The Moon

Mother, home, family, pregnancy, baby, milk, bread, Soul, reflection, mirror
Day: Monday
Colors: White and Silver

When we observe the position of the Moon, we have to be aware that as the fastest moving body in relative motion to our position on Earth, it represents the most personal of all entities we have in our chart. This is why Eastern Astrology considers it the most important entity in each interpretation, for it is our Soul and our entire inner emotional world. The Moon is the ruler of Cancer and represents our most peaceful support and understanding, our ability to evoke things we wish to live through, and attract the reciprocity of love into our emotional world. If a person is truly recognized and supported by their family, this will be seen through beneficent aspects and the strong dignity of the Moon, just as the lack of support, compassion and recognition will be seen through its challenges.

“Planet” Moon

The Moon is the Earth’s only natural satellite and the entity closest to our home planet. Its proximity makes it easy to grasp and most of our energetic and healing work should start from the Moon’s challenges. In the geocentric system we use so often, Earth cannot be seen in a natal chart, and the Moon will be the one bringing us closest to home. Although it is the smallest of all celestial bodies we will encounter, it has the greatest gravitational impact, causing tides and movement of water all around us. We always see the same face of the Moon for its rotation coincides with the rotation of the Earth, and this led to the term “dark side of the Moon” that speaks of the hidden part of its nature we don’t ever get to see. When full, it has the ability to light our way and when looking at things from this perspective, its main role seems to be to reflect the light of the Sun.

The lack of atmosphere makes the Moon vulnerable to impacts of space debris and meteors, while it also makes its surface free of wind and other surface changing conditions. This leads to a stable image that rarely changes in time, which is why footprints from the first mission to conquer the Moon are still there to be found. Considering this fact and the Moon’s symbolic role to hold all of our Soul’s memories, the correlation of the celestial body itself and the symbolism it speaks of is impeccable. We can see that it is sensitive to outer influences while at the same time seemingly incapable of change, which is truly interesting when we consider the fact that its fall is set in Scorpio, the sign of change itself.

Moon in Astrology

The Moon represents our subconscious world, our emotions, heart, and the love we are capable to feel in this lifetime. It is the support of our family and in the practical sense and our interpretations we will see it as a feminine parallel to the Sun. If the Sun is a husband, the Moon will be the wife, and they will remain in a contact of giving light and reacting to it until the end of time, from our perspective on Earth. In general, this is the spot of reactivity we all carry within, and if we see a troubled Moon, reactions to outer experiences will be obviously inappropriate, deep beyond our recognition or ability to metabolize, hurtful, or in the greatest challenge of all - simply missing. A world without emotion seems to be the biggest punishment for our Soul, as we seek protection in closing our hearts, unable to cope with the demands of our surroundings.

This is a position that deeply moves us, brings happiness and childish joy into our lives, and speaks of the flow of energy in our heart chakra. All problems it may encounter through dignity and aspects represent family issues that burden our Soul and the genetic inheritance that makes us sad or disturbs our emotions. On the other hand, positive aspects and a strong Moon set in Taurus or Cancer, often speak of healthy reactivity and emotion we easily recognize and incorporate into our lives and our relationships. Strength of our Moon makes us capable to summon things we need and love into our lives. It is our ability to recognize our feelings and act accordingly, accepting them, embracing our soft side, while dealing with daily matters through passive, positive existence and ease.


The Moon represents our mother and our home, the feeling of belonging and support. It is a dim light in the night, a reflection of leading entities, just as much as it represents all people in our country and our surroundings, our fertility, motherhood, and speaks of us in the youngest age, before we learned to walk and talk. The strength of the Moon is built in the most sensitive phase of development, when we are small babies that have no ability to fulfill physical needs on our own, helpless and completely dependent on other people. To set a strong basis in someone’s emotional world, trust and support need to be established at this vulnerable time, and understanding of these primal needs defines the understanding we’ll give and receive as adults.

The Moon represents all of our memories, the home we grew up in, as well as the home we tend to create with all of its warmth and coziness, or lack of it. As bread, food on the table, clean water, and our private life, it is the most intimate point we have in our chart. While it can be void of course, burnt by many influences, in challenge with Mars or even Pluto, it will always tend to reach the point of emotional balance and peace we seek. The only thing we can do to help our Moon, is to stay open enough to accept our heart and our emotions just as they are.

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