Happiness Is A State Of Heart

Date: 2017-10-24
Happiness Is A State Of Heart

There are so many debates on happiness that might make you wonder if it exists in the real world, especially now that so many entities entered the sign of Scorpio. To begin our quest, we obviously need to embrace the fact that old and obsolete things have to end, so that new, refreshing experiences may begin. Our biggest trouble in the process of reaching for personal fulfillment seems to hide in our inability to let go and allow the past to stay where it needs to stay – in the past.

Planetary Signature

The Moon represents our Soul and the way we treat ourselves every day. It is the point of all habits we collected in our primal family, and all those fragile emotions we carry in our DNA code. The Moon is the treasure of reflections, relating, and sensitivity we were once able to embrace, standing for the potential we create to truly be happy. When the Moon in one’s horoscope is weak, we can expect the person to have trouble accepting their own feelings, finding it impossible to cope with them, and failing to see them as a sign of strength instead of weakness. Only when we connect with the pace and the depth of importance our heart really has, can we become receivers for good things that enrich our lives.

We may speak about happiness or the overall state of satisfaction, but no matter the terminology, there is always a similar set of planetary influences that make our soul young, our lives beautiful, and turn our frowning faces into a smile. It is the dance of the Moon, Venus and Jupiter around the Sun. Each one of these celestial bodies brings its own set of values to our inner bliss.

Venus has its two faces, one coming our way from the sign of Taurus, and the other from the sign of Libra. To find balance, it must flow from ways of expression and relating to other people, to personal satisfaction on a physical plane, and back. The role of Venus is to give us a touch of beauty and inspiration, show us where love hides on planet Earth, ad teach us about gratitude we are to feel for every meal, emotion, and touch we share with another human being.

Jupiter is often described as the lord of all distances, but it is the aim we shoot for, and nothing less. If you imagine a target in your mind, you will reach it only if you are certain that you will do so and practically speaking, this is pure belief. Without this inner state of truth, nothing ever turns out to be in sync with expectations and desires a person has. This is the planet of hope, the planet of tomorrow, and brings heaven in all its forms right into our lives.

The Sun is the creative ruler in all of us, the king of the jungle and the king of the zodiac. Its role is more significant than we often realize, for its gravity cannot be compared to any planet. Standing as the center of order that gives us life, giving us life with light itself, there is no other entity in our entire system that gets our force to act in sync with our primal character. The Sun is the greatest of all deities and allows us to connect with ultimate power we carry through existence and the energetic composition we are built from.

The Love of the Lotus

We can see that Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces, traditionally ruled by Jupiter. To follow, Jupiter exalts in Cancer, ruled by the Moon. This trinity ends as a potent “circle” when the Moon exalts in the first sign ruled by Venus – Taurus. This is the primary basis for every Lotus composition in one’s chart that speaks of the beauty we evoke in our everyday lives, and all those beliefs that lead us towards love, joy, and fulfillment.

Lotus is an alignment of entities, two of which form a trine, while the third one stands in the middle, in sextile with each of the two. We will notice that people whose planets combine in a Lotus in their natal chart have a talent for evoking happiness, usually wearing a big smile on their face as a reminder. Even when the rest of their horoscope is set as a challenge or their planetary dignities are weak in some way, this composition gives them the ability to find beauty in the world and have faith that the future will only make them happier. In the end, this approach to life leads them on a path of living out their most potent futures.


Although the joy attracted shows to be there for every Lotus setting no matter the signs or planets involved, it is the first one, the combination of Pisces, Taurus and Cancer, that shows us the way to reach the point of absolute bliss. The key seems to lie in emotional connecting, primarily with our family and our roots, until we reach connectivity as a way of expression in the outer world. Pisces will speak of the wires that bring us closer to heaven, of all ideals that may be reached, as we resolve our emotional spasms and any restlessness in our hearts. Taurus gives grounding to everything that flows inside us as we feel the world openly and without fear.

The Sun rules the third energy center, found between the sacral and the heart chakra, as if it was set between Venus and the Moon. As our emotions come to balance, we give our Sun the opportunity to shine instead of giving its energy on ways to resolve emotional problems in these two realms. Material satisfaction and the pleasure we take out of life needs to be in sync with the need of our Soul and the gratitude we feel for the life we were given. In the end, this is really the only thing that matters, for the sense of absolute gratitude has the power to heal any problem we might stumble upon, making us gentler than gentle and open to receive all the love that our world has to offer.

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