Past, history, debt, karma, weight, illness, restrictions, darkness, depression, bones, ice
Day: Saturday
Colors: Black, Brown

There is a mystery surrounding Saturn, being the most beautiful planet in the Solar system, drawn and pictured with colorful rings, while at the same time being considered the most maleficent of all entities in our charts. This planet rules Capricorn and traditionally Aquarius, connecting the old with the new and traditional with modern. Its main role in our lives isn’t easy or too positive to begin with, but this doesn’t make its lessons any less valuable than they are. To understand Saturn we need to dive really deep, be ready to dig up all sorts of negative emotions from the past, and deal with them until we reach a point of awareness and clarity. This explains a strong push that people marked by Saturn have to go back, think and even obsess about the past, getting tied to situations they weren’t able to resolve. If we are unable to move forward, we have to go back, and Saturn’s main policy is – take responsibility. Once we embrace the full responsibility we have for our lives, nothing Saturn brings will restrict or burden us any further.

Planet Saturn

Saturn is the last planet in the Solar system that is visible to the naked eye. Everything beyond its orbit is hazy and seeable only in specific circumstances, which is why transcendent planets weren’t discovered and confirmed as planets long after Saturn was already in use in traditional Astrology. Saturn’s rings are made out of ice and dust, and even though it is not one of the “ice giants”, it seems to be surrounded by ice that defines its role in the zodiac pretty well. Its rings are thin and wide, and its entire surface is the flattest of all planetary surfaces. Saturn has at least 62 moons and most of them are named by Titans in Greek mythology, their descendants and giants from Gallic, Inuit and Norse myths.

Saturn in Astrology

Saturn represents our system’s visible boundary to the outer Universe and as such, speaks well of boundaries on a personal level too. When in a challenging position, it represents the inability of a person to defend themselves or build walls to the outer world, other people, and circumstances that are difficult and burdening. It is the restriction itself, always pointing us towards our true path, but one we often fail to see as beneficent in any way. The clarity of faith Saturn requires to manifest in its highest form is almost unreachable, as a point in which we accept anything that happens, all hardships and obstacles standing in our way, as if they are there in the right place, at the right time, and fully our personal responsibility.

The sense of responsibility it brings often leads to feelings of incompetence and guilt, and the demands it has for any planet, house and sign it comes to contact with, are always burdening and hard. Even with the best of positions, Saturn is still the boundary that the society we live in puts on our personal world, and only if it truly supports us will we be able to blossom in the system we are a part of. It respects schedules, planning and hard work. You can’t run away from obligations it brings, so the best thing to do is to dive in, accept all that comes your way, and hope for the best while embracing the signals Universe sends your way every day.


Saturn is the master of time and order, and as such, it speaks of your grandfather’s watch, just as much as it speaks of your ability to do things “right”, one by one, and in a timely manner. It is a deadline we have to reach and the time we have in our entire lifetime. It counts in seconds, hours, and years, and always speaks of something slow, unfinished, broken, but useful. Saturn is an old man lurking in the shadows and a bearded guru living in solitude and poverty in Tibet. Although it supports hard work and speaks mostly of our career choices, status, and progress made by careful planning, the main role of Saturn in our lives is, strangely, to make us rest. When you think about it, you will realize that life gets easier if we have enough sleep, and use our privilege and our human right to rest. This is why meditation and relaxation techniques are so useful when trying to handle Saturn’s challenges.

In case of overworking and overly taking other people’s responsibility, Saturn will lead to a spasm and ways that will make us rest at any cost. If we cross all of our limits and boundaries by pure choice, it will leave us no further choice by making us ill so it can finally put us in bed. There is no simple or easy way it works, for it is a planet of our unconscious understanding for our own limits and stands for our breakage point if we are unaware of our potential, abilities and basic physical needs.

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