The Truth About Astrology

Date: 2021-10-20
The Truth About Astrology

“Do you believe in Astrology?”

This is a common question that automatically provokes numerous other questions about it. Is Astrology a system of beliefs? A religion? A woman with a turban and a crystal ball? Lucky for us, astrologers, it is none of the above. Although you need to have some perspective on the matter and believe in something other than our practical, earthly matters to respect this discarded science, in its core, it is not a system of beliefs but rather a language that helps us understand symbolism itself. What we BELIEVE here is founded on centuries and millennia of experience and gathered information about the way we connect to the Universe in synchronicity. Each planet, house, Arabic point, or zodiac sign has its symbolism, and it is inspiring to give it a scientific foundation through intensive research, broad and thorough statistical analysis, with all the important factors taken into consideration. This is something that the astrological society is committed to in a continuous effort to bring it back the dignity lost along the way. 

Yes, you must have an open mind to study Astrology, but it is still not an instilled system of beliefs you will be in for, merely a response to the field of information we live in. 


In ancient times, Astrology was reserved for those lucky enough to get proper education and knowledge about celestial entities and geometry of planetary projections. It was a common part of knowledge in educated minds, those who studied science, physics and astronomy. Its name is derived from the word logos, meaning order, discourse and reason, the root of our word “logic” today. You will find the same root in psychology, ecology, geology, etc. It was once considered a study of the stars and was inseparable from astronomy that seems to be its counterpart of actual science today. While it is easy to calculate your birth chart right now, this was not the case centuries ago, and required a lot of knowledge and practical skill to find detailed positions of houses and planets for a certain moment in time. This was once something only astronomers were able to do. 

With strong currents of collective beliefs, religion, and fear, Astrology lost its place in common studies, as it was used to “predict the future” and automatically fell into the category of witchcraft, the tone it still carries as its own cross today. As tempting as it might be to study it, some will remain skeptical due to the collective view of it as conflicted with religion and a common belief that it is, after all, impossible to predict the future. Its foundation is not scientific, although careful and detailed studies of its symbolism may prove it right. But how do those heavy doors open with so much resentment toward its “crystal ball and turban” imagery? 

The Reality

The mystical tone of our wondrous pseudoscience has been abused for ages, as it gives a sense of power to the one making predictions over mere mortals that come for advice. Since the Sun is in detriment in Aquarius (the sign of Astrology), we see that ego problems tend to blossom here, and widen to social contexts that are much bigger that its primary role. If one starts examining it playfully and from the point of childlike curiosity (Sun), it is a special place filled with surprises that is not that mystical at all. It may be scary to understand that there is underlining synchronicity in our lives, for things seem to spin out of our rational control with this knowledge, but it is also liberating to find information about ourselves that can help personal growth through understanding of the world, other people, and ourselves. Each holistic approach to our body and emotional wellbeing, as well as certain branches of psychology, revolve around the same symbolism that Astrology offers in its core. 

In reality, it has nothing to do with any specific religion or belief but the one that things in this world are in some way connected. Science grew through open minds that took strange ideas and found them to be connected with the general thought, and true. Imagine what might happen if every scientist accepted the chance that there is some truth in astrological foundations and did studious research on its matters before condemning its ways. When we say “studious”, we mean founded on its actual principles and detailed enough to see if it actually “works”, guided by a proper teacher through the process. 

What Do We Learn?

Due to its mystified role in history, Astrology carries numerous triggers to what we fear we will discover. Diving into it requires bravery, as we never know what we might find. On the other hand, we are ALREADY LIVING our charts every day and our lives aren’t instantly changed by the knowledge that there is symbolism in them. Yes, each natal chart has an eighth house, the house of death. And we will all die, just as we all have our eighth house ruler. In fact, it is possible that nothing new will happen to you when you start questioning if there is something to it, the pseudoscience that people have been studying for thousands of years. 

Ruled by Aquarius, the symbolism shows that Astrology is a tool to raise our consciousness to a different level, evolve, and understand connections between different situations in our lives that did not seem connected in the past. Still, we should not forget that Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, and its symbolism comes down to boundaries and limitations. Those who feel repelled by the idea of meaningful symbolism have their own boundaries in mind. When the right moment comes, they will find that even negative emotions speak of their ties to the matter of symbolism they chose not to observe, and start healing, in any direction that is right for their own Soul. 

Whatever our relationship with this discarded pseudoscience, we should all keep an important thing in mind. Every boundary and resentment in a skeptic should be respected by an astrologer. Just as every personal belief of an astrologer should be respected by a skeptic. This has nothing to do with “believing in it” but with respecting different beliefs of another human being. Whichever side of the equation you find yourself on, see the human in front of you before passing judgment, and realize – we all are connected, with or without Astrology. 

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