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The Hierophant Tarot Card

The Hierophant
Tarot Card: The Hierophant
Planet: Jupiter
keywords: Spiritual, Meditative, Truth, Learning, Beliefs
Affirmation: The Divine is already within me.
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Meaning: General - Love - Career - Health
Timeline: Past - Present - Future
Other: Reversed
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The Hierophant Meaning

The carrier of esoteric knowledge and secrets of the Universe, the Hierophant is a card that speaks of faith and pathways that are to be chosen through spiritual efforts, prayer and meditation. He is the synthesis of things done in the past, the one to understand possibilities of the future, and the point in the present where all value and morals are found. In some tarot decks, he is known as the Teacher, in others as the Pope, and in each stands for higher knowledge and unifying higher truths we all strive to reach. In every layout and no matter what the basic topic is, he stands for something yet unrevealed and for beliefs that need to be cherished or changed. He holds his secrets, needs us to spend quality time in silence and solitude, and asks for absolute dedication with faith in the rhythms of the Universe and choices made by our own heart. This is the card that meets us with the maker and might show unrealistic expectations, too high or too low, as if the image is blurred by lack of vision, faith and width of heart.


The Hierophant understands love in different ways than all other members of the major arcana, seeing it as the only law on Earth, the ruler of all oppositions and the ultimate light of guidance for all humans. He believes in love, in its purpose, and the power of choice where each person creates their own circumstances and entire life by choice of love or choice for lack of it. The one to evoke belief in love, in a reading that regards romance and relationships between partners, it speaks of the Divine forces we are meant to give into, and the flow of emotion that should lead the way no matter the outcome of our bond. It reminds us that each person we love is a part of our life for a reason, and that we need to believe our most sensitive emotional vibe to make any decisions when relating to others.


When the Hierophant appears in a career reading, it points out the need to learn more and to connect more to others to be able to spread the knowledge and the message we carry at the moment. It can also show our mentor and someone we are meant to learn incredible things from on our career path. This card brings visions that require effort and understanding to be materialized, and speaks of our battle for higher causes and important matters that involve many followers and helpers along the way. Its ideals won’t be easy to achieve, but it brings help at just the right time and speaks of Divine guidance that supports us in our tracks. It is the card of expansion, of a raise that can be obtained when we follow the right calling, and asks us to dive within and ask our own inner guides which path to follow.


A savior and a priest, the Hierophant carries good news and turns us to faith, alternative healing techniques, and all those things that require less thinking and more emotion. He is the bearer of blessings and good news and might show that our troubles only stand as a connection to the psychological and emotional troubles we need to attend to. On the other hand, he is the link between Jupiter and Taurus, and speaks of growth in a physical sense, pointing out negative things that might grow too until we learn from them and embrace signals that come from our physiology as a natural part of faith and synchronicities of the Universe.

The Hierophant Reversed

The reversed position of the Hierophant shows the lack wisdom and faith, speaking of wasted opportunities or negative beliefs and perspectives that distort the image and make us unsatisfied or deeply saddened by life. It is a test for our morals and our need to do what feels right instead of following common beliefs and goals. Perspectives will be turned upside down here, and a lot of wrong information might serve as the foundation for the mission we wish to pursue. The feel of the moment needs to be made right instead of simply following the directions that have been taken out of loyalty or on any dishonest foundations.

The Hierophant Time Line

Past - When the Hierophant shows in our reading of the past, it speaks of high hopes we had and our faith that certain circumstances or people will turn out the ideal fit for our Soul. It points out the importance of things we have learned by now, and in a way, shows that we have been through a certain process that needs to be implemented and put to good use today. It shows the college we graduated from, our prior education and things we strived for when we were younger, as well as all those ideals that we wished to preserve before fitting into our shoes today.

Present - The Hierophant brings incredible hope and aspirations that are spiritual and high to achieve in this moment in time. Although it is the bearer of our most positive, divine beliefs, it might speak of someone's inability to see reality and face the world just as it is, today. When it appears in the reading for the present, we are reminded of purpose and meaning to all things we wish to learn about. It tells us we have something more to learn to be able to fully materialize what we want to and wants us to travel, change perspectives, and expand our horizons as much as possible. It is the talent we have to develop and a blessing for all our high aspirations, but really shows that we have one more step to make before we create something touchable and real.

Future - In a way, this card belongs in the future and this is its natural habitat. The carrier of pure faith and ideals we strive for, it shows the destination that may be reached and things that inspire us to move forwards. It is a wonderful card to have our attention turned to, telling us that no matter what happens, we will be supported by God and the Universe itself. With its blessings in our future paths, even with obstacles that we might stumble upon, we are brought the promise of spiritual growth and fulfillment of heart.

The Hierophant History

Regarded as the leader of salvation for the human race, he is the head of the religious hierarchy among people and carries a name from ancient Greek to represent what is deemed holy. In Attica, it served as the title of chief priest as the interpreter of sacred mysteries. The “hiera” translates to “the holy” and “phainein” to “to show”. Throughout history it served as the card to show divinity to common people and question collective morals that need to be tested and demystified on the path of spiritual growth.

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