Your Place Of Ambition In The Midheavens

Date: 2021-11-19
Your Place Of Ambition In The Midheavens

As many of you already know, there is so much more to your birth chart than your ascendant and the planetary signs. Natal charts compose a deeply complex, intricate, and unique picture of each of us that cannot be summed up or captured by one placement in particular. A key component of this picture is your midheaven sign. 

Your midheaven sign, or Medium Coeli (MC for short), is not actually a planetary placement at all. Rather, your MC represents the southernmost point above the horizon at your exact time of birth. The midheaven point sits on the cusp of our 10th Houses, which rule how we are perceived and our public image. On your birth chart, it will be labeled with “MC” and will likely be found at the top. 

This sign can be a great indicator of what your professional life will tend to look like. Ultimately, understanding your MC can help you refine your public image and become more visible in your work. In the age of the Internet, setting yourself apart can feel daunting – let your midheaven sign guide you towards intuitive methods of standing out. 

Aries Midheaven

Aries, with its passionate and fiery nature, is the sign of expansion and excitement. Aries midheavens should lean into their more expressive side and boldly venture down their own path. Let go of what you and those around you expect your business to look like and tap into what you want your business to look like. 

Taurus Midheaven

Taurus midheavens are known for their determination and hard working spirit. They are persistent with projects and never give up on their goals. Once it has been written in the mind of a Taurus midheaven, they will not stop until it is theirs. If your midheaven is in Taurus, consider setting regular goals for yourself – even loftier ones – as this will jumpstart your drive and spark your stubborn determination. 

Gemini Midheaven

If your midheaven is in Gemini, you are a natural-born hustler. Whether you are someone who has too many side hustles to count on one hand, or are knee deep in a passion project, your mind is happiest when it is knee-deep in work and activities. In order to support this side of you, it’s important that your work remains interesting and stimulating. 

Cancer Midheaven

Cancer midheavens tend to be notably in-touch with their emotions and the emotions of others. Their sense of empathy usually goes beyond the norm, often leaving those with those placements able to actually take on the emotions of those around them. Professionally, this makes you a strong communicator and an understanding leader. 

Leo Midheaven

Spotlight-hungry Leo midheaven typically attract the attention of others quite naturally. Your professional life is likely filled with social media attention, as you are never one to stop yourself from posting (even if it isn’t the most relevant post!). Using social media to boost your image and platform are key with this placement. 

Virgo Midheaven

As a Virgo midheaven, your standard and quality of work is always top-notch. You have an eye for the details that many others would long to have. Because of this, you tend to attract the right clients to match your perfectionist skillset and financial success is no stranger to you. Focus on projects that utilize your obsession with details and you will surely stand out from the rest. 

Libra Midheaven

As pioneers for workplace justice, fairness and balance are of the utmost importance to Libra midheavens. Because of this, they tend to make effective leaders and bosses both in the workplace and in their communities. Your natural charm and diplomacy will bring in the right clients and your attention to harmony and balance will keep those clients returning to you. 

Scorpio Midheaven

Scorpio midheavens like to keep their work life exciting and dynamic. They tend towards the unseen and uncovered aspects of whichever profession they are in, working to expose and bright out new ways of doing and seeing things out into the light. In this way, they are seen as clever and cunning and make fantastic entrepreneurs. If you are Scorpio midheaven, consider what you profession or industry is holding back on – take the plunge into the unknown and explore the areas no one else has had the courage to do yet. 

Sagittarius Midheaven

With strong desires to wander and blaze their own trail, Sagittarius midheavens need room for growth and expansion in their professional life. As a Sagittarius midheaven, you are naturally sociable and enjoy the company of others, so networking will come easily to you. Your exploratory tendencies will often lead you down various paths and pull in you in multiple directions. 

Capricorn Midheaven

Midheaven Capricorn people are natural born leaders. They thrive in workplace situations where they are the head-honcho and love to establish themselves are a force to be reckoned with. Their ambition and drive is unmatched and any project or business idea is surely to take off full steam with this placement. Additionally, financial abundance is likely heading your way with this sign. 

Aquarius Midheaven

Aquarius midheavens are the dreamers. With a focus on the community, those with this placements like to do work that tends to better the collective. If you are an Aquarius midheaven, you are not afraid to make your feelings known and embody your unique, original self. Your business and professional life is often situated around a desire for some change to happen on the greater scale, but you also aren’t afraid to reel it in when things feel too lofty.

Pisces Midheaven

Passionate and intuitive, people with a Pisces midheaven tend to follow their hearts and listen to their inner-voice. This sets them on a path of true potential and fulfillment, often guiding them towards dream careers and professions. Their unique way of conducting business sets them apart from the rest, while their innovative mind is consistently coming up with new ways to go about the “usual.” If your midheaven is in Pisces, listening to what your intuition is telling you is absolutely key. 

The Key to Professional Success

Understanding our Midheaven signs has the potential to propel us forward in our careers and businesses in a powerful way. Our Midheaven signs capture the way we are perceived by others in a professional sense and how we exude our own business and entrepreneurial acumen. As you conduct further research on your MC, consider the ways in which you can bring this wisdom into your own business or in the workplace. Integrating pieces of your Midheaven sign is sure to help you stand apart from others and make your unique mark in your industry!

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