Venus In Sagittarius—Destined To Party

Date: 2022-11-13
Venus In Sagittarius—Destined To Party

On November 16 and for the next three weeks after, the planet of beauty, love, and money, Venus, moves out of the fraught zodiac sign of Scorpio into the party-loving sign of Sagittarius. Venus has always loved a good party. She stood front and center with Athena, the goddess of wisdom, and Hera, the host's wife, at the big blow-out of party Zeus gave his brother’s daughter, Thetis, for her marriage to the mortal Peleus, the king of Phthia. Then Eris, the goddess of strife, showed up, uninvited to the Olympian feast, and, ticked she didn’t get an invitation and stirred up trouble by throwing a golden apple, with the inscription, “to the fairest among the three frenemies. That’s when the fight started.

The smoldering sensuality of Venus in Scorpio dissolves into the ultimate party girl molded by the influence randy centaur of Sagittarius. The only one of the zodiac’s characters with an arrow, Sagittarius grooves to dispatch information, putting plans into motion, and locating the nearest bar or pub. Ruled by the planet of expansion, Jupiter, there are no lengths that Sagittarius will travel to uncover universal truths, whether traveling the world, skulking through on library or at the bottom of a beer stein. And with this Venus sitting next to the Vertex, the point of fate, destiny & karma, it seems Venus in Sagittarius is destined to party. And will she? You don’t know with Venus in Sagittarius, but one thing is sure—it’s bound to be fun!

How will Venus in Sagittarius treat you? From November 16 to December 10, 2022


Sexy times with a certain temptress or rebellious bad boy lead you on a merry chase down into questionable ties. Or maybe the object of your affection isn’t giving off the right signals. Venus is Sagittarius says to let your doubts roll off and just have fun, but then Venus isn’t the most cautious of planets.


Usually, you boogie-woogie at home, but for the next three weeks, you get itchy feet. Uranus challenges you to seek your true self or soul mate. This person may be older, more established, or just plain weird. Attachments may not suit you later when you return to your homebody ways.


Torn between two lovers, Gemini? Or does your fantasy lover make your current boo seem ho-hum? Those under the sign of the twins despise boredom, so astrologers advise your lovers and mates to camp it up on the love front. Toys and costumes are fun and games, but straying too far from the home front may have dire consequences.


You are more than tired of taking care of other people’s needs, though it seems more is demanded than usual. You can’t even grab a coffee or a glass of wine with a friend. Or so you feel. If you have taken care of business, treat yourself to a well-deserved night out or two.


You feel you can’t take time off from your responsibilities, especially since you seem buried under them. You should even for a day or night off to recharge your depleted batteries. Watch out for potholes, either literally or figuratively. What you don’t know may hurt you.


Money excesses may be a concern. You like to think of yourself as ultimately practical, but just gearing up for the holiday season may stretch your credit to the limit. You might try putting a fresh face on old items to save money. Buy some spray glitter to spruce up old decorations. Or go old-fashioned, and make cookies, cranberry, and popcorn strings to decorate the tree. This sort of old-time goodness is up your alley.


You might find your partner-in-crime these next three weeks and feel that certain “fated” vibe. But take care not to rush into love, Libra. There may be things you are not aware of in this person. Have Capricorn do a thorough background check before you put on your dancing shoes.


A sudden love interest knocks you off your feet. This person feels like someone you’ve known forever, or it is someone you’ve known for a long time. Suppose this is your current lover, all the good. Scorpios always feel safer in a relationship they trust. But double up on birth control if you don’t want to add to your family.


The run-up to the holidays will have you ho, ho, ho-ing with good cheer. However, don’t double up on your fun to avoid trouble. And don’t let other people’s troubles become your responsibility.


With the planet of transformation, Pluto, finishing its last rounds in the ring with you, you have learned a few lessons about staying under the radar. But even you, Cappy, need love, and this time you find yourself drawn to a wild and free spirit. Could it be love?


You don’t mind other people going off and doing their own thing. You just wish they’d let you know when they will return so that you can mark off time in your planner for them. But no one rolls with the punches like the Waterbearer. This might be an excellent time to invest in sprucing up your appearance. Go ahead. You’re worth it.


Is there a thing as too much love? During this Venus in Sagittarius season, there seems to be. Two dreamy lovers, larger than life, capture your attention. They may even be two separate people from your past that have returned. What to do with an embarrassment of riches? Schedule your playtime carefully to avoid overlap unless you want them to know about each other. It depends on the kind of fireworks you want, Pisces.

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