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Ace of Wands Tarot Card

Ace of Wands
Tarot Card: Ace of Wands
Planet: Mars
keywords: Spark, First Step, Begin
Affirmation: I am present, here and now.
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Meaning: General - Love - Career - Health
Timeline: Past - Present - Future
Other: Reversed
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Ace of Wands Meaning

A powerful card, the beginning of all beginnings just as the first degree of the sign of Aries and the first day of spring, Ace of Wands carries the core of fiery energy that opens all doors with its burning torch. It is the concept of a new beginning in its purest energetic form, the blessing of our body's movement and instincts that we don’t want to restrict in any way. It announces a new beginning, an adventure that will lead us through experiences of all sorts, and shows that we are ready to ground and manifest what we have only imagined in our mind so far. It is an extremely positive Martian quality, as if kundalini itself arose to support us and cleanse all blockages that distracted us and held us back in the past.


With such a fiery impulse, a love story might begin but based on physical attraction and sexuality rather than a long-term romance that takes its time. One should be careful not to rush to conclusions and see the person standing in front of them clearly, showing initiative and pushing things only as far as their emotional boundaries allow. Since this isn’t exactly the card of care, it shows clear intent, initiative and a romantic battle for the right emotion and instinct, but it could keep us away from deep emotional intimacy if we don’t adapt our pace to that of our partner over time.


An excellent card to support us in a career reading, it might face us with the lack of experience, but it shows that we have energy to achieve anything we’ve imagined. Opportunities are there for the taking, at least one of them truly important, and we are ready to set sails on a new project. It is a good time to ask for a raise and organize your income in a new way. Productive and managerial positions seem to be open and all a person needs, is to have faith in their own abilities to succeed. It is time to point the force in the right direction and hold on to focus on the same goal for long enough.


Cleansing energies influence our health in the most positive way when the Ace of Wands appears in a reading. It could bring a short fever, something to burn our excess of emotion and worries, releasing tension in our body and preparing us for things that are just beginning. This card points out an internal fever and the power of our metabolism to digest, and instinctively cleanse what became obsolete, cutting off spasms and all metabolic processes that slowed us down. It requires physical activity, training and a healthy routine, and shows that this is a good time to start running and exercising on a regular level.

Ace of Wands Reversed

When the Ace of Wands is reversed, it speaks of an unconscious force of restriction to our instincts, sexuality and primal energy, and points out those entangled issues from the past that our ancestors left for us to resolve. It is the basic signal for karmic input, something that needs to be repaid and understood in different ways, and shows aggression that built up to the point where it has trouble being expressed in a healthy way. It is an invitation to work on matters of aggression, to kick and punch a bag and let the anger flow so we can use its constructive energies to get ahead the way we naturally want to as free children of the Universe.

Ace of Wands Time Line

Past - When set in the past, the Ace of Wands shows the incredible energy we have invested in a certain cause and the issue we are currently occupied by. It shows a clear beginning, based on actual needs of our instinctive and authentic Self, and leaves no dilemma that our foundation has been clear of manipulation or any wrong pretenses to begin with. This clears the air for the present as well, for any toxic or disturbing influences today can be cut off without much negative consequences on the goal ahead, as they have only settled there as we grew tired and time went by, but the foundation is still strong.

Present - This card fits best in the present, showing us the actual energy we have right now, as if to prove that we are healthy and ready to take action. It comes when the Universe is telling us “Go!” and depending on our state of mind, we should most definitely follow the impulse. It doesn’t give promise of the future we will create and we might worry of the consequences of our deeds today, but the purpose isn’t brought to question when the foundation is set in the creative core of the inner child represented by this card.

Future - With the Ace of Wands waiting for you in the future, you are reminded to gather your energy and strength right now for the opportunities that will arise quickly. It never stands for something too far ahead of you and gives information about the next phase we are about to commit to and the initiative we are about to take that probably isn’t that obvious at the moment. As the source of hidden strength, this is a reminder of our basic energy and the power we possess when we are truly focused on our goals and founded in the purest of motives. If we are lost, this card shows we will be found and guide our own way to the moment where things can be done instead of just discussing them from a safe distance.

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