Circumstances Holding Us Back

Date: 2019-01-03
Circumstances Holding Us Back

To understand limitations of the outer world, we are first to comprehend our own limitations of physiology and processes in our body that we are rarely aware of. There is nothing more intelligent in our Earthly existence than our health and while it may seem detached from us living our lives in the outer world, its warning signs are only there as a reminder of routines and healthy choices that need to be respected before we embark on any story of success. Mercury exalts in Virgo, giving us special information about our greatest intelligence and the unexpected truth of our mind being strongest when we are aware of our physical needs and the healthiest routine we must follow. 

Individual Demands

It isn’t possible to just pick out a healthy routine for any person, especially not within stereotypes of healthy eating and sleeping habits. To truly ascend and do something great for ourselves, we need to be in tune with our physical existence and understand the inner voice we are meant to listen to in order to be healthy. Each situation that disturbs our world can be felt within our body, just as each relationship we form or challenge in our way triggers mechanisms, processes in our physiology that might push us out of balance. 

While rules for fasting and different healthy activities in life are well-known, they differ greatly from one side of the Earth to the other and depend on general systems of beliefs. Even certain religions bring their rules down to serve a person on an individual level. A confession with a priest might lead to special instructions on your diet, just as you can sense that some cravings need to be met and others put under control to improve your physical state. However, no other person than ourselves seems to hold the key to pure understanding of our own body and its needs. Our need to eat is our need to summon our ancestors in their purest strength and form of support. However, they can only get us as far as they came, and it is up to us to lead the way into the future. The best way to choose our healthy diet is to experiment, listen to the movements our heart dictates, and choose our groceries sensing its clearest pull while at the same time using information that we’ve been given about things that will limit our movement, take our energy away, or make us weaker or intoxicated. In addition, it is our responsibility to relax our body, get enough sleep and find ways to bless ourselves with truest, deepest rest. 

How Do We Overcome Fate?

In order to overcome limitations of Saturn and difficult circumstances that won’t let you move, the first thing you must do is rest. Rest gives clarity in understanding of our physical world and needs that must be met before we set out and try to understand things with a sole intensity of our mind. The greatest strength of the mind comes with its touch with the body, and we must understand that all our dreams, ideas and ideals won’t really mean much if we don’t find the strength to ground them and live them every day. Meant to serve as inspiration, triggering our gratitude and our most positive emotions, they will throw us from side to side and bruise us along the way if we aren’t prepared to be strong and grounded enough to do what it takes to bring them to life. Just as childbirth requires intense physical preparedness, any creative process needs us to learn about our physiology and listen to its cravings. Although our hormones won’t always call on our healthiest choices when we aren’t creating life itself, we can get in touch with our truest inner needs just the same and give ourselves a boost of energy needed to manifest what we want out of life. 

Whenever we stumble upon hard limitations, breakages, illnesses and difficulties that are out of our control, we are to remember that this is simply a signal sent by our unconsciousness. It reminds us of our frailty, of training we need so that we can stand firm on our own two feet, lift our body weight with the power of our hands, or the process of cleansing that is necessary to see a path around the obstacle or away from it. Moderation is often the key to understanding ourselves and our needs, as it gives enough room for us to differentiate between our destructive cravings and our true desires. This is exactly why Saturn exalts in the moderate, balanced sign of Libra.

Mars, Saturn and Pluto

Mars, Saturn and Pluto represent the trinity of our unconsciousness and define limitations in the real world we are to overcome. Acceptance that is often praised may lead to a struggle with personal responsibility and throw us into a state of lesser initiative. It is important to understand what we need to accept (Saturn) in order to understand what we can truly do (Mars) to change and heal our circumstances within the scope of our responsibility (Pluto). It is important to understand the message behind Saturn’s “Law of Inevitability”, as Capricorn has signs of Aquarius and Pisces to follow and to speak of ideals, freewill, and everything we can overcome if we connect to the Divine. Acceptance means finding peace in our current circumstances, realizing what IS so we can see the price of change and the strength needed to do so. This doesn’t mean we are to set free from our own responsibility and flow in the state of lethargic acceptance of circumstances forever and ever, but to realize our challenges are there for a reason, and this reason is always found within. Although we won’t be able to change certain things in the outer world, as our perception changes and we change, we will know exactly what needs to be done to set free from the pressure or pain we feel because of them. 

Our unconscious world is the zone of our deepest shadows and things we don’t accept in ourselves, in our Soul, and in our deep, dark emotional world. If we have a problem with our anger and shove it aside for too long thinking it is inappropriate, our energy will significantly drop. Aggression is life force itself and it can be cultivated when it is seen for what it truly is. Giving up on aggression and Mars is giving up on ourselves. On the other hand, Saturn represents our boundaries towards others and our ability to set apart, close our doors, and preserve our energy in order for it to be used for a goal we wish to reach. If we give up on our boundaries, take on what belongs to others along the way, and feel responsible for too many things that aren’t our own to carry, we will be too tired to succeed and constantly run into obstacles that seem impossible to overcome. Saturn has this ability to spin us in circles of powerlessness until we see where we took on responsibilities that aren’t truly our own, and until we finally rest from them. 

Mars and Saturn represent the material world we live in, one speaking of our physical limitations, existential fears and our initiative and energy to endure, and the other telling the tale of outer circumstances, the system, the state, and things we cannot influence, this including all other people in our lives. Our love for Mars is the love we found in our anger. Our love for Saturn is the love we found in our pain. When we lack love for Mars, we will lack energy, money, and strength. When we lack love for Saturn, we will lack faith, boundaries, and devotion to our true goals. Only when we accept them as they are, will we be able to build enough love for our earthly existence to live with joy through the inevitability of change, of Pluto, embracing its talent to regenerate and heal instead of giving up on our true desires. 

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