How The Signs Deal With Depression

Date: 2016-05-16
How The Signs Deal With Depression

Each of us has his own ways of dealing with difficult situations and depression. Continue reading to find out how each zodiac signs deals with depression!



When depressed, an Aries will become very aggressive and cover their sensitivity with anger. They will seek company and need someone to talk to, but easily be rejected when in this state, for they get too unpleasant to be around. They need to hold on to loved ones they share true intimacy and respect with, and open up to them about their sadness and sensitivity as much as they do about anger.



A Taurus will project their depression onto others and sometimes even convince others how they feel, trying to take care of them and help them overcome this state they actually never had. They easily shift guilt around, or take responsibility for too many people, and this drains the energy out of them. When depressed, a Taurus needs rest more than any other sign, not followed by the feeling of guilt for being lazy and static.



When a Gemini is depressed, it is often not obvious to other people. To deal with depression, people born under this sign will try stay busy at work and socialize with friends until they make the feeling pass. Unfortunately, this is unproductive when big emotional problems have to be resolved, and they might close their hearts entirely to avoid being sad, unaware of the necessity of emotion. To recover, a Gemini has to analyze their state and allow their feelings to be recognized and resolved.



Emotional and soft-hearted, a Cancer never underestimates the importance of comfort food, a good cry and the support of friends and family in an emotionally challenging situation. Every Cancer knows that having any feeling is better than having no feeling at all, and in most cases they will embrace depression and seek resolution within. Since they always turn to Jupiter to hope for a better future, their optimism pushes them forward and sometimes makes them unaware of the darkness they carry within.



To cheer themselves up, a Leo will probably throw a big party. When sad or annoyed, they will give in to drama trying to show others how they feel, loud and seemingly out of control. However, when they find themselves in true depression, they don't know how to handle it, for they want to be rational and highly conscious, but don't understand that sadness is necessary and natural. The best way for them to overcome this state lies in creative work.



Meticulous and organized Virgos think they don't have time for depression. They will do everything in their power to convince themselves that their feelings are irrational, trying not to think about them. This is one of the signs with the greatest tendency to get depressed. Their perfectionism lifts their expectations sky high and when disappointed, they get lost in sadness they don't want to see. Instead of obsessively cleaning, a Virgo should learn to cry and willingly share emotions with people who love them.



When dealing with depression, most Libras try to be around friends as much as they can. A change of environment, a short trip, and spending time with their loved ones is usually the fastest solution to their problems. With the Sun fallen in Libra, they sometimes have trouble shining a light on the situation, and when outer experiences don't help, they can remain depressed for a very long time. They handle deep emotional disturbances best through relationships, and therapy can truly help them out.



Self-destructive Scorpios will purposely immerse themselves in negativity until it destroys them, only to rise again like a phoenix from the ashes and return stronger. That is, unless they decide to continue burning themselves to death, every day. Holding on to negative things until they are fully resolved, Scorpios are familiar with depression and are prepared to stay in it forever if it will bring clarity into their mind in the end. If choosing a therapist, they need someone at least as deep and smart as they are, and should always pick someone with a positive life story.



A Sagittarian's weakest point lies in their expectations and their faith in the goodness of humankind. People born under this sign are known for their optimism, sense of humor and a cheerful personality, and usually won't dwell on sadness for too long. With a tendency to run away from a problem at hand, they might spend their life depressed, but joyful on the surface, just because they try not to believe in depression at all. The best cure for any state they end up in hides in relativity and a simple shift in perspective.



Depending on their upbringing and the way they were taught to deal with emotions, Capricorns can be quite prone to depression. In this state, they will distance themselves and get super defensive, raising boundaries to the outer world and becoming impossible to reach. To deal with depression, they should be shaken up, slapped on the cheek (metaphorically), and most importantly, they should make changes in their reality understanding that they DON'T HAVE TO torture themselves enduring difficult circumstances they can get out of.



The first signal an Aquarius is depressed is when they get short tempered with everyone, randomly snapping at their loved ones for no apparent reason. As a highly rational sign, filled with ideas and intelligent resolutions, they have a problem understanding their own emotional world. When their nerves are tested, and same things repeat to them over and over again, all sorts of negative states are possible, including depression. It is in their blood to understand that this state of mind is just a basis for another jump up and a positive change.



Pisces represent an ocean of collective emotion, and they are most likely to get depressed of all signs in the zodiac. They feel the atmosphere of their surroundings strongly and emotions of others influence them as if they were their own. When they don't have strong defense mechanisms, they start feeling crazy, not knowing how or why they ended up in a state they're in, starting a delusional battle believing that the whole world has turned against them. To deal with depression, they need to separate from the world and build up a strong personality that can resist outer influences.

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