Houses In Astrology

The Eighth House

When we speak of the eighth house of a personal horoscope, we can say with full confidence that this is the most hated of all houses. The strange thing hides in the fact that there is really nothing to hate here except ourselves and our own limitations, fears, and taboos. This is a house that hides all things that are dirty, our trash and our anger, our emotions, relationships and things that we need to set free from, as well as everything we push under the rug, refusing to deal. In its final manifestation, this is the house of death, coming as the end of the road after too many things have been dismissed for our body to handle, but also as an inevitable part of life. It is also called the House of Reincarnation, while its Latin motto mors literally means “death.”

Areas of Life

Eighth house relates to the sign of Scorpio and always speaks of hate and revenge, in whatever shape, color or manifestation we see it in our lives. It rules all things that are dead, buried and gone. The key mystery of it is in the fact that it also magically speaks of our conception. To truly understand rivers of our eighth house, we have to fully accept that there is no beginning without an end and vice versa. Any planet set in our eighth house is a planet we fail to see in all its glory. Even when Mars or Pluto are here, given their strong dignity due to the connection this house has with Scorpio, they still tend to be dismissed and thrown into trash, one way or the other. What’s one man’s gain is another man’s loss, and this is best seen though the symbolism of the eighth house, for it represents someone else’s possessions and everything we get from those who left us behind.

This is a house of change, all curves and bumps in the road, and everything our unconscious has to send our way to protect us from life-threatening situations or throw us into them. This is the place of danger and fear as much as it is a place of liberation. Its seed thrown from its preceding seventh house is strangely connected to relationships. We can see that all people we shoved aside accumulate here and create spasms, dissatisfactions, and more fears since we didn’t allow change and acceptance. As all things that are taboo, this is a place where all intimate sexual relationships go and one where we can find all kinky preferences, choices hard to understand by others, and things we are ashamed of. In another extreme, this is a house of committed and deep relationships, those that shine beyond vows of marriage, giving promise for lives that are yet to come.

The beauty of the eighth house is seen through our ability to transform, break our cocoons and become colorful, flying butterflies. It is a place of regeneration and one we turn to when we are wounded and lost, so carefully estimate the position of all that is hidden there. It will show us a path of our shadows and what we have to face in order to grow, as well as all we need to turn to when we aren’t happy, or when we have something that needs to be forgiven, changed, or simply accepted as it is. This is a place that transforms us into better people, so it is really not a house to hate but rather to worship.

The Eighth House in Aries

With the eighth house in Aries the main challenge of life is to accept the constructive force of anger and conflict. If Mars isn’t extremely well positioned, this speaks of one’s tendency to waste their energy on irrelevant issues, these seen primarily through challenging aspects of Mars. Change will come pretty much naturally, but with a lot of fire and fuss and never easy. Instinct needs to be nurtured and most often this is the position of those born with an ascendant in Virgo, meaning they tend to overthink things and shove their instincts and gut feelings aside. The most damaging thing a person can do with this setting is to approach life reasonably instead of instinctively. This is also a setting that accents the fact that all problems with young men full of energy, leadership, police, or army, have to be mended and brought to a level of emotional acceptance and understanding.

The Eighth House in Taurus

Taurus is a sign that celebrates life while the eighth house is the one to destroy it. One of the greatest oppositions of the zodiac is seen in this position and change will come as this slow, difficult interference with life that simply has to break at some point. There is something too different from what one’s primal nature would desire in this position, and to mend differences between personal and the collective might come as extremely hard for this person. Joy is found in bizarre choices, and changes are truly hard to accept. Transformation is slow and has to be enjoyed or it won’t happen at all. This leads to all sorts of problems in letting go of people, circumstances, career ventures and even physical waste. These are the people that have to throw used and broken things into trash and don’t want the energy of broken material treasures tainting their emotional world.

The Eighth House in Gemini

With the eighth house in Gemini, changes always move through one’s mental plain and superficial approach is almost impossible to accept. This is a typical position for those born with their ascendant in Scorpio, and we will see that they have real trouble accepting anything carefree that lacks depth and deep instinct in its core. Individuals with their eighth house in Gemini will steer clear of small talk, often not realizing how necessary and helpful it can be. Dismissal of brotherly love or love with a sibling is almost always present, so it needs to be found in their heart and accepted for better or worse. Changes in life will be strangely casual when they are big and usually approached to with ease and vigor. This is the position that allows love of change and these dreamers will search for happiness in strangest of places.

The Eighth House in Cancer

With the eighth house in Cancer, it is almost impossible to control inner fears left as inheritance by our elders. This is a typical position for those whose mothers were afraid of pregnancy, maybe feeling lost and lonely in their state of mind. It is a caring position that makes these individuals more sensitive than they might seem, and it is never easy to accept this deep emotional nature that hides within. People born with their eighth house in Cancer tend to dismiss emotions, pretending they are not as important as their rational mind, and will surround themselves with those who support this theory. This is dangerous simply because it could lead to overall fast downgrade of the level of satisfaction they want to achieve. Forgiveness and acceptance, joined with compassion and sensitivity, save these strong-willed individuals from breakdown.

The Eighth House in Leo

If the eighth house is in Leo, there is no easy way to accept authority. Not only will a person need a change of personal image and scenery, but they will also see all of ego related problems of their own, in other people. In case they won’t accept childish behavior and efforts of others, this simply means they are not on the right track. There is almost always something off with their perception of success. To truly evolve and transform into successful and strong individuals full of life, they have to build their level of respect for others and themselves to infinite heights. The challenge here lies in their ability to respect those who aren’t deep, practical and responsible as they think suitable. Once they see that a smile on their face is directly related to the respect they nurture for their own child within, their perception will change and they will be ready to manage, rule, and shine their warm light on other people.

The Eighth House in Virgo

The sign of Virgo rarely has some idea what hedonism is, and seems to have the need to go into detailed analysis of everything, taking out all colors out of creative things in life. The main problem is hidden in the fact that without detail, there wouldn’t be functionality, and to ground any grandiose idea, we have to be practical enough to commit to details. Resistance given to practical, daily matters with this natal position leads to all sorts of health related problems. A person has to realize that the only way to find satisfaction in the material world is through the material world, and it will be tossed aside as irrelevant comparing to their incredible mental dominance. True intelligence hides in out body, our routine, and our physiology. Mercury is exalted in the sign of Virgo and the element of Earth, so any mental effort must have its final goal in its manifestation in the real world. Everything else will look like a bundle of empty words if no substance is given through practicality and grounding.

The Eighth House in Libra

The eighth house in Libra is a truly strange position for this seems to be linked to people who want to be alone. Even though it is our natural need to have someone to love, reaching for perfect harmony, this obviously doesn’t apply to everyone in the zodiac. Even though these dreamy individuals might wish for their fairytale ending, their acceptance of togetherness will be flaky and unstable. They need to build a personal approach to partnership, marriage, and all things that are related to other people from scratch, as if their life is marked by inconsistent relationships and parents who weren’t as functional together as they were when apart. As those who lack tact and wish to be independent, they find themselves in strangely satisfying relationships before marriage while having trouble coping with the institution of marriage in the end. The key here obviously hides in their deep, intimate world and recognizing the difference between marriage and obligation.

The Eighth House in Scorpio

This is a position that easily collects all trash into one place. There is a deeply seeded knowledge of endings and beginnings of all things in life, while these individuals accept the whole cycle of life and death different than some other people in their lives. Fears they carry within go to extremes, from panic to absolute bravery, and it is not easy to catch them in a certain state for too long. While at one hand extremely ready to face any challenge that comes their way, they will give in to mass hysteria in a minute, and you won’t have any idea how this connects to the same person they were just a while ago. If Mars and Pluto give strong support, we will see that these people have an almost magical ability to face danger, stay calm in the most challenging situations, as if their whole energetic body is always prepared for anything. Depending on the position of the Moon their waters will be clean and their emotional state easy.

The Eighth House in Sagittarius

When the eighth house is set in Sagittarius there is something strange about the convictions this person has. Everything that they anticipate will work – won’t, and vice versa, as if the entire Universe is there to teach them about the relativity of all things. While they are protected from danger with something as beneficent as the sign ruled by Jupiter, they will also have trouble with accepting all Jupiter related matters, teachings, and philosophical approaches. For as long as they feel their entire life has great purpose they will be fine, but this is a state that runs off pretty quickly and pushes them to new activities, choices, and changes in their life path that happen too often for the rest of the world to understand why. All negative things that happen will be a blessing in disguise and all positive quite the opposite. To understand that their whole life is turned upside-down, they will have to separate from common people and realize how different they are. If they lose faith, all can be lost in an instant.

The Eighth House in Capricorn

If the eighth house is set in Capricorn, responsibility is something that doesn’t seem to have value to the individual. This can lead to all sorts of difficult circumstances in case Saturn is challenged and there is not enough rest and calm experiences in their life. The pressure caused by Saturn is always there to push us towards evolution, but with this position this pressure can sometimes be overwhelming and liberation is desired more than anything else. The main problem hides in the fact that this is held at an unconscious level and a person simply sees hard circumstances that create pressure while failing to see their part in avoiding them. There is always a side to their family tree that is hard to understand, while they lack structure and a healthy routine, especially in sleeping patterns and rest. If this position is approached in a tender and understanding way, with confidence and strength of will, there is no reason not to find a way out of endless loops family problems tend to create.

The Eighth House in Aquarius

We are all aware of positive sides to the sign of Aquarius, especially those of us who love Astrology or commit out existence to it. People with their eighth house set in Aquarius tend to see only negative sides to this sign, and can’t handle the stress, changes, the movement of civilization, and fast conversations that don’t seem to have their grounding. This position speaks of the inability to open up for progress and new things, and even though the value of memories is incredibly important, letting them go can be even more satisfying for someone with this setting. Once they realize the value of solitude and freedom, there won’t be so many unrealistic expectations from other people, and mental pressure they create for themselves will slowly fade. Friendships have to be nurtured but also allowed to change, grow and bring all the challenges of interpersonal relationships with them.

The Eighth House in Pisces

When the eighth house begins in the sign of Pisces, dreamland is the most distant place for a person. This can mean either that they are too rational in their everyday circumstances to give value to their dreams, or that all their efforts to materialize their desires fail. Fear of failure and betrayal is strong with this setting, and they will be strongly judgmental and opinionated on lies coming from other people. It is typical for these individuals to breakup some relationships due to mistrust or disappointment, as their faith fades and even stronger fears kick in. They have to take good care of their boundaries and keep their membrane to the outer world intact and nurtured. When they accept their mission and get in touch with their real talents, all things around them will fall into place and they will reach the state of happiness and faith they wish for.

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