Uranus The Generational Rebel

Date: 2022-05-11
Uranus The Generational Rebel

In Greek Mythology Uranus was the primal god that personified the sky and the heavens. This is no surprise as a planet, it was the first discovered, that was not visible to human unaided eye. The discovery of Uranus, holds the secret to it’s main core values.

The ground breaking discovery of the planet led to innovation, to the core of astrology itself. Traditional astrology had to expand to the height of this discovery, by allowing new planets such as Pluto and Neptune to be modern rulers of the sign. It ushered in a new age of technological advancement and science to become a marker for evolution.

Breaking Through

Consequently, it broke the status quo. Uranus was discovered after Saturn, the planet which represents the values of tradition, limitation and time. Uranus became one of the first planets to represent a generation as a whole collective, as opposed to other planets that were limited to their singular identity of the self. Uranus spends seven years in each sign, giving birth to different generations of rebellions.

To add, these rebellions are urgent,impulsive, and sudden. As quick as a discovery can usher in a change, as lightning can strike, the rebellion moves quickly. This quick movement mirrors the intensity of the extremity of the temperature that the planet holds. Here one strives for an authentic self, and to transform their circumstances even if it means breaking boundaries, being eccentric or sometimes even illogical.

For Every Sign A New Way 

Starting with the sign it rules, Aquarius uses this enlightenment to pave new paths that are future oriented from a delicate balance between the heart and mind. This sign will find itself to be the owner of ideas that are ahead of its generation and will not conform.To understand Uranus better one only needs to understand each sign as a particular way the transformation takes through.

Self, Expression and Language

All signs lead with the core values of Uranus. To start off with Aries, one with these placements creates change with impulsive ideas of independence and takes charge as a bold pioneer on their intuitive hunches. Here the innovation is focused on how complete the idea has to be, to be pursued and what are new ways for taking personal responsibility in such change.

Consequently in Leo, Uranus focuses on the pleasure of a personal identity and how it correlates with our creativity. Here an individual will break any taboos or structure that inhibit them, in their self expression.

Uranus in Gemini, instead focuses deeper specifically on the language we use, and how we choose to share our knowledge with the world. This individual not only understands the dual nature of ideas but also is aware of the balance that must co-exists for furthering humanitarian causes. Here communication and the exchange of ideas are transformed to radicalise through conflict and the individual will even take on unusual ways to serve the purpose of sharing their cause. 

Authority and Social Contracts

Uranus in Capricorn, allows for individuals to restructure hierarchies and authority of already existing traditional institutions such as government structures, to further progress. These individuals will throw away any formality that will no longer serve a purpose to a greater good, and even adopt unorthodox careers, in return to challenge already existing systems that are now void. 

 In Libra, Uranus will zero in on the social values of these structures. Individuals with this placement will seek to transform the way we relate to the rules and laws that exist, to seek justice for the ways we have confined ourselves in our social contracts. 

Culture, Wealth and Family

A step ahead of this, the individual with their Uranus in Sagittarius, will seek freedom in thought in relation to other different systems around it. They will break away from the confinement of culture to seek a greater vision and understanding to revolutionize the way we view other cultural and belief systems that are not our own. 

In Taurus you’ll find Uranus focusing on what we consider abundant, and hold as wealth in the world.The individual will experience the frugal balance of beauty, luxury and comfort, in their life to come to a realization and understanding of wealth. They will seek to break away from their previous known understanding of abundance and how to seek it. This transformation of understanding wealth, can change a generation's way of containing and maintaining wealth in society. 

In Cancer, familial relationships and limitations will be questioned, as one looks for liberation while trying to understand the structure they are born into, and their responsibilities in contrast to the comfort of relationships. Here - transformation will take place in how one relates to these structures of belonging and they can be expanded to include the authentic self, and where boundaries need to be drawn.

Service, Spirituality and The Taboo

On the other hand, for Uranus in Virgo, individuals will find their boundaries of being service to others and themselves go through great change. Here the idea of work and health will be highlighted, and they will be seen creating new ways to care for others while at the same time maintaining balance for their personal health.

To go even deeper to one’s self, individuals with the placement of Uranus in Pisces bring a balance of the self, to the greater unknown, of non material values and concepts. This can mean radical ideas of the spiritual world, the mental state of one’s self, and what it means to be truly compassionate. 

To end it all, in Scorpio, Uranus zones in on the transformation of an individual’s understanding of their intimacy with themselves, and the taboo topics that arise out of it such as sexuality, mortality and the power dynamics that exist in the psyche. They seek to destroy any inhibitions that limit self knowledge, and the growth of intimate relationships we hold with ourselves and others.

However to fully harness these transformations one has to read further into their natal chart to look at the houses it is present in.

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