Where You Should Travel Based On Your Astrology Sign

Date: 2016-09-01
Where You Should Travel Based On Your Astrology Sign

Before you plan your next vacation, find out which destinations fit perfectly with your astrology sign!


Aries think that their vacation should be an active adventure. They like hiking, exploring new places, and enjoy less popular destinations, where they can socialize with the locals and find new grounding. The ideal travel destinations for people born under this Sun sign are Germany, Japan and Indonesia.


Someone as hedonistic as a Taurus needs a vacation to be able to rest, sleep, float on water and enjoy local specialities, but the most important thing they need is their personal contact with planet Earth. They are true gastronomes who love food, bazaars and traditional craft workshops. A Taurus will want to taste and touch everything, stubbornly walking around as if their feet are their only means of transportation. They should visit Florida, Greenland and Cyprus.


Gemini love to move. They will not be picky about a destination as much as each thing they'd like to see along the way. When travelling, their greatest joy lies in getting lost, meeting local people and communicating in whichever language comes useful. Ready to learn, absorb and discover, a curious Gemini will love to travel the world in this lifetime. To start them off, send them to Venezuela, Belgium or Armenia.


If a Cancer has the need to travel, this is usually in search for the feeling of home. They want their horizons widened and their perspective changed, and when travelling, it is best if they travel far. To meet a country, they will gladly live, breathe and eat with the locals, sensing their tradition, customs and family values. Ideal destinations to start their search for the feeling of belonging are South Africa, New Zealand and Netherlands.


Leos are attracted to warm, cozy places, capital cities that can be seen from space, and in search for a view on royal residences and palaces. They like luxurious destinations that offer a lot of Sun, and their innate activity forces them to see as much as possible during their trip. Ideal places for Leos are Hawaii, Italy and Cuba.


Virgos will respectfully learn many things on their travels, accurate historical data and traditions, but in fact, they are truly fascinated by the differences in wildlife, by mountains and temples. They will be interested in a spiritual need of each society, as well as their daily routine and its evolution through history. The ideal destinations for them would be Brazil, Egypt and Greece.


Libras see their vacation as a unique opportunity to acquire new knowledge and meet interesting people. Libras like educational trips, antique shops, meeting the locals and if possible - having a picture from every single popular location they have ever visited. Perfect destinations for Libra representatives are Argentina, Austria and Tibet.


Scorpios are strange travellers, for they can get so attached to a location that they might even choose to leave home and inhabit it. In general, they have a need to be close to water and they feel good sticking with seas or rivers on their move. Their active holidays seem to taste better when shared with their loved ones.  Ideal destinations for this Water sign are Norway, Morocco and Zimbabwe.


Sagittarius representatives love travel so much that they don't even care where they are going. As soon as they get to the airport, their heart will start beating in a melodious pace and they will feel at home. When they reach their travel destination, they will instantly plan a new one, and use every single moment to breathe in every scent of the place they have visited. On their list of destinations, Bolivia, Spain and Thailand should definitely be set high.


A Capricorn will want to visit a popular destination to understand what all the fuss is about. Doing everything from A to Z, sightseeing and nightlife, in time they might discover that there's no place like home. Travelling is not travelling if it has nothing to teach, so they'll want to dig u hole in every state, constitution or territory. The ideal trip for a Capricorn means going to India, Mexico or Serbia.


Aquarians really want their travel adventures to be unique. They will never return from a vacation without a good book, a local guide or a new app that will keep them in the same time zone. They love a change of course, spontaneity and freedom to fly wherever they are moved by the moment. They should visit Sweden, Ethiopia and Kansas.


We are often misled by the nature of Pisces, calm and quiet, as if they don't have any preferences regarding travel. The truth is they are a sign of all lost things, and often have a feeling that their personality hides somewhere in one of the oceans. They need a trip to the seaside, cocktails and crazy nights out, but they will also love to go as far as possible, in search for their identity. Ideally, they should cross an ocean, and visit Antarctic, Sahara and Portugal.

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