The Process Of Learning

Date: 2019-05-04
The Process Of Learning

It is well known that Jupiter represents learning, but many people looking for guidance fail to see the actual significance of its role. Not only is it our guru, our teacher and our spiritual leader, it is also the sense of purpose we feel to move on with our lives, and the essence of expansion that gives us life itself. Observe your inner world and see how only one instance, one small thing, one single relationship that takes away the sense of meaning, takes us into a black hole and pushes us into the loop of obsessive behavior on our quest for the truth. All those born under the rule of Jupiter have felt such an urge, to dig and dig through the core of the Earth if necessary, only to find the sense of meaning in meaningless things that cannot be seen clearly, but touch our heart either way.

The Giant’s Dignity

Such a big planet with such an immense role must be accompanied by immense dignity. This comes easy to some of us when Jupiter is set in signs of its rule, Sagittarius or Pisces, when it is brought to its exaltation in Cancer in a natal chart, and accompanied by a strong Sun. Some, on the other hand, have a challenge of Jupiter seen through its position in Capricorn, Gemini or Virgo, or the disposition set in these signs. These individuals know very well what loss of meaning looks like, but sometimes fail to see where the core of the issue is or choose not to follow the calling, for the haze of our view is defined by the amount of pain we are trying to hide from.

The main problem of Jupiter is our lack of bravery to follow the emotional flow wherever it might lead. Its actual purpose is to give us direction, show us the way, and to do so, it needs to be felt rather than analyzed in our mind. Never forget that its exaltation is found in Cancer, where the deepest core of our emotional wounds and memories lies. None of us is immune to the haze, just as none of us is immune to the pain, but to follow its calling we must be ready to dive into our shadows. It leads us towards Saturn and nowhere else, for the natural order of things develops from Sagittarius, over Capricorn and into Aquarius. This symbolism shows us that our feelings will take us on a journey (Sagittarius) through shadows to find their place and their constructive use (Capricorn) so we can move on, free from ties of the past with our awareness brought to the next step of personal evolution (Aquarius).

Meaningful Relationships

The sign of Cancer and the Moon represent our Soul and its task and direction in this lifetime, with the degree of Jupiter’s exaltation found here. They are the root of expansion and the only truth we can return to as time goes by. All our emotional contacts and deeply intimate relationships are found here as well, and represent the reflection of our primal bonds, with the mother’s role accented as the source of feminine energies and loving contact. She should be the one to flow with us from the moment of conception, giving us unconditional love and faith in all relationships we will ever build. Still, every mother is human and bound to make mistakes, have shadows of her own, and they will be represented by the opposing sign of Capricorn where Jupiter falls and Mars is exalted, where reality must be accepted just as rough as it is. This is where distance is made in our attempt to protect those we love the most from our own pain. From this point of view, our father is the reflection of our mother, and pointing out to her shadows and it is no wonder that marriages and deep relationships often suffer after the child is brought into the world, as if to show the capacity of both parents to overcome restrictions and limitations with love while giving us the structure and healthy boundaries we need.

Realizing that Jupiter feels its fullest potential in Cancer, the core of all intimacy, unconditional love and the basis of all Water signs to follow, we are to acknowledge the purpose of each relationship in our life that touches our heart. The greater the wound received in a contact, the deeper our own need to meet ourselves is. Through deepest pain, the most important messages will be received about our own Soul and the lack of love we carry within, as well as its abundance when the heart is cleansed of pain over time. The sense of purpose comes from closely relating with others, and the way of connecting with others reflects in pure synchronicity with the way we connect with our own inner child.

Our parents are the ones responsible in entirety for the love we feel in the world around us, and they shouldn’t be deprived of their dignity to carry such responsibility. They chose to become parents after all and it was their decision to make. On the other hand, they gave us life to be thankful for and each parent did the best they could in the flow of their own bloodline and ancestry. They are to be forgiven for the deep shadows they have been dealing with, unable to give more than they ever got. As we learn, forgive, and move on from their problems with acceptance and love for Self, we start following the actual purpose we all have – to outgrow those behind us. There is a direction we all share, found in Neptune, to look forwards into something better, breathing more love into the world than our ancestors did, and rising the collective awareness by setting an example to follow. The quest for Divine Love seems to be the one effort we are all meant to embark on, however much our personal directions and pathways might differ.

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