Yearly Cancer Horoscope for 2022

2022 Cancer Horoscope

Spirit: Learning, Incorporate, Width, Idea.
Color: Magenta.
Places to visit if possible: San Francisco, Israel, The North Pole.
Things to learn: Programming, Baking, Qigong.

The General Feel

Happiness and prosperity are inspiring in 2022 for Cancer representatives. A lot of new things are about to be learned and the process of expansion is about to begin in a faster pace than in the previous couple of years. Insights come through dreams and meditation, emotions that rise to the surface around other people, and everything is starting to make sense with a view of a larger whole. It is important to work with your own heart, so you don’t get pushed back to rethink your steps with autumn months. Initiative will be rewarded for as long as it is supportive of love and self-care.

Some ideals may seem distant and unreachable. This is a test of faith that should not weigh you back for as long as your sense of security is stable enough to support new ideas. The biggest battle you have in front of you is the one you have with yourself. Limitations are shady and not exactly what they seem to be. The higher your expectations from your surroundings, the less quality faith in your own hunch is about to provide. Put yourself first, choosing to give only from the core of your heart, knowing that you can have your own needs met as well.

The Greatest Challenges

The mind is a tricky monster in May and June, when emotions take their own course, as if completely out of your control. To go with the flow, you will have to release beliefs that no longer serve you and this won’t be easy if too much is being said while very little processed within. Keep your ideas and your feelings to yourself in environments that don’t make you feel comfortable and safe. You have and important foundation for your future to build, regardless of age or things you have done so far. Use your chances to evolve and prosper instead of questioning your own inner needs.

The Greatest Rewards

After an emotional rollercoaster that months of spring are about to bring, mental processes lead to incredible new ideas by the end of July. This is a time to put faith in yourself and embark on entirely new adventure, be it a new business, a new relationship, or an entirely new direction in life that you want to pursue. Doors will open wide and challenges that are coming afterwards will be a lot easier to handle once you are set on the right track. Make sure you don’t miss important and grand opportunities due to lack of confidence or support from others. Your inner system of support should be enough when you love who you are with all your possibilities.

Physiology and Body

The middle of May is tricky for both heart and mind. This is a time when many things might manifest in the body, hormonal levels, liver, or issues of the heart. Breathe deeply and turn to meditation if you feel any form of pressure in your chest, giving yourself room to process emotions without overthinking and attempting to be rational. This should calm your entire nervous system and remind you that you are the one important to you, no matter who you meet along the way.

Love and Family

What seems like sacrifice for family members and people you love turns into much prettier shades in 2022. This is a year when your emotional world finds its rightful place and relationships will come with ease when giving goes both ways. October and November might push you over the edge if you are not careful though, so keep your boundaries clear and try not to overstep on someone else’s. Sharing comes through healthy dialogue, support is given where you already know you can expect it, and you don’t feel hurt by not receiving support where you have learned not to search for it in the first place.

Grand love stories will seem like a distant ideal at times, but also serve to inspire you to move out of stale relationships and cut loose ends that drain your energy away. Where emotions flow with ease, a lot more can be built. Single Cancers have the field of opportunities in front of them, but they must step out into the world to use benefits of energies surrounding them in the spring. Be on your way if there is too much toxicity and too many ties to the past that do not serve your future. Better times are truly waiting ahead.

Work and Finances

You are about to discover what you are truly able to do. Set clear goals even if you are not sure about the path you will take to reach them and make that first step without too much hesitation. This is an excellent year for both students and teachers when knowledge finds a way to be implemented into the material realm with practicality and focus. Financial potential of 2022 is big if you choose to follow your creativity, passion and talent, believing in yourself every step of the way. Pay attention to all legal documentation and potential debt in November, as it brings troubling energies to your doorstep. What has expanded will be tested for validity and purpose by the end of the year.

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