To Love Freely

Date: 2022-09-14
To Love Freely

This is a year when Venus is going through all sorts of extremes. We have certainly felt it, moving from one imaginary scenario to the other, and from one realistic opportunity to the next. Its transition through Virgo is challenging. It shows how visions materialise in unusual ways, sometimes hard to bring to life in the form we would imagine, and sometimes hard to accept in the form that life offers. With all the retrograde movement, old love stories are almost inevitable, especially those that we still believe in.

The Demand

There is something awfully familiar yet painful in the fact of imperfection, where relationships never seem to feed us with self-worth we lack, just as they may change in the blink of an eye and when you least expect them to. Signs of the fall and exaltation of Venus are mutable and changes come and go in waves, just as the ocean lives through its storms and serene calm. It is bringing excitement and exaggeration at first, only to be faced with boredom or emptiness later on. It may spark free love and smooth tenderness in all its width, only to bring up the storm of dark aggression later on. This is exactly why Venus is a master of balance, the one that needs to sense where reason and common sense combine with instincts, and how to connect extremes of our inner worlds even when it seems impossible. Love is, after all, the fine connection of extremes, opposing energies that need to find oneness in the real world. It is the force that inspires us to have relationships with others and to have a healthier relationship with ourselves.

These days, many will feel disappointed and face consequences of lies they’ve been told, as well as lies they have told themselves along the way. Some distances are not to be embraced or forgiven just yet, but they will be, eventually, once it is clear how experiences shaped us to grow and become prettier, better versions of ourselves, with even more love to give. Other people may never fully understand what it is like to be in our shoes and this is exactly what Venus wants us to overcome. A relationship is meant to heal and inspire and when it does not, when it is does not give value and understanding to those involved, it should be left behind until perspectives change and there is enough good will to connect coming from both parties involved.

The Task

The main focus of Venus in Virgo is to find joy and love in those small mundane things. In daily obligations and a routine that brings us balance. This may as well be the place of the largest dreams of love and romance, materialised, but the real question is whether or not we feel like we deserve them to materialise. What can we do right now, spontaneously, to heal our hearts and find gratitude for life itself, even if we feel alone. There is always a connection to be made, some contact to be found, and some person there to manifest what we crave for, however imperfect they might be. Criticism won’t get us far for emotions must lead the way. If we close our hearts for new experiences now, we could trigger old wounds and find ourselves fighting the same battles of dissatisfaction that life surprises us with, away from our expectations. Instead of expecting anything more, let go to the flow and observe. Perhaps the process of healing comes on its own through someone just right, fit for your reality and wounds.

Venus in Virgo is the one with the most to teach, the one that wants to express on a daily level, add colour to every meal, and help us hold hands with those that we can talk to and be silent with, expressing ourselves with ease. Silence and understanding should go hand in hand, just as misunderstandings should be fixed with healthy dialogues. We must remember that silence is where Venus thrives in full width of opportunity, helping us relax and find that perfect dose of satisfaction that heals not only our Soul, but our physiology as well. Let your feelings show you the way. However imperfect some things are, they are still your potent reality, and you should not give up on your inner truth even when it seems small, too narrow, or unacceptable for other people. If there is too much baggage pressing on the Soul, movements and perspective will be limited. Shake off issues of the past and give love where love is felt truly and deeply, even if it may hurt.

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