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The Lovers Tarot Card

The Lovers
Tarot Card: The Lovers
Planet: Venus
keywords: Partners, Relationship, Choice, Passion, Guidance
Affirmation: I deserve love and pleasure.
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Timeline: Past - Present - Future
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The Lovers Meaning

The meaning of the Lovers is complex, as all partnerships and relationships in life. Most often it is brought to correlation with the sign of Gemini, bringing to focus humanly love and contact in intimate, family contacts that give a foundation to all others. It signifies important and lasting relationships with quality and deep love. Still, it leaves room for new excitements and falling in love even when we are married and in long-term bonds that have lost their spark, and speaks of our freedom to follow our heart wherever it takes us. This is a card of passion between lovers and of Divine love connecting us to another human being in purity, bringing doubt and tests to our path of romance, just as it brings the materialization of a relationship in question. It might be misleading to the one doing the reading, for everyone approaches “the right thing” in their relationships from a personal moral perspective. It is very sensitive to interpretations coming from ego that are far from the heart and the one sole truth. This card speaks of important partnerships and paths of the Soul that require change and emotional freedom, as well as giving us a solid foundation for marriage, friendship and understanding with the person standing in front of us. In its purest form, it speaks of our ability to pour earthly passions and pleasures of romance into the Divine contact of souls, communication, and tenderness of a pure heart.


The card of Lovers appears in a love reading typically showing that a big love story is involved in our question. It shows as the manifestation of physical love between two people and announces unity, marriage, and shared endeavors that need to be shared in a special union of two. It is also a card of challenge for a long-term bond and while it might speak of marriage itself, it may also signify adultery or a new love coming to our doorstep to spark our passions, inspire us, and lead us away from the rut we fell into. It is really important to think calmly about our paths ahead of the road, about all sides to each option we might choose, and rely on our most sensitive feel in the heart to lead the way.


Career readings with the Lovers involved speak of relationships that are important for the growth of our important projects, and of choices that aren’t easy to make. The sense of security in a workplace we have been in for a while might hold us back instead of allowing progress. This symbol speaks of new possibilities and open doors that are risky but might pay off in time, especially if they bring our purest talents to surface. It is also a card of partnerships, where joint efforts of two people give the best creative results, and points us to teamwork and communication needed to succeed, sparking the fires of productive work.


Matters of health are touched by the card of Lovers when our problems are hereditary, troubles of physiology that transfer from generation to generation, coming our way from the contact of our parents. It may also speak of cystitis, hormonal imbalance, pointing out all forms of trust issues that led to hazy problems with immunity. The solution to such problems is either solitude where one needs to return to the emotional foundation of joy and their inner child, or cooperation with someone on equal planes, where there is no authority to give out therapy. The healer comes as the person helping us with respect and enough room for our own belly to choose the course of action. This is also a card that shows the importance of movement, walking, running, and a speedy metabolism we are to build by making choices quickly and in tune with instinct and emotion rather than our brain.

The Lovers Reversed

When the Lovers come in their reversed position, they signify rational choices that haven’t brought much joy into our life. They are the unease and lack of balance brought to our world by toxic relationships and people who might have manipulated our choices, and might show our own inability to coherently approach our emotional needs while we hold on to the sense of security in a bond. Partnerships gone wrong, infidelity, promiscuous choices, troubled foundations in parental contact and our contact with others, symbiosis and delusion. The turn of the Divine to face downwards and show us shadows we carry within through other people in our life. It announces a time when we must take responsibility for the Self and stop shifting blame or taking too much responsibility from those who avoid theirs.

The Lovers Time Line

Past - When related to the past, the Lovers card will either speak of past love stories or our parents, as the foundation of unity we are trying to create today. It is the point of balance we once had or think we lost, and might be a signal that co-creation led us to this point in time, or stable partnerships that we can still rely on today. Depending on the issue, this is also a tough choice that waited for us to act on it, and might prolong today's activities if we have left our Soul stuck in a rut where we saw only the dualities of the world instead of acting on our purest inner guidance.

Present - Speaking of our current contact with the founding passions and desires at the moment, this is an excellent card to have as an ally in a reading for our present situation. Although its dilemmas and moral choices might be grand, it calls on us to act from the heart, actively and freely participating in our own emotional world and following our heart's desire even when the calling doesn’t seem secure, fit and very light. The crossroads of stability and excitement, it requires balance and for us to check all areas of our life to reach for the point where we understand what needs to be done in the one we are most troubled by. Feedback from others brings important information.

Future - The Lovers bring love with all its colors, quirks and challenges, and that much is obvious from each of their settings, especially the one involving our future. It announces marriage, new contacts and friendships, partnerships that will establish a new foundation, and possible changes of direction that will test us on our path if we have set a certain professional goal. Their appearance is a calling of the heart, telling us that we should ask ourselves if our soul is in place and if our emotional world is content with solutions we have been settling for by now.

The Lovers History

This card started out as a simple couple receiving their blessing from a cleric or noble for their Union, and evolved over time to gain complexity of actual love stories in our lives. The Garden of Eden and depictions of Adam and Eve became more common as time went by, with an apple and snake in the image to represent temptation and irreversible choices through loss of innocence that bring all pleasures of earthly bonds our way. Throughout history and in times when human approach to marriage was stricter and obvious, this card was a clear depiction of innocence lost and our lasting commitment to one partner no matter the challenge. Progressing further, it involved two feminine principles, Lilith and Eve, added Cupid with a bow and arrow, Eros, and an egg rounded up by the snake to signify the power of creation through original sin. The basic symbol of earthly duality, it logically and gradually added more and more complexity to our physical relationships as our consciousness expanded.

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