Mystery, fairytale, fog, secret, lie, deep space, dream, mission, magic, illusion, smoke
Colors: Purple, Lilac

Neptune is truly a magnificent giant that withholds idealism and deception all in one. Its mysteries aren’t always there to be revealed and the vast space in our lives it rules seems to circle our entire existence. Neptune rules the sign of Pisces and it is a rainy day you can see through the window, as much as it is the fairytale ending you seek in this lifetime. It is the congregation of two lifetimes as a Unity that guides the way, connecting the past with the future into one enlightened whole. If you want to understand Neptune, you’ll have to dive into the deepest ocean and be prepared for disappointment and magic, combined into one. It won’t be easy to handle when accented in a person’s chart, simply because it goes against the reality we are taught possible, and relies greatly on the purity of our convictions set in Jupiter, and our ability to recognize beauty in life from the point of our Venus. Only in the case when both Venus and Jupiter are strong in a person’s chart, will they be able to live up to a glimpse of Neptune’s potential for magic and cosmic emotion.

Planet Neptune

Called both a gas, and an ice giant, Neptune is a cold icy structure of great mass and gravitational pull. Just like many other large entities in the Solar system, it has rings surrounding it, but Saturn seems to hold the role of the ring-bearer nonetheless. Because of its distance from planet Earth, Neptune wasn’t known in ancient civilizations, impossible to spot from Earth without a telescope. It was discovered in the 19th century. To circle the Sun, this planet needs approximately 165 years, or in other words, about 2 human lifetimes. This serves well to show its astrological role and the parts of it impossible to see. Being so far from the Sun, Neptune is very cold, with an average temperature of -214°C and it is interesting to observe that Astrology considers it the ruler of Pisces, a sign when Venus, the warmest of all planets is exalted. After the dismissal of Pluto’s planetary role in the Solar system, Neptune became the last official planet in a row to circle the sun.

Neptune in Astrology

To grasp the importance of Neptune in one’s chart, or in charts of mundane events, countries, and leaders, there is a certain haziness we’ll have to embrace. Just as it is now the “last planet” in the Solar system after not being one for years, we will see that there are many inconsistencies to its meaning and roles in our existence. Neptune is a planet of misconceptions and lies, just as it is a planet of ultimate faith and trust. There is fragility to its field of emotion, and when our personal planets get in touch with Neptune, we easily become unstable, scared, or sometimes too sensitive to handle the rough world surrounding us.

Neptune is a place of all compassion and the feel of the humankind, and the bringer of talents and incredible possibilities into our lives. To understand it, we need to accept the fact that it cannot be understood, and only pure faith can help us grasp its meaning and realize what its role is. In our energetic body, Neptune represents the aura that surrounds us, the body of color that is impossible to see with our eyes, unless if we are open enough to put our faith into vision and bring it down to the level of our senses. Always something different from the common world and outside the bounds of Saturn, Neptune is any illusion we decide to trust on our path, including those that give our life the sense of magic.

Imagine Neptune’s role being pervasive and deep. Its mythological basis brings it into strong connection with Saturn, and they both tend to open us the “the other worlds” and the realities beyond the one we are aware of every day. The only way to bring it down to Earth is to find belief in absolute beauty and discover our mission and talents right here, where we are, bringing our past life’s rewards into contact with the future we’ll create.


Neptune is often expressed through its maleficent potential, at least up to the point where we become aware of our talents and the mission we are supposed to fulfill in this lifetime. The strong pull of Neptune opens us up to the “upper spheres” and the world outside of the one we are born into when taking this human body. Unless a strong basis is set in the primary family, where dreams of an individual should be nurtured and respected at all times, it will show its difficult nature through substance abuse, dishonesty, and psychological and sleep disorders. On the level of our body and physiology, its negative role will lead to allergies, hormonal problems, and illnesses of unknown origin and cure.

In its positive manifestation, it will make us missionaries on the path of recognition and sacrifice for other people, or talented wizards who inspire humanity on a mundane level. This is exactly why manifestations of Neptune in one’s personal and professional life are seen through medicine, healing, psychology, or charity work and care for people with special needs. If its talents guide us, we will follow our mission through music and other forms of art, brought to Earth to inspire and support large groups of people.

The closer we are to our mission, the more popularity we’ll have to cope with, and our psyche has to be strong enough to endure the pressure of our surroundings or Neptune’s negative manifestations might kick in once again. This is the main reason why so many famous people turn to all sorts of dependencies and drug abuse, in sync with something their minds and emotional foundations cannot handle well enough. Remember that some of the greatest minds and talents remain unknown, surfacing from the shadows of secrecy, where names stay hidden as unimportant for the greater good. This is the real force of Neptune, for the more we desire to be acknowledged for our good deeds and abilities, the further we seem to be from our fragile inner truth.

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