Trauma, Uranus In Taurus And Separation From The Body

Date: 2023-10-05
Trauma, Uranus In Taurus And Separation From The Body

As the collective consciousness rises, we see a lot more talk about trauma and psychological effects of situations in our lives that we had no tools or the capacity to process. In Astrology, trauma is within the symbolism of Uranus. While this may seem strange as it is a ruler of a highly mental sign of Aquarius, its place of fall and exaltation show us exactly how it affects different areas of our lives, where it begins and where it yearns to exalt. 

The Sign of Taurus

Taurus is the sign of the highest emotional intimacy seen through the physical world. It is the first sign that belongs to the element of Earth and it is our emotional connection to the body we live in. While Aries is the first breath and the initial energy we get when we are born, Taurus is the fixed energy that gives us the first stability through purity of contact with the mother. Whatever lacks in this emotional, sensitive tie is what is considered to be our first childhood trauma, be it aggression or neglect, lack of understanding for our physical needs, or any of the possible attachment problems we become aware of later in life. 

This material foundation of pleasure and having our needs met when we cry and express our emotions freely will be something that all our relationships are founded on later in life. Taurus speaks of too much or too little physical touch, feeding, getting clean, being carried and hugged, left to cry on our own, our need for sleep, etc. Since this is primarily linked to the emotional state of the mother, it is a time when all her wounds are picked up on and collected, the sense of control or release, her happiness, anger, and all the feelings she might go through while her hormonal balance is moved on the deepest possible physical level. 

As life goes on, this becomes the emotional foundation of what we attract in life and all events that are traumatic find their place in this physical truth. They will unfold to the point of liberation after we are done with the lessons of the last Earth sign - Capricorn. The physical world requires us to bring more order, be responsible for our physical needs no matter the challenge of Taurus, and set a foundation of pure rest that will help us set free instead of repeating patterns and inducing more trauma. Gratitude for life itself is being tested here.

Uranus Fallen

Currently, transiting Uranus is in Taurus and it is no wonder that there is so much discussion on the topic of trauma. Everything within us that craves intimacy with Taurus being the sign of Moon’s exaltation, is pointing us towards breaks, separations, and past trauma that caused us to avoid healthy emotional and physical connections. Most of the emotional work that had to get done with Venus in retrograde motion has to do with the same issues, as it squared Uranus from the sign of its detriment - Leo. The direct motion of Venus in their final square gives the final lesson on self-love for this cycle of healing in our lives. 

When we go through a traumatic experience, the physical world becomes a place to avoid. This separates us not only from our body but also from our own emotions, those that are too much to handle and process in that specific moment in time. This is where Saturn brings up its walls to protect us from what we don’t have tools to handle in the material world, and it becomes the foundation for the sign following Capricorn - Aquarius, or in other words separation. This is a place where we feel torn, conflicted, in opposition with ourselves. The Sun does not feel good in Aquarius and this whole image points out the deepest problem with trauma - the loss of Self. Apart from the breakage of creativity, fun spirits and our inner light, it is a vulnerable place where ego also breaks on the quest for a higher truth. Aquarius is the place of Neptune’s exaltation and as such, it serves a much higher purpose than those we are seeing on a day-to-day basis. 

The amount of love necessary for the body in order to overcome trauma may become overwhelming, especially with all the feelings that need to be released in the process. Deeply intertwined, the body sends messages that our heart releases, and our minds forcefully object to hold on to beliefs that we think are safe, moral, or worse - expected by our surroundings. Responsibility to live our lives as “normal” and well-adjusted individuals is almost impossible to bear, giving little room for responsibility for Self to kick in and help us heal. The importance of self-care is immense and should not be dictated by any rule, norm, or limitation of our family, social circles, or our inner pressure for the outside goals we are trying to reach. 

The Ultimate Tenderness

In times of healing, we must commit to our own wellbeing in any way we possibly can, with our main objectives being emotional tenderness and physical awareness. No relationship that doesn’t support our relaxation and a healthy connection to the body should be held on to. Even though people mean well and want to help, not everyone is good for our own healing process, and some will inevitably detach us from the physical world all over again, triggering the same issues and walls that we are trying to break down. Someone who takes you for a walk will do a lot more for your healing, than someone who takes you out for a drink, even though you might feel momentarily good about their emotional support through “being normal” and accepted.

This is a time to accept our feelings and not allow to be defined by any one of them, good or bad, sorrow or anger, suicidal thoughts or uncontrollable laughter on inappropriate matters. A time for healing is the moment we allow ourselves to possibly cry in front of people we don’t even know, to not like anyone, to distance ourselves from those who don’t feel right. We are to choose not to feel guilty for breaking our physical routine while getting back to healthy choices afterwards for the love of Self, not for the way we look or feel accepted by the outer world. This is not the time for validation, but a time of introspection, as the outer world can only give us the support we have in our foundation - the relationship with the mother. If this wasn’t enough to get us through trauma when it happened, it will not be enough through other contacts later on, not until we are ready to rebuild this emotional foundation and pour love into ourselves where it has been missing. 

Choosing Life

To some of us, especially those with deep wounds of Venus and the Moon, concepts of self-love and self-care could be foggy and distant. Even though a person will sometimes go through a routine that is healthy, they will do it out of pressure, make tough decisions and become a soldier in service of their body to be healthy or look good, while leaving those inner scars rooted deeply. The real healing begins when we relax the spasm, breathe, and give ourselves permission to be who we are, with all our needs met and unmet, trying to tend to them one small need at a time, with love.

Building the foundation of love is an ongoing process in everyone’s life, one that goes on through our entire lifetime and something we are all learning along the way. While love is the final destination in so many teachings, we must implement physiology into the bigger picture as the physical sign of Taurus is the essence of life on Earth itself. 

The Real Balance

To understand the fall of Uranus in Taurus, we must understand the reality of balance we are trying to reach. Practical daily choices and habits need to align and this is not an easy task. Here, it is our job to balance out the element of Air with Earth, things seemingly impossible to connect. Since we need both in our lives, the key isn’t to dismiss any, but to seek healthy choices for the body within the energies that lift us up. Habits that separate us from the body are found in overflowing technology, social networks, reading, smoking, alcohol, mind-altering substances, coffee and communication with other people. 

To balance all our daily choices we need to tend to physical needs for movement, walking, dancing, stretching, food, sleeping, relaxation, bathing, getting your nails and hair done, physical expression of emotion (crying, screaming), letting our voice out, playing an instrument, painting, writing, feeling good in our clothes and shoes, etc. Once we manage to reach some balance between opposing choices of Air and Earth, we will see changes in the outer world, our creative lives will begin to unfold and relationships will become more fulfilling and less triggering. Whatever you do for your body, add love to it, and you will change the entire narrative and ease the process within your emotional world. 

This is an excellent time to turn your actions within, expanding the heart and learning about the person you are in your essence. You will judge yourself along the way, make things difficult for yourself, find out to be lazy, tired, out of control, or broken, but as you remind yourself that you deserve love nonetheless, small steps will sum up into something magical in the long run. Once we begin to understand the link between the body and the feeling, outer circumstances align, our relationships become more fruitful, and we can accept the gifts of love the Universe is sending out with joy and an open heart.

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