The Significance Of The North Node & The South Node

Date: 2022-01-02
The Significance Of The North Node & The South Node

We're all on a never-ending search for answers. Whether it's reading self-help books, seeking out a psychotherapist, or consulting with your ancestral spirit guides, we all have our preferred techniques for attempting to understand who we are and how we may overcome our obstacles. If you're open to the cosmic guidance of astrology, you won't want to overlook the astrological meaning of North Nodes and South Nodes in your birth chart, as these points can reveal a lot about our life's path, purpose, and the lessons we should focus on learning in this lifetime in order to live in alignment with our highest selves.

The North and South Nodes of a birth chart, often known as the "Nodes Of Fate," are lunar nodes that can be regarded as helpful astrological points that take us directly into our most rewarding spiritual life path. They also inform us what skins we need to shed to get there. Our South Node signifies where we came from and what we bring with us into this existence. This includes lessons from previous lifetimes, as well as all of the abilities and attributes you've previously mastered. The North Node, on the other hand, depicts the direction you're taking in this life. It's your fate. And while it may not always be simple to accept, it will undoubtedly be spiritually rewarding when you do.

The South Node represents the past, bringing with it karmic baggage and lessons from your cosmic history. The North Node, on the other hand, represents the lessons you must learn in this lifetime, even if they are well outside your comfort zone. When it comes to our North and South Nodes, we want to overcome our phobias and acquire cosmic lessons. Each of your Nodes has its own sign in your birth chart, much like planets, but they are not heavenly things like planets and stars. They're merely points - mathematical points — that account for the Sun, Moon, and Earth's connection at the moment of our birth. It is the point at which the lines of the Moon's monthly route intersect with the lines of the Sun's yearly trip around the Zodiac. Given that these points are theoretical and do not exist on the physical level, it stands to reason that the conceptions they control are likewise more spiritual and ethereal.

The North Node

North Node represents the future and what fate has in store for you based on the lessons you've learned in the past — hence the attributes linked with your North Node's sign will feel unfamiliar and out of your comfort zone. Many astrologers feel that people really start dealing with North Node troubles in their thirties — so if those years are still ahead of you, prepare to delve into the mysterious unknown if you want to truly embrace the chances that the world is presenting you in this lifetime. If we wish to complete unfinished business from previous incarnations and progress into our best, happiest selves, we must embrace the North Node attributes, no matter how unpleasant they are. Consider it like learning a new language - it may seem weird and difficult at first, but once you're proficient, it will open up a whole new universe of possibilities for you.

South Nodes

The South Node will usually always be in the sign precisely opposite the North Node on the zodiac wheel, acting as the polar opposite in many aspects. Continuing with the language comparison, consider the North Node to be the new language you're learning in this life, and the South Node to be your mother tongue. It will always be easier to give up, but in order to grow and attain your full potential, you must push through and expand! The comfort and familiarity of your South Node makes it easy to fall back on the qualities it represents in your sign — but doing that too much can manifest as being avoidant of embracing the true destiny of your North Node. Use what you have to go forward rather than staying in one spot. After all, humans were not put on this planet to invent astrology and then disregard it! So, rather than fleeing the unknown, utilise your South Node abilities to drive yourself into it, and then harvest the cosmic and karmic pleasures that your destiny has in store for you.

An Example of a Nodal Axis in the Sign of Sagittarius/Gemini

Gemini and Sagittarius are communication and learning signs. If you were born with a Gemini North Node or a Sagittarius South Node, your life mission might be to teach, learn, write, or propagate a message. These lunar nodes are continually collecting and sharing information.

Meanwhile, persons with the Sagittarius North Node and the Gemini South Node learn how to develop connections of integrity, and then they may determine what honesty looks like for them. Honesty isn't about having a stream of consciousness or expressing meaningful things all of the time. It is not always about the ability to speak.

Learning Our Karmic Lessons 

The Nodes of Fate and Destiny, also known as the Dragon's Head and Dragon's Tail, emerge in our charts to reveal all of our karmic lessons and possibilities for this lifetime. To pacify both opposing forces, we must feed the Dragon's Head and Tail — that is, we must placate both our current existence and our former lifetimes. 

As a result, the North and South Nodes are two sides of the same coin. The sign in which your North Node falls is usually always the exact opposite of the sign in which your South Node falls. While they may appear to be diametrically opposed in many respects, they also function in perfect harmony to reveal who you are, where you've come from, and where you should be going. In learning the duality of your Nodes - you’re able to overcome your anxieties and aversion to one in order to get the progress you require from the other.

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