Yearly Cancer Horoscope for 2018

2018 Cancer Horoscope

Spirit: Relationships, Marriage, Passion, Rigid.
Color: Silver Blue.
Places to visit: San Marino, Washington D. C., Vietnam.
Things to learn: Rowing, Crystal Healing, Transcendental Meditation.

The General Feel

You seem to be the star of the show in 2018. This is the year when many Cancer representatives will reach their desired positions with the help of their partners and close contacts. Efforts you put into bonds that lasted for years will start to show in other areas of life. Still, however well Saturn in Capricorn might influence your professional life, it could be hard for your marriage and relationships that are bound to end. Leave enough time to settle issues that are dark or burdening, and think about the depth of each contact before rushing in to call it stable.

Creative and filled with hope for the future, you will be able to anticipate the way things will develop in time. Children, young people, and creative projects will put a smile on your face every day if you stick to the direction that is changeable but satisfactory. Long-term contracts will become more stable or fall apart, going to extremes, as well as long-term relationships. Habits are there to be changed and you will become strangely aware of the butterfly effect made by every move you make. Believe in the best outcomes, for this is the time when faith builds the highest towers and hope sets you on the right path of bravery and joy.

The Greatest Challenges

With Saturn and Pluto in your seventh house, things have to get organized and steady. Without order and depth, your relationships could simply stop working and mistakes could be made that you will regret later on. It is important to believe in a simple fact that the Universe put you here for a reason, and this inner state of faith will help you overcome any obstacle that comes in your way.

The Greatest Rewards

Jupiter in Scorpio brings all kinds of blessings. You will feel the strong pull of creativity in a direction you didn’t think about taking before. Love is about to guide the way and you will know that your moves were filled with purpose as your visions become clear and you start seeing things for what they truly are.

Physiology and Body

Your state of balance is compromised and with it your hormonal levels. Your body requires a lot of rest in the following months, so try not to strain yourself over every possible limit and stay in tune with its needs. Sleeping is of great importance at this time, and so is every form of physical relaxation. Meditate, breathe, and spend enough time alone to metabolize experiences that make you worried. Issues with blood pressure are possible, especially in July and August when Mars will set out on its retrograde spree. Other people will seem to push you over every possible limit at that time and your boundaries will be tested, as well as your readiness to defend yourself and stay firm on your own two feet.

Love and Family

New love stories will develop in lives of single Cancer representatives, and those who are already taken might face difficulties or parallel relationships that will make them restless and worried. Emotions will culminate in the month of May, but their development might be a bit hard to predict. This is the year when serious bonds are preferred and nothing without substance will last very long, even if butterflies in your belly lift you high up. Many things will get clearer and sound more sincere, and after the summer brings its conflicts and misunderstandings your way, you will have a chance to breathe in and feel others as a part of yourself filled with tenderness and compassion. This is a year of quality, shared goals, and new achievements that might make you feel pressured. Still, by the end of it, you will see how much you’ve grown and what you’ve learned along the way.

Work and Finances

Partnerships are possible at this time, and other people bring the seriousness and dedication you need to reach for high goals. At times, you will feel like you don’t have enough time to get things done, but the moment is right to set up a foundation for the future and use all your creative potential to work on things you love. A childish approach could prove useful here and there, especially in the summer when too much seriousness comes from other people and you could have a hard time resisting their pull of obligations and restrictions. Face coworkers who don’t mean well and speak rough things about you behind your back. It is possible that you will find the understanding needed to move on from any conflict, if you are only brave enough to speak about it calmly. True financial gain comes only from things you love to do and while you might feel lucky to find your way, it is more probable that your faith in certain possibilities got you where you wanted to go.

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