Yearly Cancer Horoscope for 2017

2017 Cancer Horoscope

Spirit: Flexibility, Togetherness, Creativity, Depth.
Color: Peach.
Places to visit: Maryland, Austria, Tanzania.
Things to learn: Playing Piano, Salsa, Pastry Making.

The General Feel

For Cancer representatives, 2017 will be the year of ups and downs, highs and lows, and constant changes of mood and circumstances. Keep in mind at all times that some situations you have dealt with in 2016 are about to end, for fast planets make a strong impact on your Sun sign and you can’t hold on to slower ones to give stability or point you in any direction. Don’t lose hope in difficult times, and don’t get carried away by the good ones. Your professional calling will be challenged and questioned several times, with darker waves coming in April and June. This will be periods when rest is needed so it might be a good idea to organize a vacation then, and avoid the fuss of endless explanations and difficult discussions with your superiors or those you have a partnership with.

Family issues will coincide with professional challenges in June and the beginning of July, for Mars will visit your first house and stir your waters. Still, once you embrace the storms and begin using your energy to set clear boundaries and do your physical body some good, Venus will come to your doorstep and make you beautiful, inspired, and loving throughout August. This is a good time to form a strong basis in your emotional world, for the end of this year pushes Saturn into Capricorn before it ends, testing your relationships for endurance and faith.

The Greatest Challenges

You will need a lot of focus to handle the energy of Mars coming your way in June. This is the time when sharp words could be spoken, and anger will pile up when you should let it go. Be sure to let out some steam through exercise, and find the use for negative energy to get ahead instead of turning to destruction or self-pity.

The Greatest Rewards

The autumn brings a lot of peace and creativity your way. Some Cancer representatives will have a chance to bring new children into the world, while others might find their true passion and the center of childish joy. This is a good time to find your priorities and your direction in life, giving you a sense of purpose through the most joyous activities imaginable.

Physiology and Body

Beware of wrong medication for the first part of the year, and keep your blood pressure in check when the spring comes to an end and summer begins. Unresolved fears and boundary issues could lead to acute states that indirectly endanger your overall wellbeing. It would be wise to avoid eating too much protein, especially meat at this time, turning your body’s focus to fiber and much needed vitamins. A healthy diet will resolve discomforts, especially with your stomach, so keep this in mind if you start feeling edgy, broken, swollen, or as if you need a vacation. The best way to return to your strong energetic state lies in your daily routine. Don’t blame your circumstances and the amount of responsibility for the way you feel, and organize well to fulfill your physical needs first, so that all other things can fall into place.

Love and Family

If you feel the need to talk about the family you wish to create somewhere in the springtime, it might be wiser to leave endless discussions for some other time. Misunderstandings with your partner and family members are possible, and this is a trend that will continue until the end of July. The summer brings passionate encounters that might not have a large potential to last, but they could stir up your emotional world and leave you bruised and hurt due to unrealistic expectations. Real opportunities for long-term commitments in lives of single Cancer representatives probably won’t come before the autumn, rising high only in December, so keep your approach casual and light, enjoying new experiences from day to day without too much planning and dedication. Sexuality will blossom once Jupiter enters Scorpio in October, opening many doors to personal satisfaction and creativity. Rely on your deepest emotions to light the way before the year ends.

Work and Finances

February is the best month for new business endeavors, and its professional opportunities should be used without much hesitation, for new ones as wide as these won’t present themselves before the autumn. A rush of creativity will come with Jupiter’s transition to Scorpio in October, making you focused, deep and giving your activities a much needed sense of purpose. The best time to take a vacation is in July, as Mars in your sign makes you irrational and nervous, in need of rest. Travelling at this time will prepare you well for the creative time that’s coming your way and provide you with all the ideas you need.

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