Venus Retrograde In Capricorn Transit

Date: 2021-12-19
Venus Retrograde In Capricorn Transit

As we collectively reel from the headache that was 2020, this year has pushed us to adapt with great swiftness and find innovative new ways to balance freedom and safety. While that’s all very nice, it hasn’t exactly been a heap of fun. Thankfully, the next few months initiate some major shifts, offering a more balanced astrological prospect of the year ahead. 

One of the major transits we will be exploring is Venus going Retrograde in Capricorn from December 19th, 2021 until January 29th, 2022. Venus is one of the closest planets to Earth, meaning that its retrogrades are more powerful and intense than other planets. The Pre Shadow period began on November 17th and so we may have already begun to feel its effects. Venus will station directly on January 29th and we will be dealing with some Retro Shade until March 1st.

Venus governs relationships, money, social graces, and self-esteem. The feeling of finding beauty in one’s roots that are often experienced by Venus in Capricorn may be compounded as the planet slows down, looks over its shoulder, and begins to be an introvert. In its most dynamic and constructive mode, Venus in Capricorn expresses the ability to demonstrate grace, tact, and felicitousness in social situations and leverage them in aid of one’s goals and ambitions. 

One of the risks with this transit is losing the spirit of relationships or taking advantage of the social and material values of others in order to pursue material goals. After all, tangible assets are all good and well, but they don’t make good company if, in the end, they are all you’re left with. It is especially important to be wary of at this time, as Venus conjuncts Pluto on December 11 and again on March 3. Relationships of all kinds might carry an air of intensity and issues of power dynamics may boil to the surface. Playing your cards right will be key, but it’s vital not to shy away from issues that arise. Things that are ready to die or evolve relationally may be pushed to the extreme to make way for a rebirth of empowered beauty. This is a stress test, but it’s better to approach this time as an intentional challenge rather than rueing any uncomfortable changes to familiar experiences.

With Venus moving retrograde, one might feel less impelled to express this energy in external life and feel more inclined to revisit these themes in an inward capacity. How can I infuse a sense of beauty into my goals and ambitions? How can my connection to roots and ancestors bring enjoyment to my life? Where do others fit into my sense of responsibility? These are all the kinds of introspective questions that a Venus retrograde in Capricorn might stimulate, so it’s worth paying attention to those intuitions.

Venus isn’t wholly comfortable in Capricorn. The steely, determined, and serious aura of the sign doesn’t fit the natural Venusian desire for sensuous expression. By the time Venus finally moves into Aquarius at the beginning of March, the planet will have been in the sign of its fall for four months. (It usually only spends a month on a sign!) Safe to say, this is a profound opportunity to integrate these themes and explore the architecture of desire. 

Encouraging people to mobilize their intentions, ambitions, and values in a practical manner may be just as beneficial to your goals in the long run as delegating or attempting to take care of everything yourself. These themes are emerging to the surface so we can grow and mature. In any case, considering others in relation to your social standing and material ambitions will be called for at this time. 

The house this transit resides in and the aspects it makes in your natal chart will give more of an indication of the area of life and the way in which the themes of this transit will find expression. For example, if this is occurring in your second house, the focus might be on how your relationship with money is structured.

Continuing one of the themes of 2021, Saturn will form a square to Uranus on December 24 and continue to ebb and flow in 2022. This aspect accentuates foundational issues in relation to infrastructure and systems. Disruption, instability, and restriction can be characterized by this aspect, but so too can innovation, reform, and restructuring. 

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