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King (Prince) of Wands Tarot Card

King (Prince) of Wands
Tarot Card: King (Prince) of Wands
Planet: Sun
keywords: Wisdom, Charisma, Honesty
Affirmation: My inner light guides me.
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Meaning: General - Love - Career - Health
Timeline: Past - Present - Future
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King (Prince) of Wands Meaning

The role of the King of Wands is to make sense of instinct. It represents the connection of the intellectual element of Air with the burning Fire of instinct and creativity. Its wisdom shows the essence of human control, where wisdom is emphasized and we understand our immense potentials, our limitations and the importance of time and planning in each project we wish to pursue. This is a positive card to have in any reading, for it shows stability that is required to put our ideas in motion and bring them down to Earth, steadily and with an open heart to create from it. It represents honesty and individuals in our lives that are pillars of support, responsible and loyal to our true personality. It also shows that we are ready to take full responsibility for a situation so we can “rule it” and become aware of the strength we got from it however hard it might have been in the past.


The King of Wands is a leading figure and a role model, and although it may show incredible mutual respect in a love reading, it could point out the importance of one partner over the other. Archetypally, the man in a typical male-female relationship might be praised, and while the positive impact of the card is great, a contact with emotional and feminine should be balanced with it or we will only see one partner happy. This is a signal that we should see if things we talked about came to life and if full responsibility has been taken for actual deeds. With such great balance of words and passions, we are obviously inspired to create and move, but we must pay attention to the real progress of the bond itself for it should develop quickly and without restrictions to fulfill the norm of such a card and not point to imbalance.


When the King of Wands is found in our career reading, it often shows that we are a bit of an overachiever and that in our search for success we reached a certain point of stability of attitude that we are holding on to. This card requires honesty and working side by side with our childlike needs so it can be actually synchronized with our life's purpose. If we get too serious, our emotional world will get burdened by a chase for success that we don’t really need. We are to set an example and shine a light on others by being exactly who we are, free and relying on self-respect in each possible situation.


Well-informed and relying on instincts, our bodies have a lot to benefit from with a King of Wands in a health reading. Still, it can point out the detachment from the realistic situation and requires a lot of stamina and strength to stay consistent with our physical goals. We are to work on our physique with dedication, show the world what we can do for our own health goals. This card allows us to understand what our body is capable of and what it needs, but it also reminds us of the responsibility we have to nurture it in order to influence our entire world of circumstance.

King (Prince) of Wands Reversed

When the King of Wands is reversed, it may go to extremes of ego where one leads the way for others in all the wrong ways, authorities are disrespected for no reason or a rebel fights for justice when they don’t really understand their own ideal. It pushes us to search for our inner light and the true power to rely on, instead of chasing for any goal of outer authorities or trying to rule when we are not mature enough to do so just yet. A card of honest dialogues, it may show that we are being lied to by those trying to protect us, as they take away our power and disrespect our capacities.

King (Prince) of Wands Time Line

Past - The King of Wands in the past usually shows that it is time to feel and ground an idea today, as if the foundation has been set and our plans have been brought to the point where they can only be manifested. It releases us of tension and fear, speaking of foundations found in common sense and healthy boundaries, as well as relationships that are respectful and enriched by powerful and creative communication.

Present - Present in the present, this card speaks of our clear intentions and the state of mind that comes down to one creative thought at a time. We are ready to shine and make something new, staying true and stable in our own shoes. It points to self-sufficiency and a healthy amount of pride, as well as the stable approach to circumstances where the core of our attitudes isn’t compromised. Although it might lack emotion, it is a strong ally to have in our world today.

Future - Speaking of high positions and power, as well as powerful individuals in our lives, the King of Wands is an announcement of important encounters and moments that will put us in the center of attention. It gives us clarity on who to trust and where we need to focus our energy to make something productive with coworkers, colleagues and superiors of our choosing. Giving us plenty of opportunities, contacts with high society and creative strength, it shows that we will be rewarded for the tedious efforts we have put in by now. A master of negotiations and communication, it is also a resolution to any current conflict.

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