The Truth Of Sagittarius And Our Ninth House

Date: 2018-12-21
The Truth Of Sagittarius And Our Ninth House

The sign of Sagittarius is usually represented as our teacher, college, a place where we learn, expand, travel, and shape our beliefs. It is a sign that represents religion, just as our ninth house speaks of the church in which we are to find our feeling of belonging to the greater whole. The process of learning is obviously closely intertwined with faith, and in time we discover that this faith represents nothing more but our faith in our decisions, our choices, and the direction that pulls our chest forwards. Some of us will be inspired to study political sciences, others will turn to physics and some will choose to receive education to become managers, priests or actors. Whatever the case, as we all know, the root of these decisions should be found in our emotions and what we love to do. 

Eighth House as the Greatest Challenge

The symbolism of any eighth house is always to point out our deepest shadows and what we try to shove aside, push away, or toss in the trash. This is a turning point, a matter of death itself, and what ties us to matters that we haven’t fully resolved or found forgiveness for. Eight house and the sign of Scorpio stand as a foundation for the following ninth house, and the following sign of Sagittarius. This serves to remind us that the foundation of our beliefs and width, as well as our chosen direction in life, calls on us with its magnetic pull to resolve emotional troubles and lack of acceptance for things that we see as threatening or obsolete in the world. Although a strong position of Jupiter, ninth house ruler, or planets in Sagittarius will typically pull us out of our deep shadows and dilemmas through our ability to sense the truth and see there is the light at the end of a tunnel, it is our responsibility to deal with things that trouble us most and take away our life force so that we can use the full potential of expansion and knowledge the world has to offer. 

On the other hand, we find that the eighth sign from Sagittarius is the sign of Cancer, calling on us to become true and collect our blessings as we deal with emotions we don’t want to have. Each feeling that we push into our stomach, pretending it isn’t there or thinking it shouldn’t be shown or followed, represents our dishonesty towards Self and taints our vision, blurring our direction in life. From this point of view, it is the greatest challenge in our quest for the truth, to embrace our own anger, resentment, judgments that come out of general intolerance, deep sadness, depression, and other negative feelings – as normal. 

Education and Religion

People often get confused thinking that education from Sagittarius is something separate from our own inner knowledge. When in tune with our talents and our emotional world meant to guide us, anyone will receive just the right education, enroll in a college that makes them number one in their field of expertise, and things will flow easily if we give ourselves freedom to feel. In earthly terms, one is to cry their heart out, yell and get angry, before they decide what they wish to study or before fighting for any religious attitudes. Only once we fall into our deep resentment for Self can we truly see that there is nothing to fear there, and that we won’t be anything less than what we are if we expand our hearts to accept our own truths. 

Toxic surroundings make us believe our emotions are inadequate. We all have someone who told us not to show our tears, not to express anger, and some of us have been forced to get religiously involved or choose a college that will make us “able to make a living”. What is often overlooked is the fact that choices made out of our emotional recognition of Self always bring the greatest material benefits too, and when our foundation for chosen education comes from a place of motivation, inspiration, joy and excitement, all benefits of Jupiter will grow, including our finances, the love we receive from a partner, or whatever we believe we truly need. 

Personal religion, just as personal pure faith found in Pisces, another sign traditionally ruled by Jupiter, is what helps us learn that all religions are good, just as all people have the light within that they are meant to follow. Just as our sexuality is necessary and wondrous enough to create a life, our eighth house preceding the ninth always speaks of taboo matters that are necessary and wondrous once we embrace them. It is the basis for ultimate creativity. Real education, as our real religion, is found within, and our personal growth reminds us that everything we need to know is already carried within and felt deep inside our hearts.  

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