Yearly Gemini Horoscope for 2020

2020 Gemini Horoscope

Spirit: Foundation, Idealism, Vision, Real.
Color: Sapphire Blue.
Places to visit: Brazil, England, China.
Things to learn: Crystal Healing, Mountaineering, Archery.

The General Feel

As the new decade begins, most Gemini representatives will continue with similar routines and choices they have made for years. Nothing much will seem to change, and you might even feel like you’re stuck in a rut. The first couple of months of this year will require dedication to long-term goals, tedious and boring matters, and all those things that have yet to be finished responsibly. As the spring begins, something inside you will click and change, shifting attention to more prominent and beautiful choices, as well as inspiring activities and partnerships that have a lot more to promise than those you held on to in the past.

May and June are about to make you blossom, leading towards new beginnings that you’ve been expecting or a while. Encounters will be incredibly powerful at this time, especially with new people that you’ve never had a chance to meet before. Get things moving and get them done before the first crisis comes your way in the end of summer and realize that some dangerous and risky choices have their time and place and are best avoided in the last couple of months of the year. Even though you will be inspired and finally choose a new path to follow, you shouldn’t put your head through a wall as soon as you get moving.

The Greatest Challenges

Dangers and risky activities could be lurking behind the corner in November and December. This is a time for contemplation and quiet, solitary activities that make your heart calm. Don’t allow fear to take over and govern where you are the one who should rule. Instead, find your center and move forwards with grace and an open heart, while leaving enough room for your body to rest so your mind can be clear and perceptive of strange things in your surroundings. Trust yourself first and leave others their share of responsibility to be honest and straightforward about their intentions and plans.

The Greatest Rewards

Although Venus moving backwards through your Sun sign might taint the image a little bit and shove you back to past love stories and relationships you thought are ended, the end of this spring will bring some important opportunities your way. This is a time when talents are rediscovered and the impulse within is too strong to be overly rationalized or avoided out of fear. There will be no more excuses not to follow your own inner light to use it for satisfying growth. Show initiative and focus. With a solid plan, nothing is impossible.

Physiology and Body

The end of summer puts a special strain on your physiology, making you vulnerable to all chronic conditions and issues that you think you’ve already dealt with. Too much pressure, moving back and forth through your emotional world, and the struggle against change, could make you less flexible and lead to troubles with joints, knees and ankles. Stretch and carefully carry your load, physical, professional and emotional one. Late autumn brings deep issues to surface and surgeries and routine procedures that bruise the skin are possible. Meditate, rest, and give your body enough tenderness to avoid being forced to take time off.

Love and Family

Love life is about to unfold for Geminis in 2020, as if they have been waiting for years to meet the opportunity of love returning to their door. Things that have been left unresolved are about to untangle and get their true color and quality, or a resolution that finally sets you free. With this in mind, you might as well let go to any feeling that comes your way, and any contact that pushes your buttons, for even with some emotional bruises in your path, you will get clarity and some much needed closure on issues of the past. Contact those that have been lost, cleanse your world of burdens that no longer belong in your world, and stay alert as new doors open and the old, stone ones are finally closed.

Many will decide to round up their relationship in marriage or start a family. Children and all joint creative efforts will give seriousness and responsibility to your world, and steadily grow as you build solid fences to protect what you value most. This is a productive year when emotions become useful and relationships have a material, physical quality that can make your passion and love count for much higher causes in the real world. Enjoy the depth of your contacts and engage in them without fear.

Work and Finances

Goals need to be set in 2020, or things might scatter into pieces and lead you in too many directions without a clear focus. In order to make progress, something tiresome needs to get done in the first couple of months of the year, and creative juices will shift and turn your world as the summer approaches and you start separating from static choices and a safe zone that you’ve been in for a while. If you aren’t happy at your workplace, choose a vacation in June, seeking opportunities to express yourself freely and with a smile on your face. Financial growth may be much slower than you anticipate, but things will be steady and reasonable, growing step by step just as you move along.

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