in routines and work. At times, however, you may leave projects unfinished because of your focus on perfectionism. In order to support yourself, you must learn to let go of your fear of criticism. Let go of your needs to control and nurture your softer side. All of this self-policing comes from a deep place of caring too much. Remember that you are human as well, and it’s okay for you to act like one! 


Saturn in Libra placements often point to difficulty making decisions. You are so deliberate in your choices that you may sometimes feel stuck or paralyzed by the options. That being said, your sense of justice is well-developed, allowing you to excel in fields related to law and social work. Remember that there are no such things are “wrong” decisions – only ones that you never make out of fear. Release your need to weigh all options first and take a risk sometimes, you never know what could be on the other side! 


With Saturn in Scorpio, you are someone who likely struggles deeply with change. This fear of the unknown stifles your abilities to grow and expand and has kept you tethered to the same thing day in and day out. By doing so, you are limiting yourself and closing off to a part of yourself. Releasing the blocks you have around emotional expression and learning to flow with the tides and embrace the changes life throws at you is key when supporting your growth in this area. 


Saturn in Sagittarius natives tend to boldly forge their own ways. With this placement, you will often prefer working for yourself and enjoy making your own rules to live by. Structuring your days will be less important to you than the overall “vibe” of them. Check in with yourself from time to time to make sure you are keeping frequencies high. With all of that being said, you can be a harsh critic to anyone else choosing to bend rules that you don’t agree with. As such, you may come off as close-minded and stubborn. In order to nurture your self-growth, consider letting go of the outward criticism.


With Saturn in its home sign of Capricorn, you are someone who has a strong sense of responsibility and reliability. If you say you are going to do something, chances are you will get it done quickly, efficiently, and without seeking praise. While structure when it comes to work or school is incredibly important, allow the fun in from time to time. Support your fun side by taking up hobbies just for the enjoyment of it (and not to turn profit!). 


As someone with Saturn in the sign of Aquarius, you are naturally adept at taking scientific and objective approaches to any subject. Additionally, your humanitarian nature sets you up well to work in medicine and healthcare. However, you may have a hard time truly connecting with your peers. Nurture your personal growth by letting others in and learning to enjoy simple connections. Otherwise, you may find that you will miss opportunities to get to know people and enrich your life with their presence. 


With Saturn in Pisces, you are someone who naturally assigns themselves the supportive role. A career in mental health, counseling, or energy work will prove a harmonious fit for this placement. With that being said, the same patience and grace you have for others is not extended to yourself. You have an inability to express your own vulnerability that makes you uncomfortable in highly emotional situations (that are centered on you). Learning to release the walls will support you with Saturn in Pisces. You can find your structure in your learned abilities to let go of pent up emotions. Once you let go, you will find that all things fall into place. 

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