Marriage And Zodiac Signs

Date: 2016-08-22
Marriage And Zodiac Signs

Your zodiac sign can reveal whether you tend to be happy in marriage. Married life doesn't suit everyone, and Astrology can help you discover if you are a traditionalist, devoted to your family or if you have to compromise and make some adjustments to your personality in order to be happily married.


Man: A man born with the Sun in Aries often quickly decides to get married. He likes to be a dominant male and never runs from his responsibilities, nor from possible conflicts with his partner. His energy level is set way up high and is often unreachable for his partner, but this doesn't represent a problem if he doesn't force his opinions and his way of life on his spouse. If he is deprived of a way to express his personality, confident about his sexuality, he will easily start looking for pleasure outside of home.

Woman: An Aries woman will always support her partner's ambitions, because she wants a successful man beside her. If she doesn't meet one, everything in her power will be done to create one. This is a wife that never neglects her partner or her responsibilities at home and in married life, but as an energetic and vibrant person, she wants to have it all and should never give up on her dreams. She is active, organized and prone to jealousy outbursts when her sense of security and her confidence are shaken.


Man: When a Taurus man gets married and starts a family, he is usually dedicated to his wife and children, and will always strive to provide the best possible living conditions to his family. He is gentle and kind, and puts his focus on physical pleasures in life. He will cook, and if needed clean, carress, and care for everyone in his home, for as long as this doesn't interfere with his traditional views and his hedonistic needs that have to be met for a certain part of each day. As a fixed sign, he can truly commit to one partner and remain in a satisfying marriage for years.

Woman: A Taurus woman is often confused for a great housewife that cooks and bakes all day long and lives an idyllic life at home. She is a mother who adores her children, that is true, but her love for material satisfaction is usually greater than her need to fulfill her stay-at-home role. She wants a successful husband, who will provide financial security to their family, but isn't afraid to create it on her own. When with the right partner, she is faithful, loyal and dedicated, with enough patience to move mountains, if that is what her family needs.


Man: If you are looking for a stable family man, a provider and a traditionalist, then a Gemini man is not your ideal partner for marriage. Life with him can be beautiful, interesting, exciting and at the same time relaxed, but only if he has a partner that won't weigh him down. In return, he will provide his home with complete freedom of thought and deed and teach everyone he lives with everything he knows. He is very practical, and will take care of his everyday responsibilities with ease and vigor, but he is also charming and loves flirting and this might not be easily understood by some traditional partners.

Woman: A Gemini woman is a bit mischievous, but she is willing to change into a calmer on of her inner twins once she decides to get married, if she ever decides to do so. She will get strangely attached to her husband once she finds someone worth the trouble, but this won't stop her from being who she is or maintaining a healthy social life that helps her overcome any of life's difficulties. A Gemini woman wants a partner who is on the same intellectual level as she is and she should never settle for less.


Man: A man born with the Sun in the sign of Cancer finds family life to be the most important thing in life. He is turned to traditional values, tender, devoted and caring, but he has trouble showing initiative and becoming the protector he always wanted to be. Although he might seem to be an ideal partner, life with him is not so simple. Passive and sometimes overly sensitive, he can turn to verbal aggression in no time, for he is fragile to the core. He needs someone who will give him strength and show him how powerful and confident he can be.

Woman: A Cancer woman is the ideal wife for a partner who holds on to traditional values. She is sensitive and faithful, motherly, and full of love and understanding. She wants someone to protect her, not because she is weak, but because she needs a spouse she can rely on to keep her safe when she is vulnerable. Once she gets married, she will do everything in her power to nurture the relationship she's chosen and remain in a giving, healthy married life until death does them part.


Man: A man born with the Sun in Leo is confident, warm and always shines a light on everyone around him with his big heart. This is a sign ruled by the Sun and he easily becomes the center of attention for everyone around him, sometimes making it difficult for his partner to shine. As a big kid himself, he is a playful role model and a father who easily laughs, supports and communicates with his children, unless he puts them in his shadow too. A showoff that he is, he needs a partner that looks good, graceful and elegant, and goes well with his personality. He needs someone that he will always have to treat with respect and admiration, and expects the same in return.

Woman: A Leo woman is organized, punctual and always finds time for everything. She can be the ideal wife to an ambitious man if she loves him deeply enough, for she has the energy and understands what needs to be done in order for him to become successful. This is a woman with power, attractive, sensual, warm and at times quite loud. Her decisions are her own and she wants to be respected at all times, even when she had traditional upbringing or if she lived in a patriarchal surroundings. When she decides she wants to spend her life with someone, she will rarely let go and disrespect her own choice, brave enough to face anything that comes her way.


Man: A man born in the sign of Virgo is one of the most faithful husbands of the zodiac. He is usually quite rational and clean, loves to work hard and provide for his family. He doesn't give in to his possessive nature easily, but often isn't particularly passionate, being conservative and not much of a romantic. As one of the mutable signs, he is changeable and needs a partner to keep their relationship stable. He loves to be on the move, feel productive and smart, and will serve his loved one with dedication for as long as their relationship is meaningful and filled with trust.

Woman: A Virgo woman is analytical and intelligent, while at the same time an extremely sensitive and caring wife and mother. Even though she often has trouble letting go of her need to keep everything under control, this can be overcome with an appropriately responsible partner. She might seem cold and too reasonable for a passionate relationship, but she is also incredibly reliable, practical and willing to sacrifice for the greater good. Since this is a sign of Venus' fall, she can have trouble understanding how much she's worth and put physical pleasure and her own feelings in the background.


Man: Libra is the sign that represents marriage and relationships in general, and a man born with in this sign feels a strong pull of "marital gravity", always in search for love and someone he can share his life with. Due to the fact that his Sun has fallen, his confidence is often shaken and his self-image often based on opinions of other people. This is a man who chooses confident partners that fit their overall image but don't care much about gossip and what others have to say. He is passionate and as someone who thinks about others usually an excellent lover. However, lack of satisfaction will easily push him to become unfaithful.

Woman: A Libra woman is very attractive and feminine, always surrounded by admirers and not afraid to show her sexuality by giving out that seductive glow, often disapproved by other women. She looks for harmony and a balance in her relationships, and needs a strong man, responsible and protective, but also not hung up on opinions of other people. Many women born in this sign want to enjoy luxury and comfort, but don't choose their partner based on material benefits of a relationship with them. She needs intellectual stimuli and someone to make her life interesting and fun while not endangering her sense of security.


Man: A Scorpio man is often described as very possessive and jealous. The truth is this is what he becomes because of his deep sensitivity and fear of getting hurt. When he chooses a partner for life, he will do everything in his power to justify his decision, even if it might not have been the best one. He can become dark and needy, obsessive and difficult, but there is really no other man capable of such dedication when it comes to love. To find happiness with him, love has to be proved constantly and dominance and fake attitudes should be left aside.

Woman: A woman born with the Sun in Scorpio takes marriage very seriously and looks for a partner who is charismatic, influential and powerful. She will sacrifice herself and her entire past for the happiness of her family, but in return, she expects complete admiration and respect. Extremely passionate and full of energy, this is a woman who finds a core of her partner and holds on to it for as long as she can. This is the only way she will feel love and she will never settle for superficial relationships. If a man fails to fulfill her basic needs, she will make a turn, go away, and never regret her decision.


Man: A Sagittarius man is a born adventurer, always ready to take a leap of faith, even when there was no foundation to do so in the first place. He will easily lose sight of reality, romanticize and idealize his partner, leading to inevitable dissatisfaction and disappointment. When he chooses a partner who is able to give him enough freedom, while at the same time sharing his ideals and beliefs, he can remain in a healthy marriage for a very long time. He needs a spouse who is eloquent, fun, independent and able to cope without him.

Woman: A Sagittarius woman is a wise, openhearted and friendly spouse. Her set of beliefs gives the ability to support her partner in anything they put their mind to, but only if she chooses someone who makes her laugh, honest and giving as she is. Monotony is her worst enemy and she will do anything to keep the fire lit in her marriage, including occasional fights or flirts just to spice things up a bit and raise sexual tension. If she finds a partner who is willing to let her keep her freedom, the purpose of this relationship will become clear to her and she will finally be tamed.


Man: A man born with the Sun in Capricorn is usually devoted to his career goals, and often enters marriage later than other signs, when he is sure that it fits the top of his priorities and life plans. His spouse will feel safe, protected and secure in this union, but often devoid of emotional displays of affection. The core of a Capricorn man is sensitive and warm, but his nature isn't that cuddly and emotional in everyday life. He can be difficult to communicate to, strict and stiff in his opinions, so he needs a partner with a lot of love and tact to subtly find balance between them.

Woman: A Capricorn woman is created for a partner who respects her independence, rationality and feisty nature, while at the same time perfectly capable to create a peaceful family life without much excitement. She can be stubborn and persistent to the point of agony, but she will always take the side of her loved ones and be as loyal as anyone can be. If she is hurt too many times, this woman can become cold, reserved, distant and even repulsive, losing any desire to show emotion even when she truly cares for her partner. It doesn't take much to break her heart and she needs someone tender, able to understand this.


Man: An Aquarius man is very unpredictable and often said not to be ideal for marriage. The truth is he doesn't care for the institution of marriage that much to begin with, and is often repulsed by the idea of commitment and being tied down by the law. His chosen one should be honest and warm, but always ready to take on new excitements and challenges during their married life. This is a man who doesn't have a problem with divorce and always keeps it in mind as one of his options if things get bad. Nervous and edgy, he can be quick to enter marriage and get out of it, and has to be with someone independent, free-spirited and open-minded in order for his commitment to last.

Woman: A woman born in the sign of Aquarius is friendly and open for all sorts of new experiences, but often stands out too much for the expectations of society, her partner's family and neighbors. She doesn't want to commit until she finds the right person to be with, but she can make the wrong choice by risking with a partner who isn't a best fit for her and who doesn't respect and cherish her the way she is. If she realizes that her life has become an endless loop of routine, her need for adventures and changes might take over. This is when she becomes an unreliable spouse out of a strong fear of living a common boring and ordinary life.


Man: A Pisces man is bound to go into extremes when it comes to marriage. His strongly idealistic nature gives him incredible faith in love, and when in this mode, he is willing to fulfill all the wishes his partner has, making happiness of his family his lifelong mission. His beliefs are his most important asset and he won't do anything to endanger them. However, if disappointment kicks in and he discovers that he chose poorly, he can get lost, close up, cheat or lie with incredible ease, becoming a man who seems to do everything in his power to be left behind by his spouse. He needs someone realistic and grounded to keep him in a state of balance at all times.

Woman: A woman born with the Sun in Pisces is in love with love, and truly believes that marriage will bring miracles into her life. She will not give up on marriage even if her experiences were painful, firmly believing in a better outcome next time around. Her partner needs to understand her need for privacy and respect her ways of reaching intimacy, and sharing her inner world with the outer one. Her space has to be intact and her boundaries respected, for her to truly bring magic to her home and put all of her faith and trust into the future of her family.

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