Yearly Gemini Horoscope for 2017

2017 Gemini Horoscope

Spirit: Religion, Dedication, Planning, Patience.
Color: Brown.
Places to visit: California, England, Thailand.
Things to learn: Chess, Meditation Techniques, Origami.

The General Feel

The beginning of 2017 will definitely be unusual for a Gemini as it starts with Mercury in retrograde motion. This strange energy will follow you through the entire year, as if it was marked by the way it started, and many things will seem backwards or upside down. With your perception shaken and your rational mind a bit foggy, you’ll have a hard time shining in the bright light as you normally do, and problems with communication are inevitable.

Although spring will leave its scars and many things that begin at that time could end sooner than you think they should, you will have a chance to enjoy yourself in July and remember the beauty and inspiration you carry within. Make yourself beautiful and work on your emotional satisfaction instead of accepting the circumstances that don’t make you happy as inevitable. Every state can be changed for the better if you only believe it to be possible. Too many restrictions coming from other people could affect your physical state and trigger some chronic issues that you never really dealt with. Be careful who you let into your inner circle of friends.

The Greatest Challenges

The end of April brings some trouble your way, as your sign’s ruler turns retrograde and Mars enters your first house. Words you speak will be too sharp and you won’t be aware of your inner state and your overall wellbeing enough to face the truth. Edgy, angry and with your boundaries poorly set, you’ll have a task to ground yourself and focus your energy on constructive issues instead of turning to unreasonable conflicts.

The Greatest Rewards

The summer will bring many wonderful moments. Make a solid plan for July, travel and find the time to relax. Once you do, all positive experiences will start flowing towards you and you’ll create a chance to enjoy yourself and spend time dancing, singing, and making love.

Physiology and Body

The beginning of this year will test your boundaries to the outer world, and with them your immune response to viruses you meet with. Other people will be perceived as a threat to your physical wellbeing and your energy will disperse too easy, until you have no options but to stop yourself, lie down and rest. Spend enough time alone to embrace your fragility and regenerate from social contacts and physical touch with others. The spring will bring one more wave of sensitivity as Mercury turns retrograde in April and affects your throat and reproductive organs. This is a time to indulge in carefree activities, dance and have some fun, expressing your inner personality without fear or limitations. The end of summer brings intestinal problems and reminds you of the inability to metabolize toxic food and toxic people in your life.

Love and Family

With Jupiter moving through your fifth house, this is a time when many Gemini representatives will feel the need to engage in fun emotional activities, and begin new casual relationships enjoying every step of the way. All the way through October, doors will open to embrace your creativity, spend time with young people and children, and enjoy quality family time with people you love. The summer could bring new acquaintances your way, and single Gemini will fall in love and feel the flames of passion once again. Open your heart for new emotions and you will be surprised by the beauty of life and interpersonal relationships once again. Saturn is in your seventh house until December and this won’t make them light and carefree, but some serious relationships could start, leading to marriage or partnership, while the old and the obsolete are about to end with a lot less effort and sadness than you’d anticipate. Don’t fear making the changes you know are right for you, and instead of overly rationalizing, have enough rest to metabolize all emotional experiences.

Work and Finances

The beginning of this year will be important to determine the direction you would really love to take in your professional life. Being lost and wondering around will only take away your energy and won’t make you productive in any specific part of life, however hard you try. To truly satisfy your needs and feel confident and good about yourself, you need to see the bigger picture, try a lot of things out, and determine if you have finally found your calling based on a simple hunch. With this in mind, it becomes clear that April, August and December offer many chances to question your past choices and turn to the better and brighter future once you deal with the wrongs that were made.

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