Healing Crystals And Your Sun Sign

Date: 2016-10-10
Healing Crystals And Your Sun Sign

Each zodiac sign has a certain vibration, its own color, meaning and energetic properties. In our search for balance, we all find great comfort in Mother Nature, but we often forget how many wonders it offers to help us on our way. With the Sun in a certain sign, we have specific challenges that can be eased or completely healed with natures gifts, such as semi-precious and precious stones. Our relationship with them, the feel we get upon touch, and our ability to wear them or make peace with them as we return them to Earth, may show us the level of the problem we carry within.


The balance searched by the sign of Aries lies in accepting feminine principles within, feel gratitude, slow down, and understand the consequence of each action made. The best crystal to balance the sign of Aries is ruby, pure and simple, but red jasper will also be very helpful. To point the weak points of an Aries, moon stone, emerald or jade should be put on one’s chest, followed by deep breaths and overall relaxation. To accept responsibility and deal with restrictions, an Aries should create a routine with obsidian or wear a diamond at all times.


Taurus has an assignment to find balance between love and freedom, passive hedonistic nature and activity. They have to take good care of their body to make room for life’s satisfaction they need. To find overall balance, Taurus should use watermelon tourmaline, jade or moss agate. An emerald will help them discover what their heart truly seeks and a moonstone will help deepen understanding in relationships. Their weak spots are best treated with a ruby, blood stone, onyx or amethyst.


A Gemini has to find direction and understand the cause they are fighting for. Their mission is often unclear and their true role is to connect our world with the “underworld” and deliver messages from the unknown. The purest form of balance they require will be found with aquamarine or turquoise, especially if they are worn near their throat, while their overall wellness links well with agate in all of its tones. This is greatly supported by citrine and the effect it has on the third chakra. To find meaning and their life’s purpose, they should use sapphire and topaz.


To balance things out, a Cancer has the toughest task of all. Not only do they have to accept loads of work and responsibility, karma left in their family tree, but they also have to discover true initiative, strength and physical awareness. This sign is most often connected to the moonstone, as it is governed by the Moon and flows with the tides. However, the purest form of balance a Cancer can find hides in an emerald. In addition, it can be used as a healing stone for heart problems, emotional hurt, or sadness in any form. To handle their weaknesses, they should use ruby, red jasper, or obsidian.


Leo doesn’t have a problem with confidence, unless their emotional basis is unstable. The strength of Leo’s individuality can be easily recognized in the fact that their balancing crystal isn’t a stone at all. Leos find comfort in gold, for this is a conductor that helps them connect to their opposing sign. Even though they can be mended with citrine, sunstone and amber, a simple touch of gold can actually change their lives. To meet the request of their emotional body, Leos should use stones in relation to Venus, such as rose quartz, jade or watermelon tourmaline, while their weak spots fall under the realm of amethyst and hematite.


To handle the stress and strengthen that sensitive physiology of a Virgo, they need to change perspective, see miracles and “coincidences” in their lives, and find true faith in themselves. The best stones to answer Virgo’s needs are blue topaz and amazonite. To find inner peace, they should have a kunzite or a fluorite in their bedroom, preferably under their bed. Each stone for Virgo has to be cleaned often and with special dedication, and stones with damages or ruptures should be returned to nature and buried in the ground.


Libra is a complicated sign, represented by no real constellation, the place where the Sun falls only so Saturn will rise. To find balance, Libras need initiative, power, physical strength and fitness. Their stones are watermelon tourmaline and beloved pink quartz that will serve them well when it comes to usual matters of relationships, marriage and the joy of sharing. However, the balance they need often takes them on a challenge to connect with planet Earth, be more practical and realistic, and this is where jade kicks in as an Earth’s stone of balance. To build up the strength, Libra has to come to terms with citrine, ruby and red jasper.


As a feminine sign ruled by masculine Mars, Scorpio speaks of energy that has to be awakened, about repression and fear, about power and manipulation. Each Scorpio has to be balanced with emotion, love, caring and forgiveness, so that everything else can fit into place. To balance their strong energy, Scorpios should use magnetite, hematite, bloodstone and Boji stones. In order to find balance of emotion, they should treat their heart with awareness of breath and emerald or moonstone to let their feelings out and learn to cry if they feel like they've lost the ability to.


Those born with the Sun in the sign of Sagittarius look like they don’t have a problem in the world. This is not actually true, for they often lack practicality, communication skills and rationality. They will easily set off into their own Neverland, go someplace to never return only to avoid facing the problem that was tying them down. They should balance their perspective, view on life and optimism that borders with self-deception with a sapphire, topaz or in especially detached states – atacamite. To help them listen and speak with clarity, they should wear turquoise or aquamarine near their throat.   


If there is a sign capable of using the potential of crystal healing, it would be Capricorn. This is the level on which their Sun is set, caressing the ground and breathing only through planet Earth. Each Capricorn has to stop denying feelings. They need to learn how to follow their heart, and incorporate direction based on emotion in their practical goals. The perfection of Capricorn is best presented through a diamond – the hardest crystal of all. To balance finer levels within they can also use obsidian, onyx and black tourmaline. To get in touch with emotions and purify them, they should stick to emerald and moonstone and use them often.


Each Aquarian has one imperative in life – to discover whether they are supposed to fit in, or not. This is not an easy quest, especially when you are intellectually dominant, full of bright ideas that no one wants to follow, and generally misunderstood. The rebel and the humanitarian, Aquarius has to find the strength of their own will, live their life to the fullest and focus on materialization and one point instead of scattering around in their beliefs. To do so, they should silence their mind and find the right pace, using amethyst and rutilated quartz. For clarity on what is real and materializing their ideas, they need citrine and gold, preferably white gold as it already represents a mixture of opposites.


Pisces seem lost, but in fact, they are found in the strangest of places. Their home isn’t here, it is somewhere else, and their strong link to our human non-physical connection makes them extremely sensitive and susceptible to all sorts of outer influences. Their sensitivity is their greatest gift, but only if they learn to control it and set clear boundaries. To strengthen their spiritual side, Pisces should use kunzite and angelite. However, it would be a good idea to have a way to come back to Earth in agate and bare earth. There should be a tree planted in their room with a jade crystal resting on the ground as a link between earth and life, to give them the feel of balance between what’s living and what isn’t.

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