Trials Of Love

Date: 2017-09-29
Trials Of Love

Observe the gracious movement of Venus in the sign of Virgo, and you will find it is just perfect there, ready to jump into any compromise to make others happy and sacrifice itself for the greater good. This is a witch preparing medicine for everyone wounded or suffering, a woman working hard to support her family, and a relationship filled with “healthy” criticism and rational understanding between two partners. Its problem comes to light when in the process of delivering goodies to the family, partner, and the whole world, she forgets to dance, feel inspired, and fall in love. This is the transit of Venus that will make us question our state of satisfaction, our loving bonds and our partners, making us wonder if we can do better and what we really deserve in life.

Emotion, for Better or Worse

We often fail to realize that negative emotions are just as potent and mesmerizing as those we consider good. Extreme happiness will come, standing side by side to our potential for sadness, as they are two sides of the same coin just as all oppositions imaginable in a lifetime. The only way to always see the positive side is to keep it in balance and approach it in every way, seeing it realistically and just as it is. When we choose to close one eye, or both of them, to avoid getting hurt, we dismiss the potential for happiness too, not even understanding we are doing so.

In every relationship, unresolved dissatisfaction and our need to dig through the ideal will lead to frustration, frustration leading to anger and in the end – resentment. The powerlessness of impossible solutions and our inability to change our circumstances or the person standing in front of us, easily take over once the cup is full. It is these negative emotions that show us who we are, what we want and don’t want in life, and what we have yet to accept in our own nature to be open for the right person to fit our personality perfectly.


In order to shine as ourselves in front of others, we must understand our beauty in all its natural perfection. It isn’t possible to accept anyone else if we don’t accept our own flaws and faults. Judgment comes easy when we are never good enough, being human. Perfectionism might be perfectly useful in our profession and attention to detail intellectually superior, but when it comes to love followed by inspiration and beauty, perfectionism is obsolete and even standing in the way of our ability to relax and smile. To find balance between the two, we must remain flexible and alert at the same time, lifting our consciousness high and discovering ways to live the ideal in the real world.

Close your eyes and imagine your partner or any person you feel close to, as imperfect, faulty, wrong, messy, chaotic, boring, and overly critical as they are. Can you respect them nonetheless? Can you see them as they are without expectations, never pushing them over their personal limits? What we need to accept in others always comes as a surprise for we all make our best impression in the beginning. It is our primal need to hide our faults showing ourselves as strong and resilient, a good parent to get the entire species going in the right direction. Seeming powerful, beautiful and perfect is what makes us good genetic material. It is in our animalistic nature to show our qualities and hide our scars, instinctively aware of the fact that we won’t be wanted if we are damaged. The paradox here hides in the fact that we are all damaged just the same, and clear, obvious emotions lead to a strong heart and true power that shines from our core.

“Wrong” Partners and Karmic Relationships

It is extremely easy to call some of our relationships “karmic” in an attempt to explain their faults, for this is what they all really are. The manifestation of our inner feel of personal emotional damage is what brings some “wrong” people into our lives, reminding us of our own weaknesses and things we need to change to be stronger. Working on our own satisfaction and our sense of personal value, we learn that it isn’t as hard to set free from toxic bonds as we might have thought in the beginning. This process of emotional maturing might never come to some, and it might be natural to others. Whatever the case, the person standing in front of us carries our lessons just as much as carrying support and love. To add to that, there is no comparison between any two people really, for our tasks are different and our Souls all equal in the end.

Delusions we wish to commit to and ideals we desire badly enough to force ourselves to see things where they simply aren’t, make our romantic lives uneasy. Seeing others just as they are, leaving room for all their problems and baggage, we embrace our ability to love and be loved for real. With an open heart and a childish approach to every person we meet, we ensure the future of our own role in someone’s life, even if we have many boundaries to set along the way and get bruised many times.

To Be or Not to Be

There are numerous reasons for every breakup and every divorce. Still, you will see that all of them come down to a broken dream, in one way or the other. Can we forgive someone for not fulfilling our promised ideal if we knew that they really wanted to but just – couldn’t? At this specific moment, Venus is on her chase for flaws and imperfections, reminding us of everything that shouldn’t last if we don’t want to be victims or aggressors. The Sun, on the other hand, is in Libra and sparks disrespect and ego battles, making everyone take too many things personally when they might not be personal at all. Our inner state of balance is probably off, and we can fix it only by moving towards the ideal. This focus is exactly what will lead many couples to the point of no return.

As we learn we need more air to breathe, something new to shape our lives and make us smile, feeling we have had enough, we should still ask ourselves if we have been on the chase for happiness all along. Rationalizing life instead of enjoying it, we sometimes forget that love is the easy flow, laughter, and those butterflies in our stomach we are supposed to chase for. Do a little dancing, sing, learn something that will inspire you and make you smile, draw an image that is funny, and give your positive thoughts a go. Once you do, the other person will either smile with you or sabotage your attempts. Maybe they aren’t on the same path to happiness as you are, but maybe they will prove to be when criticism leaves using the back door.

Listen, learn, follow the dream, never forgetting that we are all damaged and our lives bought for a prize we must pay off.

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