The Meaning Of Your Birth Day

Date: 2016-09-01
The Meaning Of Your Birth Day

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Each of the seven visible celestial bodies - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, affect us on a daily basis. The ancients named the seven days of the week after these planets, so that every day of the week has a particular meaning. You probably know that a particular planet rules your zodiac sign, but you should also know that your day of birth also has a ruling planet that can influence your character and behavior.

Sunday | Meaning: The Sun's day


Sunday is traditionally viewed as the first day of the week by the ancients and as a day of rest and worship. Sunday's child has the Sun as a sort of an additional ruler in the horoscope. People born on this day, will never be satisfied with anything ordinary in their lives and they will always be like a ray of sunshine for those around them with their auras of brightness. Sunday's child is creative, noble, proud, self-centered, bold and loud.

Monday | Meaning: The Moon's day


Monday is the second day of the week. Monday's child has changeable moods, because its ruling planet, the Moon is changeable and plays a big role in their lives. The Moon is the key to home, genetics and family ties, so a child born on this day will derive great satisfaction from these principles or be tied to them in their negative expression if there is a karmic debt to be repaid. Monday's child is kind, modest, motherly, adaptable, sensitive and possessive.

Tuesday | Meaning: Tiew's day, the Old Norse equivalent to the planet and god of Mars


Traditionally Tuesday is the third day of the week. A person born on this day has the ruling planet of Mars, which symbolizes a fighting spirit, a desire to lead the way and a will to win. Tuesday's child is active, enthusiastic, energetic, courageous, brave, impatient, sometimes too fiery and destructive, and has a big desire to achieve success.

Wednesday | Meaning: Woden's day, the Old Norse equivalent to Mercury


Wednesday is under the rule of Mercury and people born on this day will inherit the restless and questioning qualities associated with this planet. Wednesday's child is communicative, logical, unreliable, careless and versatile. These individuals have a message to deliver to the rest of us and need to stay on the move, learn and communicate in order to prosper.

Thursday | Meaning: Thor's day. Thor was the mythological god of thunder, who is also known as Jupiter


Thursday is traditionally viewed as the fifth day of the week. Its child is ruled by the planet of Jupiter, which is the most beneficial of all the planets. Jupiter symbolizes expansion, happiness, optimism, good humor and perspective, which means that Thursday's child will be jovial, generous, but also have the tendency for self-deception. This is a planet of teaching and a child born on a Thursday will always have a special philosophy to share with the world.

Friday | Meaning: Frigg's/Frica's day, Old Norse equivalent to Venus


Friday's child has is under the rule of Venus, which is the planet of love, balance, beauty, affection, sharing, pleasure, color, elegance, romance, artistry and refinement. Friday's child is social, seductive, artistic, and sometimes too dependent on opinions of other people, lazy and vain. This child needs to be surrounded by beauty and love, or their talents might remain hidden from the world and their joy subdued.

Saturday | Meaning: Saturn's day


Saturday is traditionally viewed as the seventh day of the week. Ruled by Saturn, it points to the importance of this child's life in the family tree and never speaks of an easy life path. With Saturn's influence, this child is born with a task to resolve, modest, slow and studious, turned to other worlds and lifetimes. Saturday's child will be wise, professional, practical, strict and suspicious, with a tendency to put their head through a wall when they want something badly.

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