All About The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Taurus

Date: 2022-10-27
All About The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Taurus

You've probably heard of the Eclipse season by this point in the year, this being the last of the 4 eclipses that have taken place in 2022.

There is a lot of mystery surrounding these astronomical events, creating an aura of dread among people since ancient times.

On November 8, we have a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus, but few know such eclipses are more common than it seems!We have two to five of these Lunar Eclipses throughout the year. Remember those nights when the Moon takes on an orange shade? Well, that's a Lunar Eclipse!

This event has a huge astrological significance. It happens during a Full Moon, a phase of completion, fulfillment, and harvesting. However, the Lunar Eclipse makes this phase obscured and mysterious.

Some unexpected issues may come to the surface, which can bring shocks, commotion, and sudden endings… Which also implies new beginnings, of course.But in what areas of our life exactly? What situations and experiences will feel more challenging during the next Lunar Eclipse?

Taurus Zodiac Sign

This powerful event occurs in the solid, grounded, and sensual sign of Taurus. This is the first earth sign of the zodiac wheel, displaying a calm and stable energy that aims to sustain processes for long periods of time.

Aries represents the fiery impulse of our desires, the beginning of a new cycle. However, Taurus is in charge of finding practical ways to bring it to fruition. This zodiac sign symbolizes our inner and outer resources, the tools that allow us to shape our ideas in the practical world.

Therefore, Taurus is a zodiac sign that likes to materialize things, but it’s not very fond of letting go. As a result, Taurus people are slow to change and get attached to their possessions and practical life.

These individuals aim for a comfortable and stable lifestyle with not too many ups and downs and concerns. They have a down-to-earth approach to life and shy away from emotional drama.

However… Things are constantly changing, whether we like it or not. Taurus strives for emotional and material security, feeling threatened when its foundations start to shake.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

The Full Moon happens when the Sun directly faces this satellite, which is why it always transits its opposite zodiac sign. This time, the Sun is traveling around the Scorpio constellation, the ruler of death, rebirth, and emotional transformation.

While Taurus represents life, stability, calm, and sensual pleasure, Scorpio heralds a profound transformation that will end with everything in our lives that no longer serves our self-development journey.

Scorpio doesn’t care about what lies on the surface. This zodiac sign forces everyone to take off their social masks and work with their inner darkness.

The energy of Scorpio is directly related to our unconscious mind. This is where we put every compulsion, fear, and ugly aspect of our personality and hide them from the outside world, pretending they are not there.

However, the more we try to repress them, the more compelling and irritating they become. For this reason, the Scorpio zodiac sign invites us to let go of control and embrace the intensity of our shadow selves! After all, this is where our inner strength and power come from!

Scorpio people are resilient and powerful because they are not scared of facing the dark side. Actually, they are scared most of the time, but do it anyways, knowing that there is much wisdom and healing once they go through it.

That’s why Scorpio people are emotional healers. They become a more potent version of themselves after going through their regular crises and transformations. They embrace change with open arms, knowing that life is more expansive and profound when we stop trying to only experience the luminous side.

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

The Moon represents our comfort zone, emotional stability, and vulnerability. At the same time, Taurus is all about certainty, security, and calmness. What happens when these two energies are faced with the transformative potential of the Scorpio zodiac sign?

Our ego is scared of the unknown and will do everything in its power to prevent things from changing. It will make you feel scared, anxious, and headstrong, clinging to people and situations that don’t make you happy just because you are used to them!

Well, Scorpio encourages you to let go of your sense of security and delve into the depths of your darkness. This is your chance to embrace these intense emotions and let go of the things that no longer fulfill your spirit.

You are meant to live an amazing life filled with meaningful experiences, unconditional love, passionate jobs, and enlightening interactions! All of these things are possible once you learn that change is not something bad… It is your higher self bringing you back to your inner journey.

The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will bring shock and surprises, but they may take a few days or weeks to manifest in your path. This period usually feels confusing and mysterious, as if you were walking down the stairs of a dark basement, seeing one step at a time.

Sometimes we don’t have a lantern to see everything, and other times we are too afraid to turn on the light. However, the truth will eventually emerge, forcing you to let go of your security blankets and allow this emotional transformation takes over your life.

Once everything is over, your spiritual foundations will be available again to build an even more solid and stable structure from scratch.

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