How To Save A Relationship According To Astrology

Date: 2016-06-18
How To Save A Relationship According To Astrology

Sometimes, differences between zodiac signs and each sign's weaknesses become deadly to a relationship. Some things may be quite normal for one zodiac sign, but totally unacceptable for the other. Astrology is here to prevent you from making a mistake and help you save your relationship!


An Aries has the need to be your top priority, especially if you are theirs. If passion is lost and a representative of this sign thinks that you are no longer physically attracted to them, this will lead to an inevitable breakup, so do your best to return the flame to your relationship. Because of a strong need an Aries has to be the first and the best at everything, you shouldn't compare them to any of your ex partners.


A Taurus partner truly appreciates honesty and compassion. Even though they can be conservative at times, and their views sometimes don't allow many changes or excitements, they value life and joy most of all, help them understand their partner's needs better than many other signs. In order for them to show their understanding, don't be secretive, for they look for total openness and honesty.


A Gemini always says what's on their mind and they expect the same from you. If there is a misunderstanding between you, focus enough of your energy to explain your position. Give your Gemini room to breathe, don't be possessive, and be willing to accept change, adapt and compromise with their curious and unstable nature. The greatest threat to a relationship with a Gemini lies in restricting their freedom.


There is no other sign so sensitive to aggression and pain as much as Cancer. These individuals are emotional, sensitive and take everything their loved one does, to heart. They might forgive a forgotten birthday, but they will have trouble dealing with yelling, force or any sort of abuse. These souls need tenderness and affection, but most of all, they need to feel stable and find their partner reliable and reasonable.


Each Leo needs a partner to go well with the image they want to present to the world. He will not be very fond of being embarrassed in public, and likes to be with someone supportive, respectful and strong. His weakest point is his sex life and his partner should never use sex as a means of reward or punishment.


Virgos find it hard to accept the messiness of their partner - they like things tidy. Still, if they aren't disgusted by their partner's behavior, they will gladly clean after their entire family, finding satisfaction in knowing that they are loved just as they are. Devoted and shy, they don't understand big displays of affection, let alone irrational or irresponsible behavior. They seek perfection and it might be hard to satisfy them completely.


No one understands the subtleties of human relationships better than a Libra. Since harmony, balance and justice are some of the things they highly value, Libras have an aversion to roughness. Avoid coarse jokes in front of them and do not be intrusive. The most important thing in a relationship with a representative of this sign is to hold on to unconditional mutual respect. When it is gone, there will be nothing left to save.


You should never betray the trust of a Scorpio. Hurt by the smallest of things, Scorpios often feel like they have constantly been deceived and in a way expect to be betrayed. If you want to save your relationship with a Scorpio partner, be direct, honest and stay committed. Show them they have nothing to fear if they open up, and that you are reliable, loving, and always ready to convince them of your dedication.


Each Sagittarian feels like possessiveness and jealousy are a threat to their freedom, one of the most important things in their life. They need to see that they are trusted enough to be free and stay on the move, however socially unacceptable it might be. If they start feeling pressured, especially when asked to change their beliefs, they will immediately become distant and start redirecting their future in a direction that has nothing to do with you.


Although Capricorns rarely show their feelings, they can easily be hurt - especially when it comes to their dignity. They want their private life to remain private, and need a partner who will be thankful for their resourcefulness, stability and respect. Every Capricorn needs time to process things before making a decision, so don't rush them and be as patient as possible.


An Aquarius always needs time in touch with nature and the animal world. They will get angry if their partner shows a lack of understanding and compassion for ecological, humane solutions that the world should be in sync with. Aquarius representatives need to feel accepted and as if they are finally a part of their tribe. Do not exclude them from your activities, friends or family, for this will inevitably lead towards them excluding you from their life entirely.


Pisces representatives are very generous, giving and kind, but they don't like it when someone exploits that. Their boundaries are easily broken and their sensitive soul shaken to the core. Pisceans find it extremely important to have shared beliefs and expectations with their partner in order for the relationship not to lose its meaning along the way.

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