Lunar Nodes And Our Family Ties

Date: 2017-03-22
Lunar Nodes And Our Family Ties

As we imagine a large dragon with fire burning in its belly, we can see its similarities to Lunar Nodes and their setting in our natal chart. Very often, those who start practicing and learning Astrology, give little importance to this nodal axis, guided by usual interpretations of planets, signs and houses. Still, there seems to be a large shadow hanging over us at all times, presented by the force of the Moon’s actual movements in relation to movements of the Earth and it is seen through this primal opposition in each natal chart.

What is a Lunar Node?

Lunar Nodes represent the points in the ecliptic where Earth’s route around the Sun intersects the pathway of the Moon around Earth. It seems to be the relation of action and consequence through two “generations”, two bodies moving in relation to each other. As the Moon descends we see the image of the South Lunar Node, and as it rises above the ecliptic, it shows the point of the North Node. These two points slowly circle through the zodiac as if their role was to give a second dimension to the uncatchable and fast Moon itself.

How Do Lunar Nodes Affect Us?

At certain points in time, the Moon will cross paths with Earth’s relation to the Sun, and when this happens with the Sun close to one of the nodes, an eclipse will happen. When we think about it through the grand trio of the Moon, Earth and the Sun, we will see that Lunar Nodes stand for the primal battle of masculine and feminine, two lights in the sky, husband and wife, and finally our inner need for initiative and passive attraction.  Given their roles as father and mother in our chart, it becomes clear that their position speaks of relationships of our parents that define our primary inner opposition.
The level of agreement between parents puts a strong division in our own personality, primarily manifested through our belief in good and evil. The more coherent their attitudes and personalities are, as well as their ability to accept each other as different individuals, the more we will be able to see the world with no evil and mend dualities we carry within into One.

We are often reminded that our role models are set in one of our parents, usually the same sex parent we observe from the tenth house. Still, the fine web of feelings is supported through the nodal axis for it gives the basis for our role model as a Unity of two different people. There is no way for any parent to push their individual convictions into our system of beliefs for as long as their acceptance for the other parent is strong and filled with love and understanding. This is the reason why so many people with individually positive and optimistic parents have negative beliefs and expectations from life, for the individual positivity of parents says little about their relationship with one another. On the other hand, we will see that even the darkest of personal stories give strong support to children born out of loving bonds of two parents, however difficult their individual natures might be.

Lunar Nodes tell the story of love between our parents pushing us forwards or holding us back. These imaginary dots in the ecliptic will sometimes be supported by aspects with their characters seen through houses they reside in, their rulers, and the Sun and the Moon as separate entities. Still, all of these things have to combine well in order for us to easily evolve and achieve spiritual growth in this life.

The Good and the Evil Parent

If we say that Lunar Nodes represent the being of our parents’ relationship, we can conclude that one of the nodes will stand for the giver (the South Node) and the other for the receiver (the North Node). These roles won’t always be easy to comprehend knowing them as two people and we have to see them through a relationship that once was.

To fully understand the importance of a life without duality here, we give one of the nodes the character of a “bad node”. What we fail to see is that this is like saying one of our parents was bad to the other, for the other, assigning your father or your mother with the role of the “evil partner.” This leads to an inner conflict we all have to some point. Without the magic and love of their relationship, we wouldn’t even exist in this body on planet Earth, and gratitude for life needs to be built up sky high to neutralize these opinions and problems with perspective that turn our head in one direction and from the other.

Keep in mind that in Western traditions it is always the South Node that is considered to be “bad”, while in the East, true malefic in the zodiac seems to be the eater seen through the North Node. These primal nodes obviously speak of an incredible force of mundane duality that is yet to be mended into one by the collective unconscious. 


Our Love for Our Lunar Nodes

Nodal axis always speaks of the attention we have to send into our genetic inheritance and everything left to us from the relationship of our parents. Our personal relationship to their bond will be seen through the Ascendant, its ruler, and personal planets that come their way, aspect them and give them support or take it away through natal positions.

If our Ascendant, its ruler, or really any planet squares the nodal axis, we won’t be able to easily find an inner understanding for parental issues that existed between them at our time of birth. If our Ascendant or its ruler is sitting on one of the nodes, we can see a strong bond with only one parent and polarization that pushes us one way instead of keeping us balanced in the middle. To approach them in the best possible way, we need to look at their rulers, see which ones we have to work with, heal, and rectify.

Whatever our situation, there is always emotion and incredible tenderness in our contact with the nodes, and while we might lose sight of their importance in our interpretations, paying attention to them could lead us to emotional and psychological resolutions we are constantly in search for.

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