The Gravity Of Pluto

Date: 2023-04-01
The Gravity Of Pluto

The “Master of the Underworld”, Pluto, just entered the sign of Aquarius. Due to its slow movement and the fact that it had been in Capricorn since 2008, we can expect multiple changes and its thorough nature to lead us through incredible innovation and insights for years to come. Its lessons are never easy and during its travels through Capricorn it pointed in the direction of karmic debts, generational trauma, deeply rooted fears of intimacy and love, and all those rigid beliefs that weighed us down. Now that lessons of the material world have been dug out and faced with all the shadows standing behind them, it is time for the next phase of collective evolution to begin. 

Loss of Status

Apart from its positive attributes, such as healing, regeneration, conception and sexuality, Pluto is a bizarre celestial entity that sums up the primal opposition of life and death in the strangest of ways. It rules Scorpio and exalts in the same sign, at the exact same spot where Moon falls, as an emphasis to loss of life and love as the main source of power we carry within. Forgiveness brings healing, and death of love gives us a chance to love ourselves even more to regenerate. The final destination and the ending to everything that has ever been created, its destructive ways are often random, rare, and distant, just as Pluto is distant to Earth and not visible with the naked eye. It is the (dwarf) planet of war, in its extreme form, the essence of all sexual frustration and conflict, while also being the point of oneness and deepest unconscious cravings of our Soul. 

Perhaps the most interesting view of this entity hides in the fact that it gained the most popularity when it lost its status in the Solar System, labeled as a dwarf planet and degraded in comparison to closer and much larger planets that are orbiting the Sun. This is a paradox as with its “death”, changing, deletion from astronomy lessons, it is now more accepted in astrological circles than before. Considering its current status, Pluto points its focused little “finger” to the fact that Ceres and other dwarf planets might have a bigger impact in Astrology than we once thought. 

Winds of Change

After years spent in Capricorn, a cardinal sign that belongs to the element of Earth, suddenly Pluto is in Aquarius, a fixed Air sign. It is a strange transformation of energies where what is slow (Earth) becomes fast (Air) and what is fast (cardinal) becomes slow (fixed). Luckily, this means that we are ready to move on from certain generational and family issues that keep us narrow-minded or behind fences that are ready to be broken. This also means that the focus comes down to current triggers, this moment in time, and the future that we can create when oppositions are welded into one. It is also rewarding that one of the rulers of Aquarius, Uranus, exalts in Scorpio, but the matter of structure and healthy boundaries still remains. Also, we should not forget that Uranus is currently in Taurus, the sign opposing Scorpio, fallen, as if to test us for the value we collectively give to life itself. 

Since Aquarius is the place of rebellion, sharp turns and unexpected changes, and Pluto is the ultimate transformation, it seems easy to give the interpretation of months and years that we are rushing towards, the key word being change. Pluto has a small mass and its gravity doesn’t have a big impact on Earth and yet, we all gravitate to its symbolism - death, as the most powerful law of nature that is to be faced. Change in its essence. 


Since the Sun is in detriment in Aquarius where humane and collective values and freedom are respected more than any individual need for position, power or status, the biggest changes are to be expected where power has been misused. While conflicts may escalate as entire governments restructure, there is truth to the rebellion that has become impossible to avoid. What has been shoved aside or pushed under the rug while we were collectively digging through the dirt of old ways and stale emotions, is no longer to remain hidden, tolerated, or dismissed. Personal freedom becomes an imperative, more important than career goals, old fences that once kept us safe, or any form of limiting structure, but this need for freedom could become destructive if we don’t rely on carefully planned steps, willing to deal with consequences of each choice we make. 

Since Pluto gained power and popularity through loss of status, it is a wonderful image of what needs to be done and accomplished in years to come. This is the real transformation that we can look forward to. Name and title become less important than collective acceptance and love for those who feel dismissed. Social networks that support our inner truth gain power as unified beliefs give stronger focus and help us bring incredible progress to every area of life. Talents are about to rise and break through any mud of judgment. Eccentric individuals and those standing on the border of what is proven, scientific, or traditional, have the opportunity to shine through with new belief systems that connect the dots and merge knowledge from different sources. 

Unconditional Love as Our Final Destination

Healing comes through love, our ability to give and take a step forwards to connect and find understanding where we would normally close our hearts out of fear. Risks that are based on pure faith and unconditional love (the exaltation of Neptune) and sparks of life that awaken our entire nervous system are about to pay off. Those who are crazy enough to try will succeed when the inner child is accepted and nurtured without compromise. Materialization of intense and obsessive ideas is no longer an option but something that one is bound to commit to. 

It is time to look forward to all the “musts” and all those surprises of life that blow wind in our sails, reminding us that our truth cannot be negotiated and we aren’t to bend or break under the pressure of any social norm. However intense or dark days ahead of us may be, what comes out of our deepest searches is the brightest light. Allow yourself to be a bit unrealistic, think outside the box, and embrace all the changes that serve your higher truth and spiritual guidance leading to tenderness and love. We are all connected, no matter our wounds or deeds, and we are all responsible for our personal happiness as a part of this enormous society. Our collective right to belong, with freedom to be authentic, will become powerful and annihilate bridges that tie us to the unhealthy ways of the past.

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